888 Cool Free Fire Guild Names and Their Meanings and Philosophies

Guild or association alias guild is one of the interesting features in the game Free Fire. Every online game has several options and features that facilitate communication and provide extra support to unite players in a group. Garena Free Fire provides a guild system that can associate and unite dozens of players.

The guild in Garena Free Fire is just a group of players. Its main premise is that it allows dozens of people to easily find other players who want to have fun. However, there were also daily challenges related to guilds. You can take part in it after joining the guild. In addition, the guild can enter tournaments, where it will compete with other groups of players. Forming or joining a guild will provide a number of fun benefits and challenges.

Each guild has its own level. In the early stages, the guild you form is level 1. When a guild member gains Glory, this level will systematically increase, unlocking new mechanics and increasing the maximum limit of guild members. The glory mentioned above can be obtained by all guild members for their participation in tournaments and matches – for each game, the guild will receive a certain amount of Glory. The exact value of the received Glory points depends on the player’s performance or the results of the group.

To form a guild team in Free Fire, you need at least 5,000 gold or 1,000 diamonds. During the manufacturing process, there are some data that you need to enter, one of which is the guild name which cannot be the same as another guild. This name choice is very important, because once formed, the guild name cannot be changed arbitrarily. You need to use Diamonds, which is a currency that can only be obtained with real money.

It is therefore important to think of an appropriate guild name, which all members will agree on, and become the identity of your online gaming team. So, here we describe a series of cool guild names for your free fire team.

Cool Free Fire Guild Names and Their Meanings and Philosophy

Top 5 Guilds in Free Fire Indonesia include: Garuda ID, Denjaka, Nesc • Ind, Hore.ID, and Legion_MS13.

The following list of cool names might inspire you in building a proud free fire guild, according to your group’s vision and mission. If the following name options are no longer available, you can combine them with numbers, names of regions of origin, certain symbols, and so on.

Amelio Mega Ingvar Nilo
Amelio means hard work, mega is big, ingvar is a knight, and nilo means cool. So the name of the guild, which is abbreviated as AMIN, means a big kstaria who works hard and is cool.

New Ove Leolin The
name of this guild means a group of new terror-spreading lionesses, abbreviated as ZERO.

Zelko Crash
Zelko means passion and crashes are crushed. The name of a guild whose members always desire to destroy their opponents.

Lonan Olympos
The black bird of the divine palace, abbreviated as LO. Free Fire guild name that describes freedom and greatness.

Xena Xulio
Xena is a war prince, and xulio means gentle. The guild name which is abbreviated as XX (Double X) is suitable for your team that has brave but soft-hearted members.

Weak Squad
This means weak troops, abbreviated as WS. The name chosen to deceive the opponent, seems weak, but actually deadly.

Soul Crash
It means the heart destroyer, abbreviated as SC. Looks sadistic to break your opponent’s heart.

Delta Force
This is an elite force from America, abbreviated as DF. Calm but scary with hidden soldiers.

Jaguar Army
This means fast troops such as jaguars (tigers), abbreviated as JA. Looks fierce and scares your opponent.

Dragon Force
This is an elite troop of legends, abbreviated as DF. Suitable for those who want to become a legend in a game with a legendary name, namely a dragon.

Grim Reaper
This is a figure or symbol of death, abbreviated as GR. Looks deadly to meet.

Kaizen Lords
This means the prince who makes continuous improvements, abbreviated as KZL, not annoyed. Match that has a team to always improve.

Weapons and Special Tactics. Used for elite teams who often think about tactics.

No Mercy
It means no mercy, abbreviated as NM. Suitable for teams who are sadistic against opponents.

Sugar Daddy
This is the term for rich om-om, abbreviated SD. Suitable for those who have an elite team of full cash rich people.

Angel Commander
This means angel commander, abbreviated as AC. Seen the commander’s warrior who wants to take first place.

Neverland Team
Taken from the place name of the fictional story by JM Barrie. Suitable for those who always dream of their team being famous and being ranked 1st.

Liquid Premium Gamer
This means an elite and slick game player, abbreviated as LPG. It’s not gas, but a slick and sophisticated team.

Bubble Ghost
It means ghost of gum, abbreviated as BG. Impressed funny and liked, but creepy.

Black Shadow
It means black shadow, abbreviated as BS. Suitable for those who like to struggle in the dark / behind the scenes.

Soul Army
It means soul force, abbreviated as SA. For a team that likes to play with a calm soul.

Pumpkin Crush
This means pumpkin crusher, abbreviated as PC. Sounds funny and cute, but capable of destroying enemies.

Red Flag
This means red flag, abbreviated as RF. Suitable for those who like to play hard to destroy opponents.

Ultima Super Army
This means the most super troops, abbreviated as USA. Reliable and elite mobile game team like American soldiers.

Red Code
It means red code, abbreviated as RC. As a sign of danger to the opponents.

Flash Light
It means flash light, abbreviated as FL. Looks dangerous to your opponent.

Star Hunters
It means star hunter, abbreviated as SH. Have a vision to win all ranks up to 1st place.

Noob Killers
It means novice killer, abbreviated as NK. Fierce and ferocious to kill opponents who look beginner.

Stealth Fighters
This means stealth fighters, abbreviated as SF. Fight to fight back by stealth.

This is a medicine for dizziness and fever, abbreviated as PC. Suitable for those who want to destroy your opponent to a headache.

Destroyer X
This means X the destroyer, abbreviated as DX. This is an anonymous name, suitable for those who like to crush opponents in the dark.

Green Land Pro
This means large green land, abbreviated as GL Pro. The team that looks calm but deadly.

Dragon Aliance
It means the dragon association, abbreviated as DA. A mighty team as tough as a dragon that will twist and destroy your opponent.

Metal Coffin
It means iron coffin, abbreviated as MC. The team of gamers who prepare coffins for the opponents.

Blue Flora
It means blue flower, abbreviated as BF, it may sound like a kind of film. A collection of beautiful but deadly girl gamers.

Black Cats
It means the black cat, abbreviated as BC. Game troops are agile and nimble.

Titan’s Hand Titan’s Hand
, abbreviated as TH. A giant character who will destroy the enemies.

Sleeping Knight
This means sleeping knight, abbreviated as SK. A great army that had just awakened from a long sleep.

Indo Nofear Alliance
It means Indonesian brave alliance, abbreviated as INA. The name for a group of Indonesian gamers who know no fear.

Eclipse Squadron
This means solar eclipse troop, abbreviated as ES. A dazzling collection of gamers.

Bumble Bee
The robot character in the Transformer film, abbreviated as B2. Matches who like to protect each other.

Top Thunder Squad
This means a top guild squad like thunder, abbreviated as TTS, not a crossword puzzle.

Teen Queen
It means young queen, abbreviated as TQ. A name that is suitable for a group of female gamers.

Knights Prime of Power
Knights who have prime strength, abbreviated as K-POP. Unique name because it seems Korean Pop.

Brain Killer
It means mind killer, abbreviated as BK. Looks frightening because it can destroy the opponent’s mind.

Wild Crime
This means soft criminal, abbreviated to WC, similar to a bathroom. A calm but deadly team of gamers, aka cold blooded.

Black Clover
It means black clover, which is abbreviated as BC. The name of this squad is inspired by the black clover anime whose main character is frightening.

Valkyrie Light
It means light from the goddess, abbreviated as VL. Valkyries were considered gods because they were wise and usually assisted the Nordic warriors in battle.

Eagle Eye Knights
The eagle-eyed knights, abbreviated (EEK), may sound funny because they resemble the name dirt.

Hard Cyclone
It means a violent hurricane, abbreviated as HC, suitable if you are hoping to form a team that struggles as hard and as hard as a cyclone.

The Blue
Crystal It means blue crystal glass, abbreviated as TBC. Unique and funny names, such as disease names. Suitable for great teams who have members with beautiful / handsome faces as clear as glass.

Sword Art Online
This means online sword art, which is abbreviated as SAO. Inspired by the anime Sword art online, the main character is badas.

Baddas Soldier
It means tough troops full of intimidation, abbreviated as BS. Suitable for those of you who wish to have an elite team capable of intimidating the opposing team.

So, to add to your collection of ideas, here we also present a collection of cool words and their meanings, which are suitable as guild names for your FF team.

Guild name FF – A
Altan = pink morning sun
Alya = from heaven
Argos = be careful
Aria = air
Ariel = lion of God

Guild name FF – B
Breeze = unclear
Buster = destroyer of
Byron’s goods = from
Buffy’s warehouse = Lord
Bryden’s promise = valley

Guild name FF – C
Cyan = greenish blue
Coco = coconut
Cyra = throne
Cus = king
Cowan name = twins

Guild name FF – D
Delila = teasing
Deidra = melancholy
Danica = morning star
Dixie = ten
Davina = loved

Guild name FF – E
Evan = young soldier
Ezra = the helper
Enzo = nickname Lorenzo
Elvin = noble friend
Errol = nobleman

Guild name FF – F
Fionan = handsome
Falcon = eagle
Fadil = superior
Felton = from field
Forba = stubborn

Guild name FF – G
Gaia = Earth
Genesis = beginning
Gota = strong
Gilia = eternal pleasure
Gerda = protector

Guild name FF – H
Helen = light
Hero = hero
Hasya = happy
Hacon = noble
Harvy = strong in battle

Guild name FF – I
Ihintza = watering
Ilan =
Ilona tree = uncertain
Imtiaz =
Indie difference = unbound

Guild name FF – J
Jiro = two
Jiwon = intellect
Joandra = follower of God
Jolan = good girl
Julio = fluffy

Guild name FF – K
Kizzy = cinamon tree
Kleio =
Kleon’s triumph =
constant success = still
Kuzey = universe

Guild name FF – L
Liborio = freedom
Lilo = memory
Lino = son of Apollo
Logan = from
Latoya hole = victorious

Guild name FF – M
Molly = glory
Monifa = lucky
Munya = desire
Murtaz = dissidents
Myeong = bright light

Guild name FF – N
Nieves = snow
Nilo = cool
Nixon = little son
Noah = rest
Norton = northern city

Guild name FF – O
Oren = pine tree
Oriol = gold
Orion = limit
Osiris = god of death
Ove = terror

Guild name FF – P
Palmiro = pilgrim
Paloma =
Pancho’s dove =
Pandora’s hand strength = all
Paz gifts = gold

Guild name FF – Q
Qismat = destiny
Quang = clear bright
Quetzalli = something valuable
Quim = followers of truth
Quinlan = lean

Guild name FF – R
Rolan = famous
Rossa = red
Roxane = bright
Ruben =
Rudo’s son = love

Guild name FF – S
Siddhi = intelligence
Socorro = help
Solly = reconcile
Solon = lump of iron
Supra = extraordinary

Guild name FF – T
Tindra = sparkle
Tobi = perfect
Tomiko =
Trond wealth = growing
Tutku = enthusiasm

Guild name FF – U
Unity = unity
Upton = city over
Uranus = heaven
Urho = brave
Urvi = wide

Guild name FF – V
Vico = great battle
Vidya = insightful
Vien = complete
Volya =
Vulcan freedom = ignite

Guild name FF – W
Wilf = peaceful desire
Wilkin = will be protected
Wobee = the organizer
Wolf = wolf
Wyn = blessed

Guild name FF – X
Xaime = recipient of blessings
Xandinho = great character
Xanthi = yellow hair
Xanthos = yellowish
Xasan = be beautiful

Guild name FF – Y
Yeruslan = lion
Yeter = pretty
Yigit = fearless
Yoko = sunshine
Yolanda = purple

Guild name FF – Z
Zelko =
Zenon’s desire = devotion
Zente = pure
Zola = calm
Zora = aurora


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