8 Ways to Deal with Body Shaming

Having a perfect body would be everyone’s dream, especially for a woman.

The perfect body is one of the charms and charms that are coveted not only by the opposite sex but also of the same sex.

In a sense, a form that can be an inspiration for many women to be like that. Following are the effects and also  the positive and negative impacts of social change for young people.

But unfortunately not all of that are owned by many women, because many imperfect body shapes talk negatively or sneer.

So that it doesn’t bother you, here are some examples of ways to deal with body shaming that you can apply in your daily life:

  1. Strive To Cover Up Deficiencies By Accentuating The Other Side

One of the important things that you should avoid in dealing with body shaming scorn is to try to cover up your shortcomings by highlighting the strengths you have.

Like if you have short legs, try to cover them up by wearing long or more appropriate clothing.

Or by giving your side a bit like you have strong legs so you are agile enough to walk on high heels.

  1. Ignore the taunts of others

Other ways of dealing with body shaming You can just ignore and ignore every sneer from others, by responding to them with positive words and being able to be indifferent.

Just think that they are jealous and feel jealous of the advantages you have, and do not become a burden.

Just turn it into a breeze and let it go! along with your aloofness. Know the various causes of mental health disorders from socio-cultural factors.

  1. Mingle With Different People

Try not to appear scared and terrified by what other people say about you, so you should start looking for and hanging out with people who are different from you.

Try to open up and before you decide who you hang out with make sure they are worthy new friends.

It will be easy for you to adapt and forget about your shortcomings, because the environment accepts you as you are.

  1. Have a Perspective About the Meaning of Beauty and Perfection

Next, in looking for ways to deal with body shaming, you must also have an assessment and perspective regarding the meaning of beauty as well as different versions of perfection.

Do not because you are not perfect physically that you are not worthy of being called beautiful.

Open your horizons about the true meaning of beauty, once you know then you will feel more confident and sure you are not as bad as people say. Examples of the most common types and  types of self-defense mechanisms .

  1. Positive Thinking With Your Weaknesses

Every flaw that you have should not be used as a barrier for you to enjoy life. Remember that life is only once, so think about other things that are more fun.

Don’t just because other people scorn you so easily give up, everything that God creates has a good thing.

Likewise, you must be able to think positively about what you have, make your shortcomings an encouragement for life to achieve even better.

While you are healthy and strong, do more activities that you like, rather than thinking about things that are not important, for example you can travel, work properly and so on, so enjoy your life.

  1. Leave Bad Thinking People

The way to deal with body shaming that you can do is to leave people who think badly of you.

Don’t let them linger in your life, while you can stay away, and even if you can’t then keep yourself busy with activities that are useful and entertaining.

Find other friends who are able to accept you well and for who you are. Just respond to them with smiles and positive words, and the important thing is you have to have a firm principle and attitude, don’t let their words become emotions for you.

Examples of the  function of psychology in social work practice in everyday life.

  1. Love Yourself

If you don’t respect yourself, then neither do others. Therefore love yourself as much as you want.

Indulge yourself in good things, don’t let your shortcomings prevent you from being happy.

Discover a new world with new friends and partners who color your life more. So that you will feel comfortable and happy facing life every day.

  1. Busy with useful things

Apart from the things above, one more thing you can do in filling your days is to find yourself busy with various activities.

There are many ways to make you enjoy your time, such as taking courses, joining the community, participating in social activities and many others.

Channel your hobbies and interests in various activities, so that you will forget about the body shaming problems that occur.

That way life will feel more valuable and also valuable in the eyes of others who need it. Examples of some encouragement and also the  role of parents in the social emotional development of early childhood.

Those are examples and some explanations about how to deal with body shaming, hopefully this will be of benefit and knowledge for you to enjoy life happily and happily. Good luck.


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