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Communication is a two-way process or reciprocity between the communicator and the communicant or communicator with the aim of achieving mutual understanding. The two-way communication process involves sending messages from the communicator to the communicant or communicator and vice versa.

In the process of two-way communication, there is feedback given by the communicant or communicator as a form of response to messages conveyed by the communicator.

Feedback can also be given by the communicator as a form of response to feedback messages provided by the communicant or communicator. This effective communication process that takes place in two directions is one of the causes of success in communication .

Communication that occurs between the communicator and the communicant or communicator occurs in various ways, such as using words, images, graphics, sound, tone, facial expressions, clothing, and body language in other communications. Or in other words, communication is done by using verbal communication and nonverbal communication . In the context of interpersonal communication or interpersonal communication, communication is done by combining verbal communication and nonverbal communication .

Every communication participant needs to understand how to organize and use verbal and nonverbal communication effectively. This is intended so that each communication participant can improve and enhance their communication skills while creating harmony in communication so that effective communication can be achieved.

Thus, harmony is an effective communication and relationship tool. This is due to harmony creating balance and compatibility between various pragmatic, systemic and strategic approaches in communication.

The pragmatic approach teaches the communication participant to measure every feedback from every action taken and pay attention to all information received during the interaction process.

A systemic approach helps us to realize that we belong or are part of a whole set of relationships. And, the strategic approach refers to an effective communication strategy specifically the interpersonal communication strategy chosen in order to achieve the goals set.

The way to create harmony in communication cannot be separated from various elements in harmony as an effective communication tool, namely hope, awareness, strength, moral attitude, trust, opportunity, kindness, and desire. Thus, the way to create harmony in communication is as follows:

  1. Have and build hope

The first way to create harmony in communication is to have and build hope. In communication, hope helps us to implement the ethics of communication and teaches us to be prepared to face uncertainty and make changes. The uncertainty that we face can cause chaos so we will continue to strive to find and create harmony, flexibility, and creativity through the process of self-awareness.

  1. Having and developing self-awareness

Awareness is the ability to know yourself. Self-awareness is the mastery and understanding of what is happening in ourselves, our minds and bodies. Having and developing self-awareness can help us to control ourselves and our behavior in the presence of others. Thus, we can communicate with others more effectively. Harmony in communication will also be created.

  1. Be strong

The next way to create harmony in communication is to be strong. In a sense, we are able to control ourselves and be able to influence future events. Being strong is characterized by the ability to react with empathy, calmness, courage, optimism, and emotional intelligence when dealing with various situations.

Strong people usually focus on their inner strength to react wisely, make good and appropriate decisions, take responsibility, be confident, and have determination.

  1. Develop a moral attitude when communicating

Moral attitudes are attitudes towards ethics, values ​​and virtues, and must be done with customs with habits, behavior, and actions. Developing a moral attitude in communication is very important in order to create harmony in communication.

The moral attitude when communicating is also known as ethical communication. Ethical communication includes being honest in every communication, maintaining the confidentiality of information, and not discussing personal or business situations of others in public or third parties.

  1. Build and build trust

Trust means accepting uncertainty. Trust is one element of harmony in communication because trust creates the basics of the relationship that is being built like loyalty. For that reason, knowing and understanding how to build trust in interpersonal communication is very important. Because without trust, every communication process will be difficult or impossible.

  1. Looking for the right opportunity

What is meant by opportunity is the ability to realize the right time to act, talk, interfere, or react. To achieve harmony in communication, we must be able to achieve harmony within ourselves first.

After that, then we create and maintain harmony with others, helping them to achieve their welfare by being kind and polite.

  1. Do good deeds

Another way to create harmony in communication is to do good. Kindness is one element in harmony as well as an important tool in interpersonal communication because kindness helps us when talking about complex themes while considering the sensitivity and acceptance of others.

Kindness is a special way to treat others by using good words, displaying body language elegantly, considering feelings, and anticipating potential negative impacts arising from dangerous words or actions.

  1. Create the desire to succeed

The way to create harmony in the last communication is to create a desire to succeed. The desire to succeed with harmony can help us to find clarity and avoid ambiguity. Ambiguity in the sense of saying something and doing something else, not keeping promises, not being responsible, and telling lies while communicating.

Thus a brief review of how to create harmony in communication. Hopefully it can add insight and our knowledge about communication and how to create harmony in communication.


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