8 tools to replace Google Docs

A selection of alternative online services for editing texts by a group of users. Keep it handy just in case.

1. Word Online

A useful feature: easy integration with all Microsoft services, including the web version of Skype, as well as the ability to synchronize on the fly with the desktop version of Word.

This is the most famous analogue of Google Docs from Microsoft. The online service offers all the basic features of a traditional Word editor. The toolbar in it is about the same as in the desktop version of the program – you don’t have to master it for a long time.

You can share your document with other users with just a few clicks. All you need to do is save the file to OneDrive and have a Microsoft account for everyone involved.

Word Online →

2. Zoho Writer

A useful feature: 5 GB of memory in the corporate cloud is provided for free for all documents and any other files.

This is one of the services of the Zoho cloud platform with a very user-friendly and uncluttered interface. All buttons and toolbars are hidden in the side menu and can only be accessed by pressing a special button. This solution allows you not to take up useful space at the top of the screen and concentrate completely on the text, eliminating distractions.

Access to the document with read and edit rights can be sent by e-mail. The service supports import and export of all major file types, as well as fast text publishing on the Web.

Zoho Writer →

3. Quip documents

A useful feature: a single space for teamwork, including shared folders, files and task lists.

This is part of the multifunctional online service Quip, where there is a live chat for communication right in the text editing window. With its help, the discussion can be conducted without detaching from the context, without overloading the document with a lot of comments. All user edits are saved in the general changelog.

For each participant, you can configure permissions by limiting or expanding their permissions. Quip also allows you to work offline, including from a mobile device. Synchronization of documents occurs at the first connection to the Network.

Quip Docs →

4. Only Office

A useful feature: support for functions usually available only in desktop editors: text wrapping around a picture, headers and footers, autoshapes.

A set of office solutions for working through the web version or desktop applications. A text editor, when sharing a document, allows you to display all changes instantly or only after re-saving the file. For individual parts of the text, you can enable protection against editing.

Users also have access to comment and discussion functions in a dedicated chat. The documents are fully compatible with all traditional formats and can be exported. You can use the service for free for a month in trial mode, but after that a subscription will be required.

Only Office →

5. Slite

Nice feature: easy-to-use templates with pre-built structure.

This relatively new service is mostly intended for collaboration with notes, but it is also suitable for texts that do not require clear formatting. All the most necessary editing tools are present: you can use lists, images, YouTube videos, and even files from your computer.

All entries have a revision history that allows you to create copies at a certain stage of the discussion. For the convenience of working with a PC, desktop applications for Windows and macOS are provided. You can learn more about the service  in our review .

Slite →

6. Draft

Useful features: fast registration and easy integration with WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and other platforms.

An ascetic service for collaborating on text, where each invited user works with his copy of the document. There are no formatting buttons and fields in it. The author can approve or reject the changes made. If necessary, you can roll back to the previously saved text. It is also available to import documents from cloud services, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Google Drive.

Draft is completely free to use, without any subscriptions. Unfortunately, the Russian-language interface is not provided.

Draft →

7. Notejoy

A useful feature:  desktop applications for macOS and Windows, as well as mobile applications for iOS.

A user-friendly platform with an emphasis on collaboration with multiple texts. All working documents are distributed among libraries, and a specific user can be attached to each. When a change is made, all of them will receive appropriate notifications by mail or the connected mobile application. You can have a discussion in a dedicated chat.

Notejoy also provides a keyword search engine, which is especially useful when working with multiple copies of documents. You can use the service for a group of up to 10 users for free. More details are in our  review .

Notejoy →


A useful feature: saving a list of changes for each object separately: for a text field, image, table.

A little-known service with the ability to invite users to read or edit material. Rights can be revoked at any time by denying access. The Material Design interface is visually simple and intuitive, but you still need a minimum of English .

A convenient side menu allows you to quickly navigate through images, tables, lists or headings, which is convenient when working with large documents. For text editing, its own context menu is provided, which appears when any element is selected.

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