8 signs of mentally healthy people

From the ability to say “no” to the ability to take responsibility for your life.

Mental health is not just the absence of mental illness or deviations from accepted norms. Expertsdefine a healthy psyche as “a dynamic state of internal balance that allows people to use their abilities in harmony with the universal values ​​of society.”

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Let’s figure out what signs show that a person is successfully maintaining internal balance, and how to restore the lost harmony .

What qualities distinguish mentally healthy people

Here are the main criteria.

1. They understand that mood swings are natural.

Both joy and sorrow are equally valuable and inevitable. They set off each other and add flavor to life. A mentally healthy person knows that negative emotions are inevitable, but they are ready to cope with them. And if the sadness drags on or becomes unbearable, then he does not withdraw into himself, but accepts the help of loved ones or turns to a psychotherapist.

2. They are happy with life

A mentally healthy person experiences positive emotions more often than negative ones and tries to rejoice and love, and not act destructively . That is why he gives himself the right to make mistakes and usually looks at the situation from different points of view. This means that he does not blame himself in vain.

3. They feel like they are part of society

A mentally healthy person does not suffer from loneliness and does not avoid people. And he also realizes that he is an equal participant in society, whom he helps to develop by his actions.

4. They skillfully manage their lives

Ups and downs are inevitable, like joy and sadness. Sometimes defeats are so global that they can unsettle for a long time. But in general, people with a healthy psyche know how to pull themselves together, step over failure , take out the necessary life experience from it and move on.

5. They know how to say “no”

This is not only about denial as such, but also about psychological boundaries. Mentally healthy people know exactly where these frontiers lie. And they know how to protect them without embarrassment, fear or other discomfort.

6. They create healthy relationships with other people.

A person with a stable psyche tries to treat others with care and justice. This means that he loves and respects the worthy and does not waste resources on toxic people. And he also reconsiders his relationships with others if they begin to threaten peace of mind. But he does this not emotionally, but calmly and consistently.

7. They don’t try to please everyone.

No matter what a person does, no matter how he looks and behaves, there will always be people who do not like him. And he himself is not obliged to love and accept everyone around him. If a person is mentally healthy, then he understands that social rejection is sometimes inevitable. Therefore, he tries to be polite even with those whom he does not like, but does not try to break into a cake in order to please someone.

8. They have healthy self-esteem.

People with a strong mentality are well aware that each person is valuable in its own way, and therefore do not make excessive demands on themselves . But they are well aware of their own capabilities and do not suffer when they cannot get something – be it a model growth, a Greek profile, or, for example, a bachelor’s degree in Cambridge.

How to improve mental health

Here are some important tips:

  • Learn to voice your feelings. Putting a problem into words is the first step towards solving it. Moreover, others will hear you, which means you will receive support and feel less lonely .
  • Try to lead an active lifestyle. Sports and movementincrease self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Concentrate on one task at a time. While multitasking has long been a popular and encouraged skill, psychologistsbelievethat it is harmful to mental health. Doing several things at once increases stress and anxiety levels. Try to give up this practice and learn to prioritize so you can focus on tasks one at a time.
  • Start journaling. Researchshowthat the habit of writing down and analyzing new experiences and related experiences helps to reduce stress and anxiety, establish internal dialogue and learn to resist negative events.
  • Find a business that interests you. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is. Gardening, crossword puzzles, knitting, and jogging are all ways to shift your focus and focus on pleasant things instead of everyday problems.
  • Pause. Have 10-minute coffee breaks between work tasks. Set aside a couple of times five minutes in your busy schedule to just stand by the window and watch the clouds. Leave for the weekend where you can completely disconnect from your usual activities. It will help you understand yourself better and improve your mental health.
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