8 reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your wedding

As the years of marriage passed, she felt a great sadness in her soul, her smile disappeared completely and her dreams were left behind. In her heart, she admitted that she loved her husband and that, thanks to their love for each other, they formed a beautiful family. However, she was not happy.

She felt dizzy just thinking about the possibility of a permanent separation, she was full of doubts and fears. He believed that the only solution to find happiness was to file for divorce. But something stopped her, and she was unable to make that decision.

She visited many marriage counselors, talked to her family and close friends, to ask for opinions or advice to help her find reasons for not giving up on the marriage.

Of course! In that desperate search, she didn’t hear anything she wanted, because no other people’s stories or experiences corresponded to what she really wanted to do. However, in the darkness of a night like any other, she had the idea of ​​making a list of reasons why she thought she shouldn’t be divorced.

Half my life with him

She wrote:

1. For love

In my youth, I used to ask with great fervor to find a man who loved me as I am, whose way of being captivated me and with whom I had things in common. Until the day I met my husband, we were the ideal complement, the perfect couple that everyone envied.

We fell in love, got married and formed a beautiful family with three children. In all my years of marriage, I have learned that he shows his love for me in ways that are different from mine . I love him! I accept it as it is!

2. There is no reason

Many couples can get divorced when they face serious problems like infidelity, violence, among others. In my case, the truth is that there is not such a strong reason to ask for a divorce. What I can feel is that the relationship has cooled down, that  there is not so much passion in intimacy  and that conversations are scarce.

But, he is always there when I need something, he sleeps beside me every night and we pray together. All of our actions and efforts are aimed at the family’s well-being.

3. For dreams

I still have dreams, hopes and goals that I want to achieve, like meeting and enjoying my grandchildren, buying a rest home by the sea and publishing a book of my life. Like me, he also dreams, I think it’s time to share and work as a team to reach them, because as long as we have life, there will be time for everything.

4. Self love

I must confess that my smile has disappeared and my sadness does not let me see how much I must love myself. However, I think that  if I demand love from my husband, I have to start by giving it to myself . I sacrificed a lot of things at the wedding and I think it’s time to think about doing things that I like and providing them to myself.

I don’t want to get divorced! I want to find true happiness in myself, inside myself and self-love; maybe I’m wrong to ask for love when, in fact, I still don’t accept myself as I am.

5. There is a solution for everything

I had to pass very difficult tests at the wedding. Sometimes we have been successful; other times, defeated. However, I was never alone, my husband always supported me in all circumstances.

The unhappiness I feel did not let me understand that all the problems we faced as a couple had a solution. Why would it be any different now?

6. He knows me better than anyone

I could find another partner who got me excited and gave me what I need to be happy (in short, there are many men in the world); but the truth is that nobody knows me as well as my husband. I think I’m a little too lazy to start a new relationship.

I will not give up on my marriage! Because he accepts me as I am and I accept him too. Among its many shortcomings, I discovered virtues and benefits that not all have. He is a man with deeply rooted family values, honest and respectful.

7. I want to forgive

I consider that I am not perfect and that I have made thousands of mistakes in my relationship; therefore, I have the desire to  learn to forgive  from the heart. I forgive my husband for his coldness, for his bad way of expression, for his lack of chivalry, for allowing us to fall into the routine and for not taking into account that I was not happy.

I want to start from scratch every day! And I forgive what is wrong with me in my marriage.

8. I love my family

My life revolves around my children, my husband and my pets. If I make the decision to divorce, it is very likely that  my children will suffer the consequences  and that no one in the family will find true happiness, because no one can guarantee that I will be happy if my marriage ends.

After finishing her list of reasons why she thought she should save her marriage, she got out of bed, turned on the bedroom lights and woke her husband up with a big hug. With tears in her eyes, she said that she loved him with all her soul and that it was time to solve the problems that were going on in the relationship.

He was so surprised that he hugged her and said he never imagined she was unhappy. In seconds,  he knelt before her, took her hand and asked for forgiveness. It was at that moment that she decided to remain with her husband for many years until death separated them.


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