8 quiz apps to have fun and learn at the same time

If you are one of those who love quizzes, AppGeek has prepared a list of 8 quiz apps to test your knowledge!

Quizzes are great tools not just for fun, but for learning a little more about everything, further improving your knowledge.

The options are the most varied, ranging from guessing logos to taking a tour of the history of the world through questions and answers. Take a look at our suggestions:

1. Flags and Capitals of the World

With 200 flags, 200 cities and 3 game possibilities, this app is one of the most attractive if you want to spend time and still test your knowledge of various locations on the planet.

Divided into several levels, in this game you not only test your knowledge but also learn a lot, such as the currency of certain places and the number of inhabitants in a given country.

You have 20 seconds to match the flag to the correct country. In order not to do badly (or if you really think it is difficult), it is possible to practice in a special section with information cards.

To further increase the thirst for knowledge (or competitiveness), there is a ranking with the 100 best players in the app. So you can try to put your name on the list and show the world that you know everything about flags and capitals!

To download Flags and Capitals of the World, click here.

2. Quiz: Logo Game

If you love brand logos and have even tried creating your own , this app is ideal for testing your knowledge in the field. It’s almost 2700!

The challenges are divided into 86 levels, with a special with Brazilian brands. There are also logos of American, French, German companies, among several other countries.

The game gets more and more difficult as levels go up, but it’s fun from start to finish. You can still compete with friends and other players in the app! Perfect for those who want to kill time and see how much they know about brands.

To download the Quiz: Logo Game, click here.

3. Trivial Movies Quiz

This is an application for those who are movie buffs. The question and answer app is packed with interesting challenges that adapt to you. That is, if you think it is too easy, keep playing and everything can change!

You can test your knowledge of cinema with various interesting content. There are thousands of questions about the best films, the best actors and actresses and renowned directors of the seventh art.

To play, Trivial Filmes Quiz brings images of movie scenes for you to guess while enjoying the soundtrack of your favorite features. The time limit for each question is 30 seconds, so you need to be quick in your thinking.

As every day there are new films in the cinema, the application is constantly updated, always bringing news and incorporating the releases in the game.

To download the Trivial Movies Quiz, click here.

4. Food Quiz

If your business is food, the Food Quiz is a game with more than 6900 items for you to guess! To make everything even more attractive, the application organizes all foods in 400 packages, divided by 25 countries.

In the app, you can connect to Facebook and ask for help deciphering items. And there is a ranking for you to compare points and see who does the best among your friends!

It is possible to play on both mobile and PC, this is because the application synchronizes everything with Facebook, so you can play through the social network on your computer. It’s a way to keep the game close at hand when you want to spend time or catch some ideas for dinner!

To download Food Quiz, select the operating system: Android / iOS .

5. History of the World

For those who love history, the World History quiz is one of the most attractive apps to test your knowledge. Very fun and with a nice interface, you can challenge your friends and know who knows more!

There are 150 questions. The difference is that they are true facts, but fun. There are questions about aspects of antiquity, First and Second World War, among several other segments.

In the end, you earn a “certificate” as a historian, having passed through ancient Egypt and gone to Hiroshima! Of course, the app still brings questions of modern history to you who also like recent events.

To download the World History Quiz, click here.

6. Trivial Football Quiz

Very addictive for football fans, the Trivial Football Quiz brings several challenges about the world of the ball. The application has thousands of questions and images of players and teams, as well as stadiums and cups.

All of this serves to challenge your knowledge and prove that you really know football. As you progress through the game, new questions and challenges arise, making the app more and more interesting.

And as the ball is always rolling in the fields of the real world, the app undergoes constant updates to include new teams, players and questions. So, you can’t be bored, not even during that TV break!

To download the Trivial Football Quiz, click here.

7. True or False

Developed for those who like quick thinking, True or False is a game with more than a hundred questions for you to answer. These are true facts mixed with invented stories for you to debate quickly.

By not having a specific topic, the questions can be about anything. So, in addition to having fun while playing, you can also learn a lot, raising the level of your general knowledge.

There are questions about sports, animals, history, among many other subjects.

To download True or False, click here.

8. Asked

With six distinct categories, the Question is a game well known among those who love quizzes. These are issues of Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History. That is, it has a little of everything!

You can test your intelligence by challenging your friends and seeing who is the brightest when it comes to general knowledge. And, if you want, you can still create your own questions for those who are used in the app.

Perfect for those who want to learn new things while having fun, Perguntados has a friendly and beautiful interface, with pets for each of the categories, making everything very cute and attractive!

To download Questions, select the operating system: Android / iOS .

There are many other options, but with the apps above you can already have fun for hours answering interesting questions and raising your knowledge. Quiz games are great for testing your intelligence and expanding your worldview.

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