8 quality extension cords worth buying in AliExpress

We have collected high-quality models for home, cottage and office.

. Trecaan

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If the Christmas tree cannot be installed close to the outlet, this extension cord will help out. It is designed for connecting a garland and is sold in two versions: 3 and 5 meters long. You can also choose a three-meter model equipped with a switch.

Price: from 159 rubles.


2. Glanzen

And this extension cord can be used with electrical appliances up to 1,300 W – for example, lawn mowers and pressure washers. The model is protected from external influences according to the IP20 standard – solid particles with a diameter of more than 12.5 mm will not get inside.

The maximum current strength reaches 6 A. The cable length is 20 m. The set includes a plastic winding frame with a convenient handle.

Price: 645 rubles.


3. Yi Xing Long

The device with three outlets and three USB ports will allow you to recharge your gadgets without power adapters. The extension cord is equipped with a power button. The maximum current is 10 A. The total power is 2,500 W. A choice of models with a cord length of 1.4, 1.8 and 4.8 m is available. The seller includes a miniature USB lamp as a gift.

Price: from 709 rubles.


4. Zeoota

Such an extension cord will be convenient to take with you on trips. If necessary, a one and a half meter cable can be wound around the body, and the plug can be fixed in a special holder.

Models with four USB ports and one or two sockets are available to order. The cost of both devices is the same. The total power of the device reaches 1200 W at a current of 10 A.

Price: 743 rubles.


5. Onleny

The device body with a 1.5-meter cable is made in the form of a compact cube with four sockets and two USB ports. The retailer also offers an improved model, complete with a Type-C connector and a power button with LED indicator.

Price: from 1 210 rubles.


6. Snowman Moon

A distinctive feature of this model is separate power buttons for each of the three outlets. There are also two USB ports on the case. The power strip can be connected to electrical appliances with a total power of up to 3,300 watts.

The maximum amperage is 16 A. There are models with cable lengths of 1.5 and 3 meters to choose from. Expedited free shipping is available.

Price: from 1 196 rubles.


7. Orico

The model from a well-known brand is available in two versions: with six or eight outlets. In addition, when ordering, you can choose a model in black or white. Both devices have five USB ports and a power button. The total power reaches 4000 W at a current strength of 16 A.

Anti-slip pads are located on the bottom of the case. There is protection against short circuit, overheating and other troubles. The cord length is 1.5 m.

Price: from 1 937 rubles.


8. Tessan

A vertical extension cord with a two-meter cable will not take up much space on your desktop and will allow you to connect all the necessary equipment to the network. There are models with six or eleven sockets and three or four USB ports, respectively. The maximum power of the device reaches 2,500 W. Current strength – 10 A.


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