8 Management Functions in Film Production

According to Honthaner (2010), film production management is another term for physical film production which includes film studio management and film production company management which not only supervises freelancers working for filmmaking but also coordinates those who work in the production team such as line producers, unit production managers, assistant directors, production supervisors, production coordinators, and assistant production coordinators.

Broadly speaking, the management functions in film production can be grouped into three categories, namely the film preproduction management function, the film production management function, and the film post-production management function. The film preproduction function includes the planning and preparation functions of film production which includes the selection of story ideas, preparation, organization and training before the start of film production.

The film production function includes image capture and sound recording functions. And finally, post-production functions which include editing and marketing.

Thus, the management function in production is as follows.

  1. Planning

According to Mardalena (2017), planning is an activity to set, formulate goals, and regulate the effective use of humans, materials, methods and time in order to achieve goals. In film production, the planning function includes several activities such as determining the type of film to be produced, planning work schedules, perfecting the script, the duration of the film, the location of the film, the equipment needed, human resources involved, artist selection, licensing, fees, and film marketing .

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  1. Organizing

According to Mardalena (2017), organizing is an activity of regulating human resources and other physical resources owned by a company to carry out a predetermined plan and achieve common goals. In film making, the organizing function includes coordinating various production sources such as identifying bookings and booking of all contracts, permits, correspondence, ordering resources in production, artist training, setting up, checking and completing equipment, managing transportation needs.

  1. Recruitment of needed human resources

This management function oversees the entire recruitment process for human resources needed. The aim is to hire the right people in the appropriate field of work to achieve the stated goals. In film production management, recruitment of resources required includes the selection of the film crew involved as well as the artist.

  1. Coordination

The coordinating management function is a leadership function in overseeing all planning, organizing and recruiting activities and ensuring all activities run well. Coordination is generally carried out during meetings and other planning sessions with each department to ensure that everything goes according to the goals and objectives set. Generally, coordination involves communication, supervision, and direction.

In film production, coordination emphasizes production meetings and creative meetings as well as coordination between departments involved in the film production process such as the production, directing, script writing, camera, artistic, sound and editing departments. In addition, other activities carried out are manuscript review, recce (review of shooting locations), and technical recce .

  1. Workshop / technical training

Before training, all the players involved read the script together with the director and other film crew to better understand and animate their respective roles. After that, all film crews from various departments conducted exercises to demonstrate some special scenes such as dangerous scenes, and so on.

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  1. Image capture and sound recording

The next function is image capture and sound recording. The process of taking pictures and recording sound is adjusted to a predetermined schedule. Usually, the shooting schedule is listed in the breakdown while the detailed schedule is listed in the rundown .

Herein lies the supervisory function in film production. This is due to the oversight function in the process of taking pictures including several other functions such as work procedures, directing, acting, lighting techniques and equipment needed, principles of photography in cinematography, sound film , and break and overtime .

  1. Editing

In addition to the process of image capture and sound recording, the supervisory function in film production management also includes the editing process. Editing is the task of the film editor and can be done offline or online . Editing is offline refers to the editing of a scene by scene without incorporating elements of voice and other audio and prepared in accordance with the sequence in the manuscript.

Meanwhile, online editing refers to editing from the side of sounds such as music, coloring, animation, and other special effects on picture locked. In short, this function includes film editing, sound editing, music film, dialog editing / ADR, and foley: sound effects.

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  1. Final product, marketing and / or distribution

After the editing process, the mixing process is carried out which is the process of combining the results of visual and audio editing. After everything is finished, the film is ready to be marketed. Film marketing is done independently or in partnership with other parties.

Thus a brief review of the management function in film production. Hopefully it can add insight and our knowledge about film production management related to the understanding and functions attached to it.


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