8 Management Approach in Business Communication

Communication becomes a foundation in daily activities. Communication is considered as fundamental by humans. Communication is used by someone to channel ideas or ideas both verbally (oral, written, picture) and non-verbal (body language, expressions, cues, and so on). This communication is related to the process of activities in a business.

Business communication is an exchange of ideas, ideas, information, which has a specific purpose and occurs continuously then develops to create effective communication. Business communication is related to management terms.

Management is a process of managing, controlling, managing, planning, striving, and leading in an organization to achieve certain goals by utilizing the available resources.

As for the elements in management are people as workers and consumers in an organization, money as a means of exchange, materials to be marketed to consumers, machines and methods that are supporting tools in the process of activities, and finally marketing a product. (Also read: Communication Management Systems in Business )

The following is a management approach in business communication:

  1. Human resource approach

The first approach is the human resource approach. The human resource approach in business communication is an increase in work performance in a company.

The elements in the human resource approach are motivation, appreciation at work, work groups, work environment, communication, and other elements related to work activities in a company. (Also read: Communication Management in Companies )

  1. Situational approach

Situational approach is an approach in a company that is related to management based on conditions both internal and external.

This situational approach is an approach to solving a problem in the business world. Effective communication in the business world can make it easier for someone to solve a problem that is happening at the company. (Also read: Business Communication Function in Management )

  1. Social cooperation system approach

The next approach is the social cooperation system approach. This approach involves management in a business in the company. This social cooperation system is a system of collaboration carried out by various companies with other companies.

This social cooperation system approach relies on business communication to manage meetings between one company and another. (Also read: Business Communication )

  1. Approach to group behavior

The group approach is one of the management approaches in business communication. This approach studies management in terms of social psychology through the behavior patterns of a group in a company.

In addition, the group behavior approach also focuses on the relationship between a group in a company with groups in other companies.

Business communication acts as a bridge to contact the two groups. Behavioral factors in groups also determine collaboration between various groups within a company. (Also read: Business Communication According to Expert )

  1. Interpersonal approach

Communication within a company has various approaches to achieving mutual success. The interpersonal approach becomes the next approach after the group behavior approach. A group is an association of individuals.

Every individual has different behavior because individuals also have diverse cultural backgrounds. This interpersonal approach plays an important role in managing existing work within a company.

For example, activities between managers and company heads in a company. Business communication is always used in activities in a company. (Also read: Effect of Business Communication in Companies )

  1. Habitual approach

Management in a company will occur through a number of past experiences which will then be learned by a senior in the company. That is why every company has its own way of management in the company depending on who is the leader in the company.

Management in the company will produce policies made by company officials. This process is associated with effective business communication to create a good system in the company.

This custom approach occurs because there are different cultural backgrounds in each person, so that each company has a different policy. (Also read: Forms of Business Communication )

  1. Communication center approach

The communication center approach is an approach in management that focuses on communication used in daily activities such as in a company using communication called business communication.

Business communication consists of managerial elements such as planning, processing, supervision, and other processes. The manager is the person in charge of organizing activities that will take place in a company.

A manager usually has expertise in business communication to facilitate every activity in the company and can achieve the goals set. (Also read: Business Communication Model )

  1. Decision theory approach

Decision theory approach is a decision made by company leaders after holding discussions in making policies.

The decision is rational, scientific and logical. Before giving a decision, each company will create a discussion agenda for the higher-ups and their employees. Then there is an evaluation process before making a decision.

This decision theory approach can improve productivity in a company through policies that have been set together. (Also read: Ethics Function in Office Communication )

Such an explanation is related to what management approaches in business communication are commonly applied in everyday life.


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