8 healthy habits that will boost your productivity

Setting goals in your life is a way to add constant focus, discipline and motivation to achieve them. But willpower is not the only fuel to maintain your productivity , you know?

This is because there are several factors – physical, psychological and external – that can directly (and negatively) impact the search for the realization of our dreams.

In this post, we’ll talk a little bit about the main healthy daily habits that can increase your productivity. Check out how to improve your performance gradually until the realization of your dreams becomes a common practice!

What is productivity?

Productivity is not just a managers dream. Whether for the achievement of personal or professional goals , this ability to do more, and better, with less effort and use of resources is a great achievement, regardless of what you are looking for.

And, as we said, it is not enough to wish and focus on it: productivity is the result of a series of attitudes, thoughts and behaviors that will naturally add to your habits and, thus, generate such a positive return.


What can hinder your performance?


Before evaluating the positive aspects, it is good to understand that many things, on a daily basis, play against increasing your productivity – most of the time, inadvertently.

It may be, for example, the accumulation of stress that makes it difficult to concentrate on the task. At other times, it is the stories we tell ourselves and delude ourselves about our abilities.

There is also a lack of good time management, hampering the delivery of responsibilities on time. And even colleagues who hinder their concentration with jokes and requests overtime, breaking the focus.

How about we see, then, how to promote your productivity?


What are the best tips for increasing productivity?


Below, we have selected 8 tips that will make all the difference in the continuous improvement of your productivity!

1. Get more sleep quality

Start by assessing the quality of your sleep. After all, sleepless nights result in tiredness the next day, in addition to a lack of concentration and willingness to reach your goals.

For your day to be more productive, get in the habit of waking up early. That way, you will have more time to have breakfast, exercise, read the newspaper and then go to work. Wake up 30 minutes before the usual and you will see incredible results.

Below, we’ve selected some good tips for this, such as:

  • discover your pace. For example: there are more productive people at night; others, in the morning. Understanding your own pace makes you use productivity at the right time, every day;
  • create a routine for your sleep to come, always, at the same time, and conditioning you to the same average hours of sleep. To do this, make it a habit to go to bed at the same time, more or less, and to wake up regularly;
  • avoid using your cell phone or computer right before bed. These activities can keep the brain more alert, which interferes with the ease of falling asleep;
  • if insomnia comes knocking on the door, don’t toss in bed. Read a book or do a relaxing activity to dispel anxiety, not feed it;
  • to avoid anxiety, another interesting tip is to plan ahead the next day. Thus, you are less concerned with the day-to-day tasks, since your entire schedule has been designed.

Did you see how sleep can affect (positively or negatively) your productivity?

2. Practice physical exercises

Exercises have multiple benefits for the body and mind, which improves productivity. For example: the increase in blood flow and the activation of metabolism, characteristics that can help you to be more willing for your tasks.

Not to mention that, when you find a physical activity that has to do with you, it is possible to ward off stress and anxiety. Thus, you will be able to set up a daily life much more focused on your well-being and more quality of life.

3. Avoid accumulating tasks

We don’t need to remember you, but we are not machines. Not even computers can accumulate so many tasks at the same time. Why would our brain do it?

So, focus your productivity on fewer tasks, and the most urgent ones. Break up big projects and share them with others, if possible. Know your limits and then set up a less stressful routine that will at least allow you to accumulate wins – big or small, it doesn’t matter.

4. Fight against procrastination

The productivity kryptonite: procrastination. It is she who whispers, in her ear, that “it is possible to leave it for later” until it is too late or you have to run out of time to deliver your tasks on time.

So, avoid doing your projects in places that contribute to your distraction, remember your productivity schedule and set daily goals (they may be small, as we already said): the important thing is to keep your mind and body occupied to when procrastination attempts, you will be too focused to pay attention to it.

5. Organize your life

It sounds silly at first, but it makes a lot of sense. When your life is more organized, you respond better to tasks and also to unforeseen events that occur on a daily basis.

Just remember, the organization doesn’t have to be a big turnaround: just put your desk in order, know your schedule and know how to get away from distractions. This is quite a start. After all, perfectionism does not do well when exacerbated. Respect yourself, and you will go far!

6. Reward yourself

Great way to keep productivity high: create small goals throughout the day, and reward yourself after reaching them. It can be a 5-minute break, for example, after an entire hour of dedication to your main project – or even a sweetie out of time.

Evaluate what a prize is for you and create this motivational habit. Over time, you will achieve your goals without even remembering those rewards.

7. Take care of your food

Like sleep, your eating habits influence your productivity in both directions. If you still have doubts, try eating a very heavy dish (such as lasagna or feijoada) and go to work, right after. It will be very, very difficult – to say the least.

Below, we have retrieved some simple and functional tips for you to turn your food into a valuable ally of your productivity. Check it out:

  • follow a routine to eat, this helps to regulate your biological clock;
  • make your dishes more colorful – literally – as this can create a nourishing pattern that will help transform into energy for your work;
  • do light exercises, after the meal, to help with digestion and blood movement (and scare off that little slug);
  • know the limits of the body well. Avoid excesses before activities, as mentioned above;
  • do not skip meals. This puts an end to the disposition of the body and mind, throughout the day;
  • try the complementary aid with foods that help in concentration and in your disposition.

It is worth understanding the points above to use them to your advantage!

8. Drink more water

Finally, hydrate yourself. It is no joke, drink a lot of water because this habit helps in improving cognitive skills and, thus, your productivity is maintained from more focus and concentration on what you are doing.

So, did you understand a little more about using these beneficial habits to achieve more productivity every day? Now, if you are looking for more knowledge on the subject, take the opportunity to enjoy our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and YouTube !

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