8 habits to achieve great things

I am sure that all the  goals  you have  in life  are the best. Those of us who want to continue our  continuous improvement   in  professional and / or personal development , we think of our future as something essential to  improve our lives . Have you found yourself in the situation that even if you are looking for inspiration to move forward, you only find obstacles or thoughts that allow you to reach your goals? Obstacles that only give you “the reason” to change your goal? Here are 8 habits to achieve great things , your best routines to achieve what you want.

Unfortunately, many of us have never developed new habits.  When we make up our minds and find a barrier, we think that the effort will not be worth it. We quit. Or we even leave it because we do not see that we can achieve as much as we hope. It’s funny that we give up when it comes to our goal. It is our future.

Often, it is only necessary to think that small changes will transform our lives.

These are my 8 habits that will make you believe that achieving your goal is possible :

  1. Get active: stopping being lazy and not sitting around waiting for things to arrive is essential. We will not achieve our effort if we do not value it and for this we need work and will . Remember that an active mind only exists in an active body, so put the batteries as they are your goals.
  2. Understand your goals: even if you have to write them down on paper, remember daily what your goal is and how you hope to reach it. If you do, the mind will activate all the information daily to prevent you from ever forgetting what your aspiration is .
  3. Give your best. This should be your basic premise since the reward is the result of effort and doing things with the highest quality and concentration.
  4. Karma. Simple: what you do well will bring you good things, what you do wrong will lead to some misfortune. Forget luck, bad luck or destiny. What is is! Create your antidote to the unforeseen, believing that if you do things wrong something will go wrong.
  5. No distractions: or in any case the minimal ones. It’s like when you meditate they tell you that if you think about something let it happen and focus again on the breath. Here is the same if you get distracted, do it, but go back to what you expect.
  6. Will: also related to passion . How many things have you done for what you wanted so much? I am proud to remember when in the middle of my university studies I worked in 3 different places to pay for my studies. I hardly went to class, not only was I not overly interested, but I had to pay for my degree. Luckily, getting along with people allowed many colleagues to help me with my notes and help me out. Without will I would have dropped out of school. Some studies that I did not like and that did not help me to find a job but an experience that allowed me to understand that if you want, you can achieve what you expect, if you do it with sense.
  7. Passion: passion will give you that extra point to achieve your goal. If you add passion to will and effort, you will make things better because you will surrender to it. So if you can see what your best goal is, make sure it offers you passion.
  8. Trusteverything comes . Give yourself time that at the end of the day is what we have. Forget your past and future, the present is what you have in front of right now and what will make you advance in your goals. Trust them and above all trust yourself because it is about your life.


by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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