8 Good Ways of Communication in Meetings

Meetings are one of the types of business communication that refers to group communication that takes place with the aim of discussing something that is done at the specified time and duration.

Meetings can occur face-to-face or through the media. Now, the presence of the internet as a communication medium has made it easy for meeting participants to conduct meetings wherever they are via teleconferences or videoconferences . The use of technology in business communication especially to facilitate meetings can have an impact on the reduced costs incurred to hold meetings, save time, and save on official travel costs.

In an organization or company, meetings are an inseparable part of the communication climate of the organization or company concerned.

Some people view meetings as boring activities and some others see meetings as opportunities that must be used to exchange information or discuss and produce certain decisions.

The effectiveness and efficiency of meetings is determined by good planning and preparation of meetings, selection of appropriate communication media, and a good understanding of business communication and organizational communication because meetings require qualified communication skills.

Communicating in a meeting is not the same as interpersonal communication or interpersonal communication , therefore an organization or company leader must be aware of the various differences that exist and adjust the style of communication with meeting participants so that meetings can run effectively.

This requires several ways to communicate well in meetings so that meetings can run effectively and efficiently.

The good ways to communicate in meetings include the following:

  1. Make eye contact

Making eye contact is one form of nonverbal communication that cannot be separated when we communicate face to face.

Sometimes, meeting participants tend to use face-to-face communication during meetings, especially when discussing certain problems raised by meeting participants.

As the chairperson of the meeting, it is better when the meeting takes place making eye contact with all meeting participants and talking with each meeting participant.

This can make the meeting participants interested in what will be discussed while making the meeting participants feel valuable and become part of the group.

In addition, meeting participants must also be careful with various body language in other communication because mistakes in nonverbal communication can lead to misunderstanding of nonverbal communication in communication .

  1. Active listening

Communication that occurs in meetings is two-way communication . Therefore, it is very important for meeting participants or meeting leaders to be able to refrain from speaking if they have not been given the opportunity to speak.

Listening to the opinions of others at a meeting can help meeting leaders and meeting participants understand their intentions more quickly.

This also shows that one of the benefits of two-way communication is to avoid misunderstandings in meetings.

  1. Pay attention to the speaker

Often people tend to pay more attention to the material presented through slides compared to the speaker or the person who gives the material.

As a speaker, it’s good to make material that only contains a few important points. These important points are then further elaborated by the speaker.

This can ignite the awareness of meeting participants to pay more attention to what is said compared to what is presented through slides .

Thus, meeting participants will pay more attention to the speaker than the slides that are displayed.

  1. Respect and respect the opinions of others

The meeting is an arena for exchange of information, ideas or ideas from the meeting participants as well as a means of communication, deliberation, formulating project planning, and making important decisions that have an impact on the sustainability of the organization or company.

When the process of exchanging information or ideas takes place, of course there will be differences of opinion that can lead to disagreement with the opinions given by others.

For this reason, in meetings it is better for meeting participants to respect and respect the opinions of others. If there is an opinion that is deemed not applicable in an organization or company, as far as possible is politely expressed and offers other alternatives.

  1. Be positive

Being positive during the meeting is very important because it can support the success of the meeting itself.

When the discussion process takes place, meeting participants should focus on the theme of the meeting and develop solutions rather than just giving negative comments to the opinions of others without providing solutions.

  1. Speak briefly, concisely, and clearly

When meeting, should use the best time to talk briefly, concisely, and clearly.

Should use the right words, not cliche, do not use jargon, and wordy. The language used must also be a formal language given the function of language in the main business communication is as a communication tool.

This is intended to make it easier for other participants to receive and interpret the information submitted and have enough time to provide input or response.

  1. Using data and facts

When presenting information or expressing opinions in front of meeting participants, it should be supported by data and facts that can be accounted for.

This is so that when there are meeting participants who ask questions, they can be answered honestly and professionally because they are supported by valid data and facts.

  1. Giving assignments

When the meeting ends, it is better for the meeting to close by reassuring the results of the meeting and the tasks that must be done by the meeting participants the results of the meeting that has been done.

Thus a brief review of how to communicate well in meetings. Hopefully it can add our insights and knowledge about meetings as one type of business communication and a good way of communication in meetings.


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