8 Examples of Positive Messages in Business Communication that Need to Be Implemented

Business communication  generally aims to convey a message. These business messages should be in accordance with the types of business communication that can meet the needs of the sender of the message, tailored to the needs of the audience, and reflect the accuracy of the theme discussed. When an organization or company wants to convey information that triggers an audience neutral reaction, the business message is informative. And, when an organization or company wants to convey information that triggers a positive audience reaction, then the message delivered is positive.

Each type of message to be conveyed by the company requires its own method of formulation, aka it cannot be done haphazardly. In general, positive messages are very easy to make given that the audience really needs information that can be accepted by common sense. Broadly speaking, positive messages generally begin with the essence of the most important information or good news; provide details, background and clarification; presents negative elements as positively as possible, explaining the various benefits or benefits to be gained; and end with a positive closing sentence.

There are several business communications according to experts, including those according to Thill and Bovee (2013), positive messages in business communication can be grouped into several types, namely answering requests for information or actions, guaranteeing claims and requests for adjustments, recommendations, routine information, announcements of good news, and good faith messages. Examples of positive messages in various forms of business communication refer to the categorization of positive messages according to Thill and Bovee (2013) as follows:

  1. Answers to Requests for Information and Actions

At any time, professionals will be faced with numerous requests for information or actions regarding certain products or services. For this reason, professionals are responsible for responding to requests for information and actions by providing information that is concise, concise, clear, and in accordance with the ethics of business communication .


Along with this offer letter, we also attach the latest catalog of various ATK products that we offer. Inside are the details and discounts we offer specifically for you. You can contact us at 022-1111111, and our customer service is ready to help you.

  1. Responses Provided When Companies Make Mistakes

If something goes wrong, then the writer is required to write a letter with the aim to correct mistakes that often occur in the business world. If mistakes are made by the company, the writer must understand with certainty the company’s policies so that the writer can provide an appropriate and comprehensive response. If the situation is serious enough, it is better to refer to the company’s crisis management plan.


In connection with Mr. Gogon’s letter dated August 20, 2018 with Number 15 / CS / 8/2018 concerning complaints of damage to goods, we immediately made confirmation and checking. Based on the checks that we have done, there is an error in the packing process carried out by our employees until the ordered goods are damaged. For this incident, we submit a profound apology and we will be more careful and careful again so that such incidents do not recur.

We will send 2 (two) new television units as a form of replacement of damaged goods and original invoice for your order.

  1. Responses Given When Consumers Make Mistakes

If the consumer makes a mistake, the writer should try to prevent future mistakes without blaming the consumer.


As information from Mr. Hendry Limido that on January 15, 2018, you have deposited funds in the amount of Rp 2 million to your account at our partner bank for the purpose of premium payment. However, based on the data we received, since the premium debiting period for January 15, 2018 up to now, there has been a notification of debit failure from a partner bank because the funds in Mr. Hendry Limindo’s savings account are insufficient to be debited (insufficient funds).

We need to emphasize for this, the minimum balance requirements and / or account admin fees of Mr. Hendry Limindo at partner banks must be fulfilled so that premium debiting can be successful.

Thus this response was made. Hopefully it can provide clarity for all parties. For your attention and cooperation, we thank you.

(Quoted from mind-rakyat.com – August 18, 2018).

  1. Responses Provided When Third Parties Make Mistakes

When a third party does something wrong, the response depends on the agreement between the company and the third party.


We need to inform you that the products purchased by consumers are products provided by our seller partners . There has been a miscommunication between the seller and the logistics fleet which has caused delays in product shipments. For this we apologize for any inconvenience caused. We remain responsible for providing the best online shopping experience for consumers and coordinating directly with the seller and also logistics to ensure that orders can be sent as soon as possible.

(Quoted from mediakonsumen.com – February 2, 2018 with changes as needed)

  1. Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation aim to convince the reader that the person recommended has the characteristics needed for a particular job or other matter. An effective recommendation letter consists of the candidate’s full name, position or other goals to be achieved by the candidate, the nature of the relationship between the writer and the candidate, data and facts related to the candidate and the opportunities available, providing a comparison of the potential of the candidate with the candidate’s friends if there is , and the results of a thorough evaluation of the accuracy of the candidates with the available opportunities. It should be understood that recently the recommendation letter has problems in the legal aspects. Therefore, before giving a recommendation letter, it is better to double check what the company policy is and not cause itan example of a misunderstanding in business communication .


With this letter, I recommend Gina Damayanti to fill marketing positions in Garang and Partners. Sister Gina Damayanti has worked at PT. Funny as a marketer for two years with an educational background in Diploma 3 in Marketing and Advertising. While at PT. Funny, Sister Gina Damayanti is responsible for correspondence with customers, updating page content, and planning campaigns by mail.

  1. Routine Information Sharing

Positive messages in business communication generally involve routine information messages. Writing routine information messages begins with a statement of purpose and briefly mentions the nature of the information presented. Next, the message body explains the details of the message and ends politely. Some companies use social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share routine information with consumers or other parties.


Long Live of the 73rd Republic of Indonesia

Welcoming the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, meuli.com again provides a 50% Independence Discount for those of you who buy electronic products * on August 17, 2018 (* Terms and Conditions Apply).

More information about the Independence Discount program can be seen at meuli.com.

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  1. News Release

News releases are generally issued by companies as a way of communicating positive things done by companies such as opening new branches, opening up jobs, introducing new products or services, or sponsoring certain activities. News releases are usually in the form of special documents that are used to spread information through the news media. You also need to understand negotiation techniques in business communication and lobbying techniques in good business communication in order to build professional business relationships.


On Thursday (7/12), Artotel Yogyakarta, located on Jl. Kaliurang Km 5,6 No.14, Caturtunggal, Sleman, officially operates. This hotel, owned by Rasanto Group from Semarang, is present as a new hotel with a modern architectural style combined with the charm of the local culture of Yogyakarta.

(Quoted from Kompas, 13 December 2017)

  1. Sending Congratulations, Appreciation, or Condolences

Positive messages in business communication are mostly intended to build good faith and relationships. Good faith is a positive feeling that drives people to maintain business relationships. Positive messages are generally written and delivered to consumers, colleagues, other business people. Positive messages that show good faith such as sending congratulations, giving appreciation, or giving condolences.


We express our deep sorrow for the fire that happened to your factory some time ago. We hope that the loss will not be so great and your factory can start operating and producing in the near future.

Please accept our sympathy and if you need help, we are ready to help.

Thus a brief review of examples of positive messages in business communication. Hopefully it can add to our insights and knowledge about business communication and examples of positive messages used in business communication.


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