8 Examples of Digital Marketing

What are these digital marketing examples for ? Let’s see how many companies have achieved success with these advertising strategies adapted to the latest market trends.

Digital Marketing What is it and how does it work?

They are the techniques to promote a brand on the internet , it is different from traditional marketing because it uses methods to see their reach in real time.

Examples of digital marketing of companies

1. Social networks

We start with one of the most common strategies, the use of social media platforms and web pages to promote a product, company or service.

In this case, conversations on the networks (comments, likes, responses, etc.) are used in order to further link the company with users and customers.

All this is known as social media engagement, that is, when there is an exchange of information and a link is created with followers.

2. SEO

These acronyms mean Search Engine Optimization, a process in which the information on web pages is optimized to appear in the first places of Google or another search engine.

Applying SEO correctly will give your brand or company the chance to appear on the first sites of this famous search engine.

This makes correct use of the keywords located strategically within the text, there begins the competition to win the best place in the search engine.

3. For each click a payment

Called Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), one of the marketing strategies in which the brand owner pays for each click that leads to his page.

The PPC applies to websites, however, digital platforms sell advertising through ads that appear on the walls or home.

One of the platforms that sells the most advertising of this type is Instagram , followed by YouTube and Facebook .

4. Content Marketing

All advertising content created to attract a specific audience, which not only converts into customers, but also recommends the brand.

Along with the rest of the digital marketing examples, it aims to engage with the right audience, the one that is really interested in what the company offers.

The content is so well prepared that it will be the same user who will want to see everything that the brand offers without the need for the advertiser to chase the customer.

Content marketing works in conjunction with social networks or sending advertising messages via email.

5. Email marketing

It is the sending of messages with commercial content, generally, it is used to promote products or request donations.

The idea is to gain customer trust with the brand.

As for who receives the message, they are customers or people who have already done business with the brand in different ways.

A very common example of this is from the Samsung brand, which interacts with its contacts in a creative way and with an attractive design (photographs, offering a reward).

6. Advertising by messages

Another very frequent type of marketing is advertising through SMS messages, as well as other platforms such as WhatsApp .

Other platforms have joined this strategy, including Facebook, which invests a lot of money in programs to advertise through Messenger.

7. Search Engine Marketing

Also known as SEM, it involves paying to appear among the first in search engines.

The SEM must pay the search engine a certain amount of money in order for the website and its marketing message to appear within the search engine results.

One of the most popular ways is to use Google Adwords , since Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

8. Affiliation

Affiliate marketing consists of affiliates (companies) advertising stores, advertisers and/or service providers through advertisements and promotions.

In this way, the affiliates will obtain a commission when the user clicks on their web page and does a certain action, for example, registering on it.

digital marketing course

If you still wonder, how to do digital marketing? I give you a series of recommendations.

to. Create a report about what you want

Make a report of the current state, where you want to go, in addition to seeing your main strengths, weaknesses and strengths.

By understanding what you are looking for, you will be able to more clearly outline your objectives.

b. Who do you want to reach?

All the digital marketing examples study their target audience, so they have found crucial topics to spread to their future clients.

Thus, the company will be able to adapt solutions for its audience, creating strategies that are more similar to the clients that you want to attract.

c. Establish what your goals are

Once you know who your audience is, you can determine what your specific plans and goals will be that will lead to increased traffic.


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