8 Eligibility Criteria for Manuscripts in Issuance

Book is a window to the world. Without the hassle of getting out of the house, we can enjoy the beauty of the world only through books. But a book has a long enough journey to be enjoyed by readers.

There are many processes that need to be passed to become a book that is worth reading. In publishing, the manuscript must pass the evaluation criteria for the feasibility of the manuscript first. The following are some of the eligibility criteria for a manuscript in publication:

  1. Suitability of vision and mission

The first thing that must be assessed from a manuscript is the suitability of the publishing vision and mission. The manuscript must be in accordance with the vision and mission of publishing. If publishing has a vision and mission to develop education, then the manuscript must have the same vision and mission in it.

  1. Suitability of the theme

The evaluation of the eligibility criteria of the manuscript in the subsequent publication of a manuscript is the suitability of the theme. Manuscripts should not deviate from the theme currently being used in publishing. If the theme promoted by publishing is about health, then the manuscript must also discuss health.

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Manuscripts that do not fit the theme discussed will be returned or discontinued. Therefore, it is very important for a writer to have sufficient knowledge of the ongoing theme so that the manuscript is suitable for publication.

  1. Original

The publishing house, of course, will only publish manuscripts that are truly original or original. Original manuscripts will have more value because they have never been published before. Original manuscripts are also very safe so that publishing will not get a problem regarding the copyright of the copied text.

  1. Format match

Each publication must have a standard criteria for the suitability of the manuscript in its own publication in the format of the preparation of the manuscript. Starting from the paper size, font size, to the type of paragraph used. By giving the author the format of the manuscript format, the publishing house will be much easier to correct the manuscript. Publishing also does not need to do editing on the preparation of manuscripts that take quite a lot of time.

  1. No worries

Manuscripts that are worth publishing are good manuscripts to read. Manuscripts whose contents are brief and concise but well targeted in conveying their contents. Manuscripts like this will be more interesting for readers to read.

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In contrast to long-winded texts it will make the reader bored. The impact is not only the book that is not read, but the next book that will be published because it has labeled the publishing company only produces books that are not worth reading.

  1. Language that is easy to understand

A manuscript must not only have a matching theme and vision and mission, but also must use language that is easily understood by readers, even readers who lack education.

Language that is easy to understand will make the reader more comfortable to finish reading. In addition, readers also will not be bored because they do not need to think hard to interpret the language used. Language that is not appropriate to the level of education can affect who buys books and the number of books to be sold.

  1. Proper reader segmentation

A book not only has to be published just like that to get a big profit, but also the benefits that will be given to the readers later. Proper reader segmentation will greatly affect whether or not the book is accepted in the market later.

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If publishing is a company engaged in the production of children’s books, then make sure that the reader segmentation in the script is children. Don’t let the published manuscript target adult readers.

  1. Has a high sale value

A publication should be able to judge whether a manuscript is suitable for publication or not. A manuscript that has a high selling value in it will make it easier for publishing parties to market it.

The determination of this value can be seen from the contents of the manuscript, the language used, and the ability of the manuscript in presenting interesting readings. Therefore, it takes a person who is really skilled in assessing a book to determine the feasibility of a manuscript.

That is the criteria for the eligibility of a manuscript in publication that is suitable for publication. All criteria for the evaluation of this manuscript are usually carried out in editorial meetings where the manuscript is decided to be accepted or returned to the author.

Although through a fairly long processing, but the results obtained will also always be satisfying. Therefore, it is appropriate for us to always appreciate every book that has been published.


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