8 Effects of Ineffective Communication in Business Communication

Business communication is a combination of two words communication and business. Communication is a process of delivering and receiving messages from the communicator to the communicant with the aim to equalize perception or meaning. Business is the process of buying and selling products or services to consumers. It can simply be interpreted that business communication is a communication process used to establish relationships between companies to their clients to achieve certain goals. The understanding of business communication according to experts is as follows:

  • Katz defines business communication as the exchange of ideas, messages and concepts related to achieving a series of commercial goals.
  • Curtis said that business communication is communication in business organizations aimed at solving problems and making decisions.
  • Purwanto defines that business communication is communication that is used in the business world which includes various forms of communication (verbal and non verbal) to achieve certain goals. (Also read: Definition of Business Communication )

The conclusion of the notion of business communication is the process of exchanging ideas, ideas, concepts, messages with specific goals. Business communication is persuasive because it gives consumers confidence about the product or service to be offered. This business communication is used when presenting or offering a product or service. In addition, business communication has benefits for companies to establish good relationships with other companies or consumers.

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A business will achieve its goals if the communication is carried out effectively. If communication is not effective it will have a bad impact on business. The impact of ineffective communication errors in this business will have an impact on the level of sales of a company. Communication in business affects collaboration between companies, marketing products or services, selling products or services, and product or service quality. In other words, companies must have expertise in communicating well. The effects of ineffective communication in business communication are as follows:

  1. Productivity decreases

Ineffective communication affects the level of productivity of a company. In the world of business the company does not only communicate with other companies, but companies also establish relationships with consumers. Where consumers play a role in the level of productivity of the company. Ineffective communication has an impact on decreased productivity. Companies can communicate effectively when presenting and offering products to consumers. Effective communication provides clarity about the products offered, so consumers will feel satisfied and productivity levels increase. (Also read: Business Communication Negotiator Type )


  1. Messy business strategy

Ineffective communication affects the business strategy of a company. The business strategy will be messy if the business person cannot communicate well, the business person cannot provide a solution when the business is hit by a problem. Therefore, a messy business strategy has an impact on developing the business itself. (Also read: General Business Communication Function )

  1. Performance is not optimal

The work performance of a person is determined by the way a business actor (communicator) conveys information correctly or effectively. This relates to effective communication. A person from the company will not have maximum work performance if the information submitted is not appropriate or wrong. This impact is related to misunderstanding. (Also read: Business Communication Language Function )

  1. Low efficiency

Ineffective communication has an impact on company efficiency. Low efficiency is caused by unclear communication that impacts on projects that are hampered, so it will be difficult to achieve success. (Also read: Business Communication Obstacles )

  1. Difference in perception

Ineffectiveness in business communication impacts different points of view. A communicator must be able to communicate well to build the same view of the communicant. As a result of this difference in perception raises misunderstanding. A communicator must be able to convey and receive information well to prevent misunderstandings due to different points of view. (Also read: Cross-Cultural Business Communication Objectives )

  1. Lost trust

The impact of ineffective communication is related to misunderstanding. The impact of the misunderstanding will cause distrust. This is felt by other companies who want to collaborate with the company. Though cooperation is the main strategy in running a business in order to achieve success. In addition, loss of trust is also felt by consumers. This situation is also related to the declining productivity level and the company’s credibility.

  1. Decreased service

When a company wants to collaborate with other companies, there are several services provided by the company. This condition provides an assessment of how a company can communicate effectively or not effectively in serving colleagues or consumers. If business people cannot communicate effectively then the level of service decreases and the impact on the production process and credibility decreases. (Also read: Business Management Communication Function )

  1. Reduced Innovation

Reduced innovation due to reduced ideas, communication skills, and control from the business actors. This is related to declining work performance. Poor work performance affects business activities and business capacity. Reduced business capacity occurs when business actors cannot communicate effectively. This affects the company’s innovation. (Also read: Effective Business Communication )

Thus the explanation related to the effect of ineffective communication in ineffective communication in business communication which turned out to have a significant impact in the continuity of business communication.


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