8 Cultural Influences in Business Communication

Culture is a way of life or habits that are used by society as a rule in life which then develops and is passed down or passed down from generation to generation. The term culture comes from the Sanskrit language “buddhayah” in the form of the plural of buddhi which means mind or reason. The term culture from English “culture” which means culture, was later adopted into Indonesian into culture.

According to Selo Soemardjan and Soelaiman Soemardi, culture is a means of people’s work, taste, and creativity. Language is an embodiment of culture. Different languages ​​sometimes affect the communication process. When a communicator has difficulty communicating with communicants who have different cultural backgrounds, the right way to create effective communication is to learn the cultural background of the communicant. This shows that culture becomes learning in the community. (Also read: Types of Intercultural Communication )

Culture is related to communication which is reflected in various languages. The times have influenced social life, that is, culture influences business communication. The purpose of business activities is to seek profits. A company must be fair to consumers, not deceptive.

Therefore, ethical behavior is very much needed in business processes. Ethical behavior is not only for the product marketing process, it also applies to the values ​​and morals of a company. In a multinational company usually employees who are employed from various countries, these cultural differences exert influence in business communication. An advanced company can develop well. The company will be built in several regions such as domestic and overseas. For this reason, the company is advised to be able to understand the cultures that exist in social life. Here are the cultural influences in business communication:

  1. Marketing

Marketing in a company is commonplace. The company tries to increase domestic and international marketing. Foreign marketing or international marketing is one of the cultural influences in business communication. The important thing in international marketing is to understand the culture in each region because culture influences production output. Therefore, culture is a factor that influences marketing activities. (Also read: Intercultural Communication Ethics )

  1. Human Resources

Culture in business communication influences human resources. a large company will open many other branch companies both domestically and internationally. This relates to the appointment or recruitment of employees within the company. The more branch companies that are spread, the more diverse the culture of employees within the company. For example, foreign companies that open jobs in Indonesia. The employees in the company are not only from foreigners, but there are some employees from domestic. (Also read:  Definition of Business Communication )

  1. Cultural differences in the workplace

The development of the company affects human resources where the human resources become heterogeneous because they have different cultural backgrounds. These cultural differences occur within a company or workplace. To achieve success in the business world, companies must learn the cultural background of their employees. One way is to hold a discussion. Discussions provide a good influence on business activities and facilitate business people in providing direction to their employees. Thus, business people can communicate more effectively with their employees. (Also read:  General Business Communication Function )

  1. Innovation

Culture influences innovation in a company. Different cultural backgrounds of each employee can provide positive value as new knowledge. With this knowledge, employees can innovate. (Also read: Business Communication Ethics )

  1. appreciation

The award is a form of respect from the company towards its employees. Cultural differences between employees certainly provide a different culture of doing work. Awards can create harmony in teams and provide motivation for employees to improve work performance. (Also read: Forms of Business Communication )

  1. Work performance

Culture influences the work performance of employees. Cultural differences become a benchmark for employees to improve work performance. In this case, employees are competing to provide the best results for the company because they are motivated by awards given by the company. (Also read: Types of Business Communication )

  1. Production

A culture in society includes values ​​and attitudes. A person’s values ​​and attitudes in the business process affect the production process. This also relates to product marketing. (Also read: Business Communication Model )

  1. Finance

Culture in society influences business processes especially the level of production that involves corporate finance. Corporate finance is the most valuable asset. Cultural influences the company’s financial processing. A culture of honesty is the main thing that is needed in the financial processing because it can foster a sense of trust from the company


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