The 8 advantages of using online psychology

In just a decade, online psychology has become one of the most common ways of offering and receiving psychological assistance, a new way to establish the interaction between the psychologist and the patient or client.

Now … why is it so popular? Basically, online psychology consists of the same services as always, although performed through a different medium: Internet, from which digital platforms can be used to communicate in real time. Is such a simple modification capable of making people start using this option in a few years, and seeing it as normal?

In this article we will see what are the advantages of using online psychology , and how this new tool helps both clients and psychologists.

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The advantages of using online psychology

As I said before, basically the only difference between conventional psychology services and online psychology services is the channel. In one case, the client or patient will visit the psychologist for consultation or a psychologist goes to the client’s home or business to work in situ; in the other, both remain within an hour and connect to a communication system through the Internet.

This small differential fact, however, is much more . It creates a domino effect that affects many other aspects of the relationship between the professional and the client, and many of these effects are positive, beneficial for both. Let’s see what they are.

Customer Benefits

These are the different ways in which online psychology brings benefits to the client.

1. Allows you to save the offset

Although in theory psychologists can go where the client is, in practice the standard services of most professionals in the sector do not include this option, and if they include it, this would normally involve paying more than most people do. can allow.

Therefore, normally the sessions in which the psychologist and the client or the patient meet are held in the workplace of the first , be it a psychology cabinet, a private practice or a clinic.

However, this is a barrier for some people who have many problems to move, such as those who live in areas that are not very well connected, elderly people or motor disabilities.

Online psychology eliminates this obstacle and makes many more people able to access the services of a psychology professional by attending sessions regularly.

2. Allows you to better match schedules

Due to the advantage that we have seen before, everyone can deduct from their schedule the time necessary to travel to the psychologist’s workspace, which can easily lead to gain an hour and a half a week, and more easily find gaps for Perform sessions without interfering with work or household responsibilities.

3. Lets you choose the professional that really fits with what you are looking for

As thanks to online psychology, the space between client and psychologist is practically irrelevant, anyone interested in these services can go to the professional who really offers what they are looking for , even if they live more than an hour away by car.

4. A good solution for people who have gone abroad

The possibility of having psychological assistance in the mother tongue is a positive point to consider if you live abroad. Especially if in these sessions you have to talk about personal issues or express feelings directly and honestly.

5. Offers the guarantees of face-to-face psychological assistance

Currently, research indicates that the usefulness and effectiveness of online psychology are comparable to those of face-to-face sessions , and that in general there are no significant losses in the quality of the service offered.

This does not mean that you can not pose disadvantages to some people with specific needs, such as patients who seek therapy against phobias through technological tools that are available in a clinic, but not at home or on your computer, but normally these requirements do not arise.

Benefits for the psychologist

On the other hand, online psychology also offers many interesting advantages to psychologists. These are the main ones.

1. It allows to work from any side

Regardless of whether we are traveling to another country to attend a congress or if we have gone to another city for a few days to work on site in a special case (for example, in-company services for a multinational), online psychology allows us to continue taking The case of many customers .

2. Help square schedules

Online psychology provides some more flexibility when distributing sessions throughout the week . For example, thanks to this it is possible to serve customers even if at certain times there is no one attending reception, and even if due to schedule issues at one stage of the day there is no time to prepare a room in which to meet.

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3. Help to have more clients

Do not forget that online psychology can be accompanied by an expansive marketing strategy, which appeals to people who live relatively far from where we are but who may feel interested in our services . This means that the ceiling of the potential clientele goes up a lot, and is even potentially unlimited, if we do it well and work hard in communicating what we offer.


The advantages of online psychology make this type of service is here to stay . As long as there are good communication networks and widespread use of electronic devices connected to the Internet, there will be the possibility of harnessing the potential of this channel that holds us together regardless of where we are. And this can only be good news.


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