70 tips for passing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

A list of simple game tips to help you manage your fleet correctly, use skills and abilities, sector bonuses and much more

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is a sequel to the real-time space strategy game of the same name, in which 12 factions from the Warhammer 40,000 universe fight for dominance in the galaxy. The game’s plot is based on two stunning stories – “The Gathering Storm” and “The 13th Black Crusade.” In our first game guide, we’ll share a few general tips and hints on how to complete the story campaigns.

Don’t aim to kill every enemy: complete mission objectives

Despite the fact that the destruction of all enemy units on the map will bring you victory in battle, this is not always the best solution for the task, and in some cases it is completely impossible. Instead, keep an eye on what goals the game has for you and focus on fulfilling them. There are often multiple control points, so split up your armada to gain control of most of them. At the same time, you must be sure that the remaining squad will necessarily reflect the enemy’s attack, or you will have time to transfer additional forces to the selected point.

Keep track of the distance

Many ships in the game have special abilities, and some of them will allow you to attack opponents from a much greater distance than you are used to doing. For example, using super-powerful Nova guns, torpedoes or bombers, you can fire at least one salvo at enemy radars before you are fully detected.

Use maneuvering

Speaking of unit abilities, be sure to use boosters (afterburner) and other skills that will improve the ship’s maneuverability for a limited period of time. Thanks to this, you will not only be able to move faster and overcome various obstacles, but also be able to turn the ship around and suddenly use your weapons or special skills.

For example, you have powerful torpedoes at the ready, but the Chaos flagship flew past your squad. Give the order to the ship to make a power turn and wait until the enemy flagship catches your eye. Be careful, however, your captains won’t automatically dodge flying debris or friendly ships, so make sure the area is clear.

Prioritize correctly

Most ships have various subsystems that can be targeted and destroyed. Before engaging in combat with an enemy ship, click on it to decide which part of it your guns will fire at. This can be a hull, engines, a reactor, or weapons. If done correctly, you will cause irreparable damage to the enemy before destroying him. Destroy the ship’s weapons to prevent it from attacking you, which will turn the enemy into an easy target.

Send capture groups

Don’t forget to send capture groups to enemy ships. They can strike the priority subsystems of the ship and even destroy the crew to such an extent that the ship cannot be controlled. It will just drift through space. Each faction usually has several ways to board enemy ships, but it is important to keep them in mind and use them whenever the opportunity presents itself. Such an action can even turn the tide of a battle.

Walkthrough story campaign

  • Focus on capturing and completely conquering only those farm planets that generate the maximum income. For Cadia, this could be the Forge and the Beehive.
  • To receive battle plans, storm enemy flagships. There is a gold emblem next to the safety factor of the flagships.
  • Remember to use the minefield when invading.
  • To win by destruction, you must destroy enemy space stations and any other stationary enemy objects. This also applies to the dominance regime.
  • The threat level determines how active the enemy will be. The lower the threat level, the lower the likelihood that the enemy will take any action.
  • The Emergency Gauge is a scale in the lower right corner of the screen that increases with each stroke. By completing missions or capturing battle plans, you reduce the reserve of this meter.
  • Keep your battle plans and remember that some systems can only be accessed if there are enough of them.
  • Different sectors have different bonuses depending on the number of systems you control. Full sector management will provide significant bonuses, so be sure to keep an eye on them. You can see the bonuses and threat level in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Some story missions are easier to complete if you divide your ships into several separate squads. This will increase your chances of survival.
  • While this is difficult, you can try to sacrifice weak ships by exposing them to incoming missiles from opponents in order to preserve more important objects.
  • Sometimes it’s best to let your opponent run in order to focus on another target.
  • Do not forget that you can bypass enemy systems and attack the desired target behind enemy lines. Always choose weaker opponents as much as possible.
  • The sooner you capture the systems, the longer they can increase their level, which means that in the not so distant future they will reward you with the best bonuses.
  • Do not create minefields unless absolutely necessary.

Glory, research and improvements

  • Fame levels give you upgrade points that you can spend on getting bonuses for all ships or vessels of a certain type (for example, for units with macroweapons). The ship must be at least the same level as indicated in the upgrade. Otherwise, he will not be able to use this upgrade.
  • There are several Level 3 studies that could be blocked. To open them, you need to find a planet that is conducting a specific study (blue icon) and develop it to the third level. You still have to spend a renown point to get the upgrade.
  • Increasing the levels of captains opens up even more upgrade slots.
  • If you click on the RMB ability icon, then it will be used in automatic mode under certain conditions.
  • Some skills work much better in synergy with others. For example, try using Taunt in conjunction with Supercharged Vacuum Shields.
  • When upgrading weapon systems, remember to re-tune your ship’s behavior in combat to get the most out of it. Otherwise, it may happen that the upgraded ship will use the worst weapon.


  • In some cases, you may not be able to build a ship. This may be due to several reasons: you do not have the required level of fame to create a ship, you do not have enough resources or building points. In the latter case, make sure to choose a system that has enough build points. The fleet must be in the same sector as the system where you are going to build the ship. Also note that if the fleet limit is exceeded, taking into account the ship you want to create, then it cannot be built until the level of fame is high enough. The alternative is to build a ship for another fleet.
  • Using fame, you can speed up the repair of destroyed or badly damaged ships.
  • Level up your admiral to unlock more powerful ships for your flotilla.
  • Each ship has defensive turrets that have a chance to destroy enemy torpedoes, attack aircraft and shuttles.
  • Feel free to use skills and enhancements to make some ships specialized in destroying certain targets. They become several times more effective if used correctly.
  • The high speed and low cost of escort ships make them ideal for scouting territory or distracting opponents.
  • In addition, you can easily lose such ships. They can always be included in your fleet, they do not need repair.
  • Critical damage sustained by ships can disable certain subsystems.
  • Critical damage can lead to fire. The fire over time inflicts huge damage to the ship’s hull.
  • Emergency repairs allow you to extinguish the fire and restore HP to the ship’s hull.
  • Use light ships with battering rams – a very effective and time-tested tactic.
  • Bombers and torpedoes bypass shields, making them highly effective against ships with strong shields.
  • For every 100 hull hit points lost by the ship, one defense turret is disabled. This weakens the protection of the vessel.
  • Bombs are very dangerous, but they are easy to recognize and can be dodged by maneuvering.
  • To make better use of the ship’s weapons and abilities, you can set automatic behavior.
  • The ships have no weapons on the back, so try not to get surrounded.
  • Fighter squadrons can stop some enemy shells, including torpedoes, bombs and boats.
  • A ship without weapons is not as useless as it seems. He can retreat to avoid destruction, but he can be used as a shield. Or go to the ram.

Gameplay Tips

  • If you have problems with control in battle due to too high a pace (or you are unhappy with the slow passage of time), then under the mini-map you can switch the game speed.
  • Assassination targets are always admiral ships.
  • Spears, pulsars, and zapas ignore most of the armor.
  • The lost ship will cost you dearly. Feel free to hyper-jump out of the fight.
  • A ship lost while hyperjumping will be unavailable for the specified time.
  • For beginners, the Empire and Chaos fleets are ideal.
  • During the game in single player mode, press the “Space” to slow down time. This will give you time to carefully think over the next steps and give your ships the necessary orders.
  • Click on an enemy ship to make it a priority target. Priority 1 ship will be destroyed first prior to priority 4 ship.
  • If you want to know more detailed information about a particular aspect of the game, then press the ALT key.
  • Execute recalcitrant captains so that they cannot break away from your faction.
  • Disobedience can be provoked by the low strength of the ship.
  • Elements of the environment can be used to gain an advantage in combat.
  • Using special maneuvers, you allow the ship to be detected. On the other hand, this approach can be used to lure the enemy into a trap.
  • If your frontal weapon is stronger or you have lost the guns on the sides, then adjust your demeanor so that the ship will use it in battle.
  • It would be nice to use bombs together with each other. Start with a phase bomb, finish off the shields with an explosive one and deal damage to an enemy using a plasma one.
  • A blind enemy is an easy target.
  • Don’t underestimate the role of the navigator in your team. He may be useless in combat, but being able to retreat without penalties is a valuable asset.
  • Consider elimination as a means to an end, not the goal of the mission itself.

Using special orders

  • Special Orders are strong, temporary buffs suitable for various situations.
  • “ Reload” is a special order that reduces cooldowns.
  • ” Capture” is a special order that increases the accuracy of shots and increases critical hits.
  • “ Prepare for Collision” is an order that decreases accuracy, but increases your ship’s armor.
  • ” Silent ride” – allows you to make the ship stealthy, so it cannot be detected by scanners. In addition, he will be able to perform a stealth attack.
  • Use a bunch of special orders “Ram”, “Full speed” and “Prepare for a collision”. This is a deadly technique for eliminating dangerous opponents.

Faction Tips

  • As you control the Eldar fleet, you must learn to move quickly and constantly maneuver.
  • Orc ships are weak at long range, so you need to get close to opponents.
  • Imperial ships have thick armor at the front. Use it to withstand most of the enemy’s attacks, then turn around and attack with your onboard weapon.
  • Due to the peculiar design of Orc ships, thinner armor is installed on their rear.
  • Eldar are weak to lightning strikes as they have no shields and are more prone to critical damage.
  • Orc torpedoes can be used as landing devices.
  • Eldar are immune to solar flares. Therefore, when they happen, these opponents become deadly.
  • The Eldar rely on their engines, but are vulnerable to critical damage. To compensate for this shortcoming, they have three types of engines, each of which averages a third of the total power.
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