70 Cute Texts For His Girlfriend

The most beautiful cute texts for his girlfriend!


One of the most beautiful things a man can do for his sweetheart is text her with a romantic message that reveals the extent of his feelings.


All women like it when their partner talks about his feelings. And, nothing can make them happier than hearing (or reading) a word from their partner: then they know they are loved and wanted.


Cute texts for his girlfriend are meant to leave the door open to all desires and passions.


Women attach great importance to communication. And, when a man is able to talk about his feelings, he is much more attractive to women.


Indeed, this means that he feels male and strong enough not to be afraid to show his weaknesses and emotions.


So, to spruce up your loved one’s day, we have prepared a list of 70 cute texts for his girlfriend.


These cute texts for his girlfriend are meant to be an inspiration for all men who want to be romantic and open about their feelings.


Cute messages for his girlfriend



Let’s start slowly, here is a list of 35 cute messages for his girlfriend. These are adorable texts that will make her smile and remind her of how lucky she is to have you. You can choose to send them as is or you can take inspiration from these messages to write one that is a little more personal. Texts for his girlfriend can have a very positive impact on your love life.


  1. Hello! I just want to tell you that I think of you and that I love you.


  1. You are my whole life. You are my reason for existing. In fact, you are the sun of my days and the stars of my nights: you guide me wherever I go.


  1. I really try to concentrate on my work but nothing helps… The more I try to erase you from my thoughts, the more you invade my mind. This is surely love!


  1. Cute text for his girlfriend: you are my only reason to smile.


  1. Words can’t really express how beautiful, attractive, smart and funny I find you. You are perfectly perfect.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: you stoke the fire of passion

  1. As soon as I step away from you for a few hours, I miss you. I have the impression that the air in my lungs has disappeared and that I live in apnea until the evening. It is only when I lay my eyes on you again that I can finally breathe.


  1. My life is great because of you. You’re a wonderful woman. You are my exceptional girlfriend. I’m very lucky to have you.


  1. I am fortunate to have met my soul mate. But, I could have waited forever just to get the chance to kiss you once.


  1. I typed “cute messages for his girlfriend” into Google. I found an incredible list of honeyed texts. Then I realized that I was just as dumb when I texted you. Oh, love…


  1. I am honored to have you as my girlfriend. I’m insane luck that you chose me as a companion. I don’t know why fate gave me this opportunity but I am infinitely grateful to him.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: the happiness of being with her

  1. Waking up by your side every morning is an incredible blessing. When I see you, I have only one desire: to hug you tightly and not to let you go.


  1. Thank you for loving me as I am. I promise you that I will do all I can to make you the happiest woman in the world. Because you deserve it. Because I love you more than words can express.


  1. It took me a while to find perfection and I’m not ready to let you go. Realize that you are stuck with me for the rest of your life.


  1. Every day when I see you, I realize that I love you more than the day before. Our love grows and is nourished by your positive and joyful attitude.


  1. I feel like I’m wasting my time when I’m not with you. Without your presence, nothing makes sense. You are the reason this world exists.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: I only need you

  1. All I need to have it all is you because, to me, you are the universe, the stars, the sun, oxygen and water. You nourish my being and you complete me perfectly.


  1. The purpose of my life is to make you feel special. The world is constantly changing but one thing will never change: my love for you.


  1. I really am not a professional artist but I can easily imagine us together for the rest of our lives.


  1. Tonight, I will give you flowers. Why ? So that they can see what real beauty looks like.


  1. You deserve to receive whatever you desire. In reality, I won’t be able to offer you all of this, but I can give you all that I have. My world, my soul, my heart and my love belong to you.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: the force of love

  1. When you kiss me, you take me to a special place. In this place, stress does not exist, there is only happiness.


  1. I will always love you for who you are. What’s on the inside is much more important. The fact that you are beautiful is just a bonus!


  1. My heart sings and dances when I think of you.


  1. Only fools think that love makes us vulnerable. Love gives the strength and courage to fight and face anything. Your love made me a better person. Thanks to you, I am finally the man I dreamed of becoming.


  1. When I met you, I immediately wanted to make you my girlfriend. But, I had no idea how much you were going to change my life and become the most important person in my universe. I love you infinitely !


Cute texts for his girlfriend: our love is eternal

  1. To the most beautiful woman in the world… To the woman of my life… Loving you is a pleasure that is renewed and amplified every day. My feelings for you are intense, strong and sincere …


  1. If a grain of sand were the love I feel for you, it would take the Sahara to show you how much I love you!


  1. I listen to my body, its speed, its strength, its weakness and its unbalanced silences; I lose a little of myself to find myself in you.


  1. Love is like a big book: if you turn the pages too quickly, you come to the end without having understood anything. But, I allowed myself to believe. I had the courage to open my arms to him. And, thanks to you, I finally understand that I was right. Indeed, great love exists and it is reflected in you.


  1. With you the worst doesn’t scare me anymore… With you, I have confidence in life… I trust myself as I trust you.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: sometimes a simple message of love is enough

  1. You, whom I have always been waiting for, here you are now, I have finally found you. My soul mate, the one who will accompany me forever in the meanders of love. You will stay by my side no matter what, whatever happens in my life.


  1. For several months now, I have seen you, your hair shining in the sun, your smile forming on your face. Now I’m sure: I love you.


  1. I love you my darling. I love you with infinite love. A man in love with you … A man whom you fill with happiness … I kiss you tenderly.


  1. Explore the stars, travel the world, fly over the sky, fall asleep in paradise… All of this makes you dream. But you, you go beyond the dream.


  1. Your soul calls me every day, your heart has lived in me since the day my gaze landed on you, on your word, your gaze, your laughter, your humor. Your love is beautiful, it sparkles before my eyes, it intimidates my mind, and it soothes my soul.


Romantic messages for his girlfriend



Here, we engage the second gear. These romantic messages aim to directly touch the heart of your loved one. They will make her understand how much you love her and what special place she has in your life. The texts for his girlfriend are intended to create a more intimate bond between the two partners.


  1. The love I feel for you has no limit. You are the spark that lights my heart. I love you more than anything.


  1. My love for you is unconditional. It is growing deep in my heart. And, the only thing I want from you is that you stay by my side forever.


  1. Before I met you, I didn’t know what real love was. Now I am aware that it is an inexplicable phenomenon that gives you a smile on your face, for no apparent reason.


  1. Do you know why the moon is not shining today? Because the sparkles of your beautiful eyes light up the whole world. You are amazing !


  1. Perfection does not exist? Hmm… Whoever said never laid eyes on you: you have all the qualities imaginable. You are the perfect example of outer and inner beauty.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: you are my priority

  1. I would always choose to spend a brief moment with you on this earth rather than an eternity in Heaven.


  1. I am proud to be able to say that you are my girlfriend. There is no one more beautiful, understanding and brilliant than you. You are my everything!


  1. I see a reminder on my phone: “cute text for his girlfriend”. And there, I block. What words can I use to make you understand how exceptional you are. How can I tell you how much I love you. No, there are no words for that in our dictionary.


  1. I love you and I will love you until my last breath. Besides, I dream of spending the rest of my days by your side. I want to make you the happiest woman on earth because you are perfection embodied.


  1. You deserve much more than this simple message. You deserve thousands of roses, you deserve passionate songs, you deserve erotic dances. But since I’m a little shy, I chose to send you this cute message. I love you my heart.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: being romantic is not a sign of weakness

  1. I feel like I’m addicted to your love. I can’t do without a single day.


  1. I never thought it was possible to love someone so much. I never knew you were going to leave such a deep mark on my life. For me it was a real surprise but I love you more than anything. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without you.


  1. Words cannot define the exceptional person that you are. I will have to invent new ones to be able to describe you to my relatives.


  1. I love all the stars in the sky but their beauty is nothing compared to the sparks that shine in your eyes when your gaze falls on mine.


  1. I am happy that we are living in these modern times which have perfected the use of smart phones. Otherwise, I should have learned to climb the walls just to keep in touch with you.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: love is the force that nourishes us daily

  1. Love is sweet when it’s new. Love is sweeter when it’s true. But, the sweetest love is the one we share you and me.


  1. When you need someone close to you to support you, I will always be there. Because the only goal of my life is to make you happy and serene.


  1. Romanticism is dead? But no… it just took the form of a cute message for his girlfriend. I love you and I think of you 24 hours a day.


  1. A cute text for his girlfriend can be a real puzzle. Besides, I’ve been looking at my phone for 15 minutes without knowing what to write. The only thing I know is that I want to tell you that I love you and that you are everything to me.


  1. My heart beats only for you and my soul only exists to love you. You are my reason for living and breathing. I love you more than you realize. Let me prove it to you everyday.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: a love message to tell you that you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me

  1. I want to spend the rest of my life holding your hand. Imagine in thirty years when we will be two old people! We could say that we have spent our life loving each other unconditionally.


  1. Today I realized that I love you more than anything. How? ‘Or’ What ? I understood that I wanted to have children with you!




  1. When I imagine my happy life, I see you surrounded by our children. I see you accomplished with a smile on your face. I will do everything to make this utopian dream come true and make you the queen of my kingdom.


  1. I love you is absolutely not enough to express how I feel about you. I breathe thanks to you, I exist to love you and I see our future all mapped out. He will be happy, full of love and joy, and crowned with children.


  1. I know that I am ready to love you for the rest of my life, do you want to do the same? Do you want to marry me ?


Cute texts for his girlfriend: how did I live without you all this time?

  1. Every day without you is hell every day near you is paradise. And, in my heart, you are locked up and to force you to stay there, I lost the little key.


  1. To my wonderful wife, my wife whom I love and my delicious companion: I pray God to keep you close to my heart… I don’t want to lose you, my love. If one day you left me, the whole world would collapse under my feet …


  1. My heart is full of you because you are my gaze on life.


  1. If your heart stopped beating, I would give you mine because, without you, I wouldn’t need it anymore. Indeed, it would no longer be of use to me!


  1. These few letters that I send you are very little compared to all the love I have for you. I love you.


Cute texts for his girlfriend: you are my muse, my strongest inspiration

  1. My love, I love you like no one has ever loved you and no one will ever love you.


  1. You are so anchored in my heart that when I close my eyes you are there and I see you. Wherever you are, you are always on my mind. It is surely because I love you unconditionally.


  1. I keep thinking about you, whether it’s sleeping, talking with my friends or singing in the shower. Indeed, I keep thinking about you, your arms, your lips. I miss you whenever you’re gone, even for a few hours.


  1. Passion lasts as long as it should last. So we have to find the person with whom we want to be bored. So let’s get bored together, tenderly!


  1. You taught me to be patient, you taught me to love, you taught me to forgive. I waited for you and today I love you like crazy. I love you my life.


These cute texts for his girlfriend surely inspired your romantic soul. So don’t hesitate any longer, send romantic messages to your other half and make them smile with happiness. After all, what is more beautiful than a happy woman?

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