In the world of business and work, we know that employees are people who play an important role in driving business together with the team in achieving company goals. No wonder if employee motivation or motivation is no less important to consider in every company management. Why is that? Because if employees have good work motivation , then work productivity will also increase. So, what is meant by employee motivation? Employee motivation is a feeling or encouragement that drives individuals to work better than before, and provide the best performance in order to achieve an expected goal.


Of course, high employee motivation will bring a positive impact on the progress of the company and the development of the employees themselves. This has encouraged many company management to focus and begin to care more about employee motivation . Not a few of those who began to read employee motivation articles, employee motivation papers, and even employee motivation materials. However, how to motivate employees according to experts is to start from the management itself, where the management or leader must open opportunities to employees so that they can feel a strong work motivation at work.


Leaders and Management Have Great Opportunities to Increase Employee Motivation

Whatever the type of company, every leader or people involved in the company’s management team has a strong contribution to creating a comfortable work environment and increasing the motivation of their employees .


In this case, we can take a variety of positive actions every day to increase the sense of satisfaction in employees because they have worked in an environment that is very comfortable for them.


This is supported by a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) in which the survey results show that the sense of satisfaction felt by employees in a workplace is a feeling that is very important for the employees themselves. Therefore, management has a very large role and opportunity to create a conducive work environment in order to increase employee motivation.


According to the website of the balance careers dot com, there are 7 ways that leaders and other management can do to increase employee motivation. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Providing Opportunities for Effective Communication to All Employees. 

The first and foremost way to be applied by leaders and management is to provide opportunities for effective communication to all existing employees. Communication opportunities here means that we ensure that all employees get the latest information regarding regulations, policies, or targets (goals) of the new company, so that everyone understands change very well. In other words, no employee feels left behind new information, feels unnoticed or feels left-out. Of course, such feelings will make employees feel uncomfortable.


Logically, for what they work at the company if in the end they are not told important things that they should understand. Surely they will feel its existence is not considered by the management. Why is this important? In general, every employee wants to be part of a group, so they can always be updated with everything that happens at their workplace.


They need the information needed to do their work, so employees can make good decisions about their work. In this case, the action we can take is to invite all employees to attend work meetings with management staff that aim to convey the latest information from the company that might have an impact on their work. Some examples of changes or the latest company information such as, the latest procedures for products or services, employee training schedules, organizational structure, activity reports, changes in company targets and so forth.


In addition to holding work meetings with management staff, another thing we can do is greet employees every time we “stop by” or pass through the employee’s work area. We can open short chats like, “How? Are there any difficulties? By the way, is the latest regulation clear enough huh? ” This question will open up opportunities for employees to ask further questions about things that are not understood.


Opportunities for communication like this will make employees become more attached and involved by the company, they will become increasingly focused on what they have to do. In this way, employees will feel increasingly motivated and employee motivation will increase


2. Creating Opportunities for All Employees to Develop Their Skills.

The second way to increase employee motivation is to give them the opportunity to develop their skills. By doing this, employees will feel valued and cared for by leaders and management staff. Why is that? Because this indicates that the management is not only thinking about the progress of the company, but also the development of their employees.


In general, employees do not want a job that they think is hard work, but can not develop their thinking power. For him, the work will be in vain if done as hard as possible, but does not have any positive impact on their insights, skills, expertise and experience.


Then, what should the leader and management staff do? We can hold a meeting that is attended by employees from cross-functional (different departments). In this meeting, employees can learn new things from their colleagues in other departments. However, make sure each employee has some goals that they want to achieve as part of the performance development plan (PDP) every quarter.


Oh yes, there are other ways we can do that, namely, conduct cross-training so that employees can feel the roles and other responsibilities of their daily work or send employees to participate in seminars and conferences that can add to their insights. In essence, if we want employee motivation to increase, then we need to give our attention to all the employees we have.


3. Creating Effective Communication between Employees, Senior Managers and Executives.

Relationships established between employees, senior managers and executives will be a positive value that encourages employee motivation to be more enthusiastic at work and more productive. What can be done by the leader and management in fostering good relations between the company actors?


In this case, we need to create open, honest communication and fairly frequent interactions. Meaning, we do not interact just because there are business matters. Occasionally, senior managers can come to the work area of ​​employees to greet each other or just ask questions. Vice versa, when employees meet with senior managers at lunch time, try to smile and ask how.


Effective communication between employees, senior managers and executives can be established properly, if each party is willing to open themselves to mingle with the others. In this case, leaders and management staff can start first in order to give examples to other employees that this is a company culture that is worth emulating. If everyone communicates well, we can be sure that employee motivation will also increase.


4. Establish Good Relationships between Employees and Supervisors.

If in the previous point we need to create effective communication between employees, senior managers and executives, then in this fourth point we suggest that employees and supervisors have a well-established relationship. Why is that? This is because employees will have more direct direct interaction with their supervisors, compared to executives such as CEOs, other company leaders and management staff. Therefore, a well-established relationship between employees and supervisors is very important.


What should the supervisor do to increase employee motivation? Try as much as possible not to cancel regular meetings between you and the employee. Do not until when employees really need a supervisor to get an agreement from their work, supervisors are even very difficult to meet or like to cancel an appointment.


Conditions like this will make employees become lazy to work, because their work is always hampered by their own supervisors. Try to maintain our commitment to employees and become a very helpful and easy person to work with, so that employees will be even more eager to work and automatically employee motivation will also increase.


5. Provides Trust and Opportunities for Employees to Be Responsible for Their Work. 

Employee motivation lies in how he gets the autonomy to be creative in doing all the work tasks. If they are always organized and not given trust in the work they do, then automatically they will ask, “Then, what am I here for? Why am I being recruited if in reality I am not given the autonomy to be creative in giving the best performance to my work? “.


We need to know that every employee will want to look for autonomy and the independence opportunities that are given by the leader in order to make the right decisions regarding all his work. So, what should be done by leaders and management? Try to give more tasks and authority to employees, so they have the opportunity to do their own work.


In other words, treat our employees as adults and we trust that they will use all the trust we give the best we can. What if employees misuse their trust or autonomy? Give feedback, if necessary, routinely. This will make employees more directed to what is expected by the company to them. Always remember that employee success is the success of our company too. So, maintaining and increasing employee motivation is very important for us to do.


In addition, we need to give more opportunities to employees, where they can contribute in giving input to the goals, priorities, and targets of the department or company.


Other ways can be, appointing several talented employees to be the leader of the project or team, and making casual discussions between leaders and employees so that employees can spend time discussing about work, so that the leader will be more trusting of his employees and give more autonomy. In essence, getting autonomy and opportunities for independence from the leader will increase employee motivation to work harder than ever before.


6. Overcoming the Concerns and Complaints Employees Have.

The sixth way that needs to be done is to be a leader, manager, supervisor or smart and smart management. If our employees have concerns and complaints related to their work, be an arbiter and help them overcome these challenges. Not a boss who makes the atmosphere muddy or makes small problems very complicated to solve.


Try to listen to all the complaints that employees have, discuss calmly and try to find a solution together. Let our employees convey their ideas to the expected solution. After that, convey our ideas to employees and take the middle ground. Through this method, employees will increasingly trust the quality of their leaders and are more eager to work, because they have extraordinary leaders.


What if the employee feels afraid or awkward to raise concerns and complaints to us? Tell employees that our space is always wide open for those who want to discuss or express their complaints about work, don’t be shy and afraid because our job as leaders (or management) is to guide our employees. Of course, methods like this are powerful enough to increase employee motivation.


7. Give Appreciation, Recognition and Appreciation to Excellence Employees.

Of course this method will work, even has been applied in many companies to increase the motivation of their employees at work. In general, humans want their presence to be recognized by other humans. In addition, they also want their work to be recognized and appreciated by others. That is why giving appreciation, recognition and appreciation to employees who have succeeded in giving their best performance is highly recommended.


Indirectly, appreciation , recognition and appreciation given to superior employees will encourage the enthusiasm of other employees to give more performance to their work. As a result, employee motivation will increase from time to time.


Well, that’s 7 ways you can do to increase employee motivation in a company. Congratulations on applying the methods above, colleagues Career Advice.


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