Startup, who doesn’t know a startup business today? I’m sure almost everyone is very familiar with startups. In fact, a lot of people are competing with each other to set up a startup business. Through a startup business, people can sell products they make at home, sell fresh vegetables and fruits, facilitate buying and selling ( fintech ) transactions , access online courses, and so on.


The digital age really helps us in thinking creatively and innovatively to create a new business at startup . Unfortunately, setting up a startup business also requires capital. Based on the data provided by the entrepreneur website, there are several ways we have concluded to be able to get investors in our startup business.


For Career Advice colleagues who are truly interested in creating a startup business, this is an important time to read and apply the 7 ways below. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Write the Right Description for the Prospective Investor’s E-mail. 

E-mail or e-mail is the right way to communicate with potential investors or their personal assistants. We can send our startup business proposal with a very complete company profile. And, don’t forget to write an email description or introduction with sentences that make investors immediately interested in the blink of an eye. Use the preface that will lead them to see our business proposal further and be interested in holding the next important meeting.


2. Mature preparation is very important. 

Don’t waste the first chance we have. If a potential investor or personal assistant has replied to our e-mail and agreed to the next meeting, then don’t delay the time to prepare carefully.


Immediately hold an important meeting with team members, say that there will be potential investors who come to visit our office or listen to the presentation of our products and services.


Give briefings to all team members about what points we will underline to present to potential investors, what clothes we will use, whether to wear formal or semi-formal clothing, and so forth. We can also practice by conducting mock experiments, as if the prospective investor is already in front of us. Even though everything in front of us is a team member.


3. Don’t Take Too Long To Chat. 

If the day when the meeting with potential investors has arrived, this is the time for us to show the “best quality” of our startup business. Well, this method is very important for us to implement. Prospective investors are certainly successful people who are very busy, so they do not have much time for long-winded attending a meeting.


Short, concise and clear explanations are needed so that their time is not wasted. At our meeting with potential investors, starting everything with small talk or small talk is very good. However, too much ado is also not good. Instead, it will seem like an insignificant conversation with potential investors.


To avoid this, start making careful preparations before the meeting with potential investors is held. Convey the vision, mission and goals of our startup business clearly and concisely. Show that the products or services of our startup business are very innovative and are needed by many people.


4. Always Be Authentic.  

The fourth way that needs to be done is to be authentic and proud of it. Before holding an important meeting with potential investors, we need to understand the basics of our startup business as well as possible. Being authentic means we can be trusted in everything we say or say, so that whatever potential investors will hear today will be the same as what they hear in the future.


If we have difficulty answering because we don’t know what the answer is, then don’t answer carelessly! Just say, “For now I don’t know the answer, but I will try to find out what the answer is”. Answers like this will increase our credibility.


That is why it is important for us to be “very familiar” with our startup business, because if we are in doubt about the startup business we founded, how can potential investors trust our business?


5. No Need to Be Exaggerated. 

Try as much as possible to attract the attention of potential investors is good, but we do not need to be too excessive. Control the way we communicate with them. Do not let us even look fake or “lebay”, so potential investors will feel lazy to listen to our startup business presentations. Always remember to answer all questions authentically and act appropriately.


6. Knowing and Understanding Market Opportunities.  

We highly recommend Career Advice partners to find out and understand how much market opportunities they have for the startup business to be established. This is a mistake that is often done by entrepreneurs or startup founders. Many of them ignore this. Though this is a vital thing. The greater the market opportunity we have, the easier it will be to attract the attention of potential investors.


7. No Need to Give Thanks for the Time Given by Prospective Investors. 

After delivering all the important things in a meeting with potential investors, it’s time for us to be grateful for the opportunities given by potential investors, because we can explain our startup business in front of them.


However, we don’t need to be grateful for the time that potential investors have given us. Why? Because the time we have with the time they have, both are equally important.


Saying that we are very grateful for the time they give is only making our position far lower than potential investors. As if their time is very valuable, whereas we are not. So that we can get respect from potential investors, then the sentence “for the time allotted” can be replaced with “for the opportunity given”.

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