7 Ways to Create a Conducive Atmosphere for Communication in the Office

It is undeniable that one aspect that is taken into account by a company in recruiting new employees is the ability in communication. Job interviews are intended to determine the personality and skills of prospective workers. This skill includes leadership, teamwork, responsibilities, and so on.

And of course,  these skills are closely related to one’s ability to communicate. In addition, in establishing cooperation with colleagues, naturally good communication is needed with each other, so that superteams can be formed that complement each other and complement each other.

However, the success of communication does not come by itself, success factors and communication failures depend  on the intention and effort of each party to establish and maintain communication with the other.

And in this article, we will share about several ways to create a conducive atmosphere in communication in the office, including the following:

  1. Increase the quantity and quality of direct communication

With the rapid development of technology, communication links are carried out easily and quickly. This can have positive or negative impacts. Viewed from the positive side, ease of communication will save time and manpower.

But the negative effects, humans become dependent and tend to choose easy choices at every opportunity. In fact, there are certain things that would be better done directly or face to face. One of them is communication in the office.

In relationships with coworkers, try to improve the quality of communication as much as possible. Not only as a  way to achieve communication in the business environment , but also to have a good relationship with colleagues. A good relationship will make it easier for you to get work done in the office. You can ask questions that you don’t understand without feeling shy.

  1. Don’t be afraid to blend in

It is true that at work we are required to be professional. However, this is no reason not to be warm towards others. Do not hesitate to say hello first and do not hesitate to throw light jokes to fellow colleagues.

Because to create a compact team, it does not only require professional attitude and individual ability. There needs to be tolerance, comfort, and tolerance for one another. This requires emotional closeness. And this closeness will not come by itself, it is necessary for all parties to get to know each other.

  1. Conduct joint activities

To strengthen relationships with colleagues in the office, you can try this one way. You need moments outside the office to get to know one another, both that personality and the way people think. So you can maintain an attitude so as not to offend your coworkers.

In addition, with this joint activity you have the opportunity to have a relationship that is more than limited to colleagues. Thus, the atmosphere in the office is not merely a matter of work, but can be a pleasant environment.

  1. Be yourself

You will find it easier to be close to others if you are yourself. There is a risk that other people don’t like you, but you will also find it easier to find a suitable coworker that matches your personality.

Being yourself does not mean that you will be arbitrary and indifferent, there are values ​​that need to be considered in communicating with colleagues, namely tolerance, respecting opinions, avoiding dictating or judging, and expressing opinions without offending or against.

By applying these values, you indirectly learn about how to increase success in verbal communication so that you have a good relationship with everyone.

  1. Understanding differences in views

Each person may have different assessments of things. This is because everyone comes from a different background with different traditions or cultures. It is this culture that shapes a person’s mindset with values ​​that are instilled from birth.

By understanding this, you will be better able to be open and accept differences. Do not let differences of perception lead to dissension or hostility. Get used to listening and thinking more than talking.

Digest everything that comes into your mind, then draw conclusions. Don’t make early assumptions that can cause misunderstandings. Because this is one of the causes of failure of intercultural communication. .

  1. Solve every problem with adulthood

Sometimes, there are problems that arise in the workplace that  cause conflicts in communication. . This attitude of being out of control is usually because someone has been carried away by emotions and ends up looking for an outlet. It could also be because of a long-hidden feeling. For example, piling up dislike of coworkers’ bad habits.

You can avoid conflicts by building openness with others. How to? Reprimand a coworker if you feel he is wrong and need to correct his attitude. However, do not judge and dictate, but admonish with a relaxed attitude between friends.

And don’t be offended if someone else advises you. Make it a positive constructive input.

  1. Have a positive mind

One way to create a conducive atmosphere in communication in the office is to always think positive. To create a positive environment, you need a positive mindset. Believe it or not, the positive energy you have will be felt by the people around you.

If you respond to everything with a good view, then other people will accept what you give with good thoughts too.


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