In fact, being a famous figure and having a high influence does not only need to be owned by artists and actors from famous films you know! However, this criterion is also very necessary in the business world, especially for entrepreneurs and business people. They are people who have a big hand in the business world. Unfortunately, not many people know how to become a famous figure in the business world. If Career Advice colleagues want to be one of them, this article will help you.


According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 7 ways to become a famous figure in the business world. Anything? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Have an Emotional Connection. 

According to a study conducted by Van Edwards, famous figures in the business world are people who are good at binding the hearts of those around them. For example, clients, business partners or customers .


How can they bind the hearts of many people? One of the main ways is to have an emotional connection with other people. We need to master the way to give dopamine to people around. The statement in his research was delivered in accordance with the findings of a molecular biologist, John Medina.


According to him, dopamine can provide a warm sensation to others who receive it. The best way to give dopamine to others is to have a short chat each time you see them.


The two most important questions that will have a dopamine effect on someone are “How was your day for one day?” and “What great project are you working on right now?”. We can also make it lighter to “Hey! How are things today? ” and “Hello, what are you busy right now?”


2. Have Energetic Body Language. 

Have your fellow readers previously underestimated body language in front of other people? If so, don’t underestimate this time again. According to researchers from Harvard Business School said that famous figures always provide the best body language of themselves.


They always have an energetic body language, so they always look excited when meeting other people. Don’t show body language that is shy, lacking confidence or fear. However, have a strong body language, head raised (not bent), and provide warm eye contact to the other person. By having body language like this, the people we interact with will realize that we have a great influence. Of course, we also have the potential to become famous figures with good body language.


3. Care about the people around you.  

How can we become a famous figure, if the people around us don’t recognize “who we are?” Therefore to be famous and influential, we need to give emotional attention to the people around us. Make them feel that we really like their personalities, love them and accept them for who they are.


If we have succeeded in doing that to others, then they will realize that we are someone who is influential in that environment. People who have high influence are usually easier to be recognized by many people.


Allow others to share their complaints about life, ask questions that make them comfortable, show that we are truly interested and happy to make friends or interact with them, and maintain a good relationship with them.


4. Be Open with Others. 

To be able to be a famous figure does not mean we must always look strong in front of others, but we also need to be vulnerable or dare to open up to others. With an attitude of opening up to others, they will know that everyone must have flaws like himself. Conditions like this make people feel more comfortable with us.


Conversely, if we always pretend to be strong, then other people will assume there is no lack of ourselves, so they will feel reluctant to get along with us. People who are good at opening up will be more easily approached by many people, than someone who always looks perfect in front of others.


But keep in mind, even if we show our weaknesses to others, it does not mean we do not show our strength to endure all of these things, but we still have to be someone tough. That way, we can exchange stories and experiences about how we deal with all obstacles in life. When we become someone who is always trying to strengthen themselves and others, then the people around us will be more comfortable and comfortable with us.


5. Don’t be Prestigious to Ask for Help. 

What do we have to do with asking for help and being able to become a famous figure in the business world? Asking for help is a natural action taken by humans to other humans. Keep in mind that we are all social beings, who cannot live without the help of others.


By courageously asking for help from others, we must also prepare ourselves to be someone who wants to help others. Thus, a helping attitude will be well formed. Asking for help shows that we are social beings and being generous will make us a person who is well-liked by others. After all, helping has become commonplace in the business world. So, don’t be shy to ask for help and give help again.


6. Like to Tell a Story with Others. 

Almost everyone likes to listen to stories, because the human brain is programmed to understand information more easily through short stories. There are many famous people who have become famous as they are now because of the inspiring stories that they tell to many people.


Whether we realize it or not, every successful and famous person we meet is someone who has a great life story and can be told to others as encouragement. Famous figures or successful business people in the business world always have inspirational stories that can be told. Especially about how they started a business and successfully run a successful business until now.


7. Be a Charismatic. 

Almost all famous figures have this charismatic nature. They managed to make the people around them forget what this person said, but they remembered how they felt when they were with these charismatic people.


Charismatic people make others feel happy and comfortable with them. According to Van Edwards, there are 3 ways to communicate nonverbally that will increase one’s charisma. First, when talking to someone, tilt your head. Second, align your body with the speaker and third, point your finger at the person.


Being a charismatic person is very important, especially in the business world. That way, we will more easily get new customers and investors to work together.



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