Self-development or self-development are all forms of actions taken to increase self-awareness (self-awareness), talents, abilities, skills and even quality of life to be better than before. Self-development or self-development can be done anytime and anywhere. We can develop ourselves or carry out self-development through assistance from mentors, coaches, consultants, managers, mentors or anyone we consider expert in the field.


Self-development or self-development is something that is a responsibility for ourselves. The only person responsible for developing or improving the quality of ourselves is ourselves, not others. It can be said, self-development or self-development is very important in our lives. This needs to be done by everyone, no matter who he is, whatever his age, or whatever his current state, self-development or self-development will help someone to become a person who is much better than before.


Let’s say there is a child from a very poor family. Regardless of the economic background of the family, the child still has the right to self-development. He can read free books in the village library near his home to add insight, he can also discuss with his friends who are much more fortunate, for example “What did you learn today at school? Are there things you can teach me? ” and so forth.


From the example above, we can draw the conclusion that whoever we are, we all still have the right and have the opportunity to develop themselves or self-development. So, can everyone also become experts in self-development or self-development?


Can We Become An Expert in Self Development or Self Development?

Being an expert or master in self-development is something that can be cultivated or trained by everyone. So, the answer is that all of us CAN become experts in the personal development that we do in life. According to the Zinny Factor dot com website, there are 7 ways we can do to become experts in self-development. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Know ourselves, What strengths and weaknesses do we have?

The first or foremost thing we can do to become experts in self-development or self-development is to recognize the strengths and weaknesses that exist in ourselves well. There is no one who can know us better than ourselves.


For example, we have an assignment to speak in public and be stared at by thousands of pairs of eyes. This makes us feel very nervous and afraid. We are afraid of making embarrassing mistakes, we are nervous because they have to be highlighted by the camera, and so on. When speaking, we try to convey important points with such great concern in the heart. But, people may not know that we are nervous. Maybe they think that our speech is very good and we like it very much. In fact, speaking in public is one of our weaknesses.


From this example, we can see that only ourselves understand the strengths and weaknesses that we have, not other people.


2. Know the Purpose of Our Life with Certainty.

After understanding the strengths and weaknesses that we have, the second way we need to do to become experts in self-development or self-development is knowing exactly what we want to achieve in this life. In other words, purposeful life goals are things we really need to think about. The purpose of life that is directed will guide us in taking the right steps until we can achieve the desired life goals.


For example, I really want to be a famous artist all my life. Continuing a career in acting and film is my life goal. Because I already have a mature purpose in life, I decided to take part in a number of self-development activities such as taking theater classes, participating in the selection of actors and actresses, often watching national and international films as reference material, diligently exercising to stay in shape, and so on.


3. Never Stop Learning.

Learning is an endless process. Even though we’re not in school anymore, it doesn’t mean the learning process will stop. Individuals who never stop learning are people who are always doing self-development or self-development. The quality of themselves never decreases, in fact it always increases. Learning is one of the main ways we can become an expert in self-development. Why? Because when we do the process of self-development or self-development, there will be a series of new things that we need to learn.


4. Diligently Read as Many Books as Possible.

If in the previous point we cannot stop learning, then reading a book is one of the most important parts of the learning process that we also need to apply. Reading books will help us to continue to develop ourselves to be better than before.


The things that we did not know before we will know and understand when we have read a book. In fact, things that we might have known before, we will understand more because of books.


Books written by successful people are one of the best ways to learn about their success. We can make their books as mentors, because their teaching and motivational words are in the book.


5. Learn from the Expert.

If we still feel less confident and not optimal in doing self-development or self-development, then the only way to become an expert in self-development is to learn directly from the experts. For example, we can look for mentors, coaches or special mentors who can help us intensely to do self-development or self-development. This can be a powerful way for all Career Advice colleagues who truly want to succeed in their self-development process.


6. Not Dependent on One Source of Income.

Maybe fellow readers will wonder, is there a close relationship between having more than one job with experts in self-development? Yep! of course there is. When we have another job outside the office or what can be called part-time, then our capabilities will be more and more developed.


We not only work and learn new things in the office from 8 am to 5 pm, but we also try other new things in our part-time jobs. For example, every Monday-Friday I work as a Secretary in a private company. But every Saturday, I work part-time (part-time) as an MC or Master of Ceremony at party events. Sometimes, I also work as a tour guide every Saturday, for example I don’t have an offer to become an MC. On one occasion, I was able to develop myself as a secretary, MC and tour guide. From these three jobs, I can learn a lot and develop myself more.


7. Maintain mental and physical health regularly.

Of all the ways above, we will not be able to become experts in self-development or self-development if we do not maintain our mental and physical health properly. Therefore, make sure that we all maintain mental and physical health regularly. For example, eating healthy foods, exercising diligently, diligently taking vitamins, reducing life stress by doing hobbies or other things that we like, often discussing with others so that our minds become open and spending time with our loved ones such as couples, children, parents, families and close relatives.


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