7 tips to prevent the kidnapping of your child

Child abductions are a problem that affects many Spanish families. According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior, of the 6,053 searches for missing persons that were active as of December 31, 2017, 37.5%, that is, 2,273 cases, corresponded to minors. It is a risk that affects everyone equally without distinction of class, age or educational level. Therefore, it is important that parents are informed about it and, above all, that they prepare their children to prevent a possible kidnapping.

Educating the child: The key to avoiding kidnapping

Preventing a possible kidnapping can become a great challenge for parents, who must teach children to be careful without generating fear or anxiety. It is important that the little ones know how to act in a risky situation, but that they also feel safe in their environment. The key to achieving this is to transmit security and confidence, while being instructed to act in the face of an attempted kidnapping.

  1. The golden rule: Do not talk to strangers

It is important for the child to learn that he should not talk to strangers, even if he is friendly or trying to help him. Nor should you accept toys, candy, or any other gift from someone you don’t know. And, under no circumstances should you get into a stranger’s car or accompany him anywhere.

  1. Always inform parents of your whereabouts

A child must be aware of the concern that parents may not know where they are. For this reason, you should always ask permission before leaving home or if you want to go to the park or a friend’s house when leaving school. It is a very simple method to always be located.

  1. Alert parents to strange situations

If a stranger approaches the child to inquire about life at home or if a “friend” of the family approaches to greet him, the parents should be aware. Therefore, it is important that the little one tells his parents about any strange incident that occurs, in this way the adults can take action on the matter.

  1. Do not open the door of the house to strangers

Children are often trusting by nature, so they often open the front door without knowing who is on the other side. One way to prevent this problem is to explain why you should never open the door to strangers or acquaintances who have not announced themselves, especially when you are home alone.

  1. Be wary of “friends” who invite you for a walk

Many of the cases of child abduction are perpetrated by family acquaintances. For this reason, adults should alert the child to distrust those close to them who invite them to go somewhere without parental consent or who visit them at school in an unexpected way. Faced with such a situation, the child must reject the invitation and immediately notify his parents.

  1. Always use a family password

A very useful tool to prevent the kidnapping of a child is to create a family password that only the parents, the child and their siblings know. In this way, if a stranger or friend comes to look for the child at school on the pretext that his parents have not been able to pick him up, the little one can ask for the password to be sure that his parents have really sent him.

  1. Before a risk, escape and ask for help

Faced with a risk situation, it is normal for children to become paralyzed and do not know how to act. To prevent this from happening, the child should be prepared for an emergency situation by asking him to run in the opposite direction and cry out for help. It is also essential that they know your full name, address, telephone number and the name of your parents so that they can ask for help and identify themselves.


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