7 Tips for Adapting to a New Work Environment

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), adaptation is an adjustment to the environment, work and lessons. Adaptation is the way in which organisms cope with the pressures of their surrounding environment to survive. Organisms that are able to adapt to their environment are able to: obtain water, air and nutrients (food), overcome physical environmental conditions such as temperature, light and heat, defend their lives from their natural enemies, reproduce, respond to changes that occur in their surroundings. Organisms that are able to adapt will survive, while those that are not able to adapt will face extinction or species scarcity. In short, adaptation is conforming.


Adaptation Process

Joining a new company is a process of adapting . New environment, new people, new responsibilities can make people feel uncertain. Another challenge that you may face in the workplace is the regulations that apply in it. The intensity of pressure at work will definitely feel heavy if you can’t adapt as quickly as possible to it. Also the leader / boss character you will face. Not all leaders are able to patiently provide encouragement and advice to their subordinates. Because the character of each leader is different.


Adaptation Tips & Examples

For that, here are 7 tips that are right for you to adapt quickly to the workplace:

1. Not ashamed to ask

Always, always, always ask questions! It’s understandable that when you start, you learn a completely different process, so there will be things that you need to understand. Asking questions doesn’t make you appear any less intelligent, in fact, asking the right questions has the opposite effect.

Asking questions is the most important habit for innovative thinkers. Asking questions shows that you are engaged in thinking and will encourage your new boss to see you as someone who is confident of bringing forth creative ideas for the future.

If you feel as though you are asking too many questions, consider finding a different source to share your questions with. Doing so will also encourage opportunities for you to build relationships with your entire new tea


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