7 tips for a newcomer to Kingdom Come: Deliverance

How to learn to read, start a horse and become a real burglar in the most medieval game of this winter

For the first few hours in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you won’t understand what’s going on. This is part of the role-playing experience: after all, your hero is the son of a blacksmith who can only throw poop and drink beer. To swing a sword, shoot a bow, read books – no, they didn’t teach me. So that it won’t be too difficult for you at this stage, here are some tips without plot spoilers. And then – yourself.


Both large quests from the prologue (the father’s request and the escape from the castle) require the player not to mindlessly go over the key points, but to read carefully the text of the dialogues and think with his head how to solve the problem. For example, a father asks for cold beer – this means that you need to return with a load quickly, otherwise he will not drink it and will send you to the tavern again. In the castle, as follows from the plot, you liked Mrs. Stephanie. Therefore, it is logical to go to her for advice, even if the game does not tell you about it directly and does not place a marker on the map. Or you don’t have to walk: you can leave the castle in at least four different ways. On the other hand, the options for solving quests from the prologue will not affect the further plot in any way. The results of additional tasks are also. For example, there is no need to replay everything if you were unable to save the girl from being raped. Globally, this won’t change anything. Also, you cannot defeat the robber at the end of the prologue.

Practice constantly

To raise the characteristics and pump skills in the game, it is enough to use them. Fight with swords – increase the skill of fighting with swords, strength and ability to fight. Shoot hares from a bow – improve your shooting, agility and hunting. The overall level in the game is determined by how developed all your characteristics are. Both practice and theory help you to level up. So, you can take lessons from various craftsmen (for example, a miller will teach you how to steal and pick locks) or read textbooks. Invest all the free money in training, it will quickly pay off. On the contrary, there is no need to spend money on clothes and weapons before the battle in Pribyslavitsa – and so you will find normal ones.

Learn to pick locks

Many users complain that picking locks is too difficult. In fact, you need to cope with a mini-game like this: vigorously and evenly rotate the left stick without stopping (or press the D key), and hold the master key in the yellow circle with the right stick (or mouse). If you pull both left and right back and forth at the same time, nothing will work.

To learn how to hack properly, you will have to break several master keys. Where can I get them? Firstly, at the very beginning of the game, several lockpicks can be obtained from a friend in a village tavern. Secondly, a merchant sells the master key in the castle, and money can be asked from Mrs. Stephanie. If this amount is not enough, clean out the kitchen and sell the collected food.

Steal and get rich

The easiest way to make money is by breaking into other people’s chests and selling their contents. Good loot can be carried out of the castle in the prologue. In the baths near the Ratay Mill, you can collect a bunch of expensive clothes in chests with simple locks. However, stolen goods and game meat (hunting is prohibited for commoners) are marked with an icon, and ordinary merchants will not accept them. Millers (there are three of them) are buying stolen goods. In addition, you can come with the loot to another city (where they do not know about the origin of the thing) or wait until the owners forget about the loss (the icon will disappear). In this case, things from the robbers you killed or the meat of the boar that attacked first are not considered stolen.

Have sex and save

Kingdom Come: Deliverance fundamentally does not allow saving anywhere. Rather, for this there is a consumable item “saving schnapps”, which is expensive and introduces you into a state of intoxication. The game makes an autosave (in several different slots, fortunately) when it sees fit. Relying on this is difficult: it often happens that you die and roll back two hours. In theory, the save works after completing quests or a night in your own bed, but the practice is at odds with your expectations.

The safest way to survive is to sleep with a girl in the baths, which are near all major cities. It also maximizes satiety, energy and health, and requires less time than sleep. Plus gives a temporary perk “Alpha Male” with plus two to charm. So sex is better than sleep and or alcohol.

Get a horse as early as possible

Walking around the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is very long. Even sadder, the protagonist can only carry a small load, and very often the loot is too heavy to run or take advantage of the fast transition. Therefore, a horse is very useful, on which you can unload things.

Where can I get it? A horse can be stolen from peasants (it will be considered stolen and it is undesirable to show with it) or taken from robbers (you can ride it as much as you like), but it will still not be considered truly yours and will not be included in your inventory. The simplest, but your own horse will be given to you as a reward for the main story quest about hunting. If you want to first explore the open world and not go into history, then visit the stable in Uzice. Excellent horses can be bought there, and the simplest one costs only a few hundred pennies.

Learn to read

At the beginning of the game, your character cannot read. This makes books and alchemical recipes useless, and just infuriates. The clerk in Uzhitsa can solve the problem (the pharmacist in Ratai will give you the exact address). You will need fifty pennies and a little wit, because learning to read is also a mini-game. Just in case, I will tell you that the moral of the tale of the goose and the golden eggs is that greed is bad.

Knowing how to read, you can go to any alchemical table – for example, at the herbalist north of the village of Ledechko – and make yourself a dozen saving schnapps, the recipe for which you will have already received according to the plot. All components (nettles and belladonna) can be bought immediately and inexpensively.

It’s easy to find guides on the Internet for completing all the quests or instructions for finding treasures, but the beauty of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is just in jumping around the world where you look and accidentally stumbling upon something interesting. Therefore, I recommend that you ignore all such “full walkthroughs”, and in case of serious problems, throw questions to your friends in the chat, “where did the tanner’s son buried the treasure?” or “where to go for roses?” Now, in mid-February, the chances are high that they all taste the life of a simple medieval Czech too.

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