7 suggestions for improving self-confidence and self-esteem

Low self-esteem and self-confidence are frequent problems, especially in women, due to social demands. Currently, despite much talk about empowerment and the fight for women’s rights, there are still many prejudices and taboos that interfere with women’s freedom.

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This often hinders women from exercising their sexuality, motherhood, professionalism, or any other will, the way they want, and results in insecure women, with low self-esteem and sexually repressed.

There are some simple exercises that can contribute to improving women’s self-esteem and I want to share this with you so that you discover at the end of the text that you have the potential not only to be the woman you want, but to discover this power within yourself . Check out:

How to improve self-confidence and self-esteem?

1. Stimulate your positivity

When someone suffers from low self-esteem it is common for the person to fail to see his qualities and focus only on defects. It is important to appreciate your own achievements and try to see yourself with a less critical view of yourself. How many times have you not put yourself down and believed what others have said about you? Make lists of things you like about yourself (not just physical characteristics), goals you’ve already achieved or any other positive aspect, and reread whenever you can, after all, believing in yourself is fundamental for you to become a well-resolved woman!

Whenever criticizing yourself, do it in a positive way, and accept your faults. A mistake is not necessarily a bad one. Girls are taught from an early age that they must be perfect mothers, wonderful wives, and that they can still do so by being successful professionals. These stereotypes only harm your mental health and are not positive at all in your life. Believe in the woman that you are TODAY.

2. Exercise regularly

Taking daily walks, cycling, swimming, running, dancing or any physical exercise improves physical and mental health. In addition to the known benefits for physical health, the practice of exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, a hormone produced in the brain capable of bringing a sense of well-being, reducing stress and symptoms of anxiety. In addition, it improves your mood, making you more productive. And of course, it still helps you feel much more beautiful!

3. Select people and environments

Keep people and environments away from you that don’t do you good and stay close to people who value you. Keeping close to people who make negative judgments about you and try to make you feel bad about yourself or your choices makes anyone sick.

The environment where a person is and with whom he lives has a great influence on the way a person sees himself. I once read something very interesting: you are the average person around you. Have you lived with happy people, happy with themselves, who seek to be better, or have you spent more time with those who only complain about life, the boss and the husband?

Look for the company of people you like and who make you feel good, who recognize your achievements and encourage you to improve and achieve your goals. Go to places you like, accompanied or alone, meet new people and places. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, after all, you have every right to live in an environment that encourages you to be the best person you can be.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself with other people is extremely toxic to anyone’s self-esteem. The achievement of the other does not nullify yours. Each person has their own time to get things done. Do not take into account comparisons that other people make with you as well. Your self-esteem should not depend on someone’s approval.

In addition, this type of behavior encourages competitiveness, which is not healthy. Women are often compared from childhood and grow up being taught to compete with each other for approval. This is because women carry within themselves many of the judgments, insecurities and pressures to which they are subjected and try to “punish” the other to feel better, or even to punish themselves for not being so within the standard that society expects of them.

5. Make time for yourself whenever possible

It is good to be able to enjoy your own company for a while and take a moment to prioritize your own pleasure. When you are sad it is normal that you do not feel like doing anything in your spare time. However, sinking into negative feelings will not do you any good.

If only once a week, take the time to do something you like. Be it watching a movie, eating something, any activity that provides well-being. The more you pursue activities that please you, the more comfortable you will be with yourself. It is important for your self-esteem that you enjoy your own company and be well with yourself, alone or with someone.

6. Don’t be afraid to expose yourself to error

An insecure person very much doubts his own ability. It is common for women to have their competence questioned, and this sometimes leaves women stuck. For fear of trying to accomplish something, you can miss incredible opportunities. Women end up practicing self-sabotage to avoid exposing themselves to the risk of failure.

When you do something out of the ordinary, you can learn more about yourself. Seeking to pursue a goal that you believed you would not be able to achieve can reveal your potential in things you did not know, and even if you do not succeed, this is a learning experience. You gain more confidence in yourself when you make mistakes, learn and then look for ways to succeed.

7. Empower yourself

The phenomenon of empowerment is the search for awareness of the social and civil rights of a social minority through collective actions.

Women are a group that seeks female empowerment as a means of freeing themselves from the imposition of unattainable standards of beauty, sexual freedom, equal professional treatment and all other social oppressions that create insecure individuals, trapped by prejudice and living dependent on external approval. It is about taking the power to control your own body, your own wills and your own life.

With women’s empowerment, women are abandoning the imposition of beauty as a supreme factor in their lives, they are abandoning gender standards, following careers, taking more freedom in the expression of their own sexuality, something that has always been considered taboo. You can and should be what you want to be.

To love your body you must explore it. Women are beginning to talk openly about sex, which men have been doing for a long time. But there is still a lot of misinformation and fear in the area. This is because women who exercise their sexuality freely are still seen in an often negative way.

Some adult women have never practiced or practice little masturbation, while for men still in their teens it is already common. Any research on female masturbation is uninformative. The result of this is that these women know little about their own pleasure, and what they do know is surrounded by culturally formed moral judgments or religions.

Since childhood girls are taught to suppress their natural sexual desires. Many women practice masturbation not only with the aim of feeling pleasure, but also feeling like they own their own body and sexuality.

It is important that you become aware of your own body, and practicing to discover what gives you pleasure is the best way to get to know it. Knowing what gives you pleasure also improves sex with your partner. Masturbation is considered by medicine to be a healthy and necessary practice. A moment of your own, where you can focus only on your pleasure.

Try to explore what gives pleasure, do not stick to judgments. It can be difficult at first, as most women have internalized that it is shameful and ugly to give pleasure, but the feedback is very satisfactory.

I have a very important invitation to make you. A few years ago I discovered my mission, which is to pass on the knowledge that I have learned throughout my life and my profession and, with that, to transform the lives of women. With that in mind, I created Women’s Week Well Solved . This week I tell a little about my story and talk about relationship, health, self-esteem, sexuality and sensuality.

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