7 signs you’re going to have relationship problems

When we are in love, we are a little blind to everything around us. The relationship is beautiful, our partner is the best man in the world, everything is perfect. However, real life is not like that. When we take off the pink glasses, we see that not everything is wonderful as we imagine and that there are problems in the relationship. Sometimes it can seem difficult to face that your relationship has problems and some of them should not be ignored. These details may seem silly at first, but when analyzed coldly, they are real warning signs. Want to know what are the main problems in the relationship? Now see 7 signs that you will have problems in the relationship.

In today’s text we will cover the following topics:

  • Don’t ignore the signs
  • Admit your own guilt
  • Relationship problems do not mean breakup
  • 7 signs you’re going to have problems in your relationship
  • What to do?

Don’t ignore the signs

It is never easy to admit that we have relationship problems. When something comes up, we have a habit of minimizing the situation and sweeping the problem under the rug. However, this does not solve anything, it just postpones.

I have heard many women say that they do not know how the relationship went wrong, that they did not realize that things were not going well. However, I can guarantee: there are always signs. It could be a misplaced word, a gesture that shouldn’t have happened. Small facts that should turn on the warning sign, but that to protect the heart, we end up ignoring.

Admitting that there are relationship problems

Thinking that our relationship is in trouble hurts (and a lot). Nobody wants to admit that the relationship, which in our head is happy and perfect, is actually far from it. Often, we only realize that something could have been done when it is too late.

Long after my first marriage ended, I started to analyze everything I went through during the relationship. I realized that for years there were signs of attention, but my husband and I ignored it. The result was the end of the relationship.

In fact, the signs that you are going to have problems in the relationship are everywhere, but you ignore them, with the hope that something will happen and everything will be different. However, it is much easier to try to solve the problems at first, otherwise it becomes a snowball.

Admit your own guilt

Human beings are driven to find love and have happy relationships, but 50% of marriages end in divorce – and many new singles keep asking what went wrong.

We often blame our partners for the suffering of the relationship, whether or not they are right. But, are we going to be honest? It may be time to look more closely in the mirror to see if your own behavior contributes to the problems.

Our natural tendency is to always blame the other, but we have to analyze whether we had a share of blame in this story. This self-analysis can help to repair possible damage in the relationship or, in case of termination, not repeat the same mistakes in the next relationship.

Relationship problems do not mean breakup

Before seeing what the signs of relationship problems are, it is important to note that if you recognize one or more of these patterns in your relationship, it does not necessarily mean that you are destined for separation.

Keep in mind that these signs reflect general trends and may not correspond to your particular relationship. In addition, if you have a feeling that there may be problems, it is up to you to decide how best to address them. So, don’t be paranoid – but stay tuned – and see if there’s any reason to worry.

7 signs you’re going to have problems in your relationship

1- His friends don’t like him

The love you can feel for your partner sometimes does not allow you to see clearly the things that happen around you. Therefore, it is important to listen carefully to your friends about what they say about your partner, as they can see things from a different perspective and may go unnoticed by you. In most cases, friends are a little right, but we don’t see that until much later.

2- There is no dialogue

In the beginning, when you started going out, you two talked during childhood hours, about the series you saw, about the food you like, about life in general. Do you still have that kind of conversation? Do you still exchange confidences? Is your relationship reduced to physical contact? If there is not a minimum of dialogue between you and you can only communicate through sex, it is a sign that you are increasingly losing interest in each other.

3. You are constantly trying to prove your worth

It is bad enough to have to constantly prove our worth to the world. If you are also doing this in your relationship, there is something wrong.

It is not your partner’s job to make you feel valuable, but it is your job to create a safe space where you are encouraged rather than ignored or even demoted. Your relationship shouldn’t make you feel invisible; it must make you feel invincible. If you are going through this, you will probably have relationship problems.

4. Do you have different goals

When you first met, you talked about your future together. You made plans for your living arrangements and how you would share financial responsibility in the relationship. Maybe you talked about having children or your career goals. If things have changed and your partner no longer shares your dream, it is a sign that this relationship will have many problems in the future.

5. Do you try to change each other

If you’ve changed as a person since you started this relationship, and not for the better, it’s a bad sign. In theory, your partner should help you become a better person. If you have changed your determination, focus or emotional well-being, you will probably resent him in the future, but mostly with yourself.

The opposite can also happen: you worry about his way, your goals and dreams and try to change him, wanting to fit him in a mold that is attractive to you. Both situations are worrying. These are one of the big signs that you are going to have problems in your relationship.

Nobody likes it when someone tries to change them. It puts stress on you and wears off the relationship. Not only does it cause stress, it also causes resentment; and resentment is toxic. So, if one or both are always trying to change the other, what do you do?

6. The relationship is abusive

Does he forbid you to go out with his friends or ask you to change clothes because he looks like “anybody”? Do you always have to give a report of your steps saying where you are going, with whom you are going? He lowers you, humiliates you and then comes back sorry, apologizing?

High alert signal! This relationship has all the signs of an abusive relationship. In such cases, it is unlikely to change and you will constantly live stepping on eggs, fearing a more extreme reaction. Usually, this type of relationship evolves into physical violence, so it is worth rethinking your relationship.

7. You don’t trust each other

Let’s face it: if you don’t have confidence in your relationship, it probably won’t work, especially if you or your partner don’t want to work on solving the problem. He worries when you talk to another man, you worry when he mentions a woman. Gradually, this type of attitude is poisoning the relationship.

The first step is to become fully aware of the insecurity in the relationship . If it is dismissed, minimized or denied, by you or him, then it will probably grow to the point where the relationship is unsustainable. Sit down with him, find out the reason for this jealousy and try to work so that trust is built.

What to do?

If you have identified yourself with one of these 7 signs that you are going to have problems in your relationship, then it is time to stay alert. My goal is not to make you uncomfortable or scared. It is just a warning to consider your options. If you think your relationship has a future, the time to change is now. Talk to your partner, state your point of view and try together to find a solution.

A successful relationship is usually guided by the couple’s determination to make everything work. If you feel like you’ve done everything you can and it still hasn’t worked, then maybe that relationship is not for you. It may last a little longer, but in the future, you will face problems that can hurt you. It is up to you to decide if it is worth continuing with this relationship and if your partner is worth all your effort.

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