7 signs he really loves you

Listening to I love you, receiving gifts or showing affection are not always enough to be sure about our boyfriend or husband’s feelings. How many times, in a relationship, have you thought  “how to know if he really loves me” ?

Do not feel alone, this is a question that every woman has had, even living a healthy relationship. That’s because there is a huge difference between what a person says and their attitudes, and, most of the time, it is the attitudes that reveal the true feelings!

To help you find the answer to such an important question, I prepared the video below to tell you what the 7 signs are to know if he really loves you. To find out what they are, watch until the end!

These attitudes are signs that he really loves you. But are there signs that he is not so interested in the relationship anymore?

Signs that the relationship is not going well

The American website Prevention conducted a survey of divorced people who identified the signs of breakup and we have listed some of them to help you find out if your relationship is in danger.

·         He doesn’t care about your feelings

One of the divorced women interviewed by the portal, said that the first symptom was her ex-husband’s lack of interest in her life. “He was not happy to make me happy. I just thought of him. Mother’s Day and my birthday were dates he despised. I cried a lot on special days like these ”.

If your partner is showing little interest in your personal life and what you feel, this can be a warning sign!

·         Your routine is not interesting

Routine can often be the great villain of a relationship and men feel it too. “There came a point in our relationship that I felt that my ex-wife was no longer supportive of me,” said Joseph Trout in a statement to the website. “I couldn’t tell her if I had a bad day, otherwise she would say that, whatever went wrong, it was probably my fault. So, I basically stopped communicating with her in general ”. Then, the couple stopped spending time together and began to lose their intimacy.

When you think about your routine with your partner, does it seem monotonous and uninteresting, like the one in this statement? Some signs of worn-out routine are a decrease in programs made together, few plans for the future and lack of a topic to talk about.

·         It lowers you

“My ex-husband despised my appearance, my goals and ambitions,” said Honorée Corder. “I chose to ignore everything because I thought that, in some way, I was guilty, instead of seeing it as a sign that we weren’t made for each other.” The report shows that women often make mistakes when blaming themselves for their partner’s actions. However, remember that it is not always worth insisting on something that does not work. If your loved one doesn’t value you, it may be time to break up.

·         He is uncompromising and closed

“Our marriage was ok, as long as I didn’t say anything that my ex-husband disagreed with,” complains Kristin. “If he disagreed with me, he had absolutely no negotiation. Instead of trying to resolve the conflict, he said he was too busy or was silent, refusing to respond when I spoke to him – sometimes for weeks ”.

This account makes clear the need for mutual respect, otherwise, love may not be present in this relationship. Dialogue and an open mind to change your mind are fundamental to a healthy relationship!

·         He gets irritated by everything easily

“Right after we got married, my ex’s tone with me changed. He quickly became very nervous, ”recalls Laurie Lyons. “If I gave him an answer that he didn’t like, he repeated the question over and over again to try to intimidate me. I thought I could handle it or that it would get better, but it never happened. ”

If your partner is also irritated with you, apparently for no reason, this may be a sign that your relationship bothers you and therefore things are not going well for both of you.

My relationship is at risk: now what?

Even if you identify with one or more of these signs, it does not mean that your relationship has ended. On the contrary, it means that you have identified the problem and that you are now more likely to resolve the situation.

In my opinion, dialogue is the key to resolving relationship conflicts. In this video I teach some strategies to  solve the problems of relationship communication.  But I would like to give other advice for you to improve your relationship:

  • Don’t hold back hurts
  • Talk about the little things that bother you everyday
  • Propose moments alone
  • Be affectionate and give sincere compliments
  • Do not let the relationship fall into the routine
  • Don’t idealize your partner and don’t let him idealize you
  • Don’t let jealousy consume the relationship
  • Invest in eroticism to improve sex life

After these tips, remember that more important than just looking for signs that he really loves you, is to do your part for a healthy and strong relationship. Show affection, be a companion and live good times with your love!

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