For Career Advice colleagues who have just graduated from college and entered the workforce , we welcome you to “the real life”.  The world of work consists of various challenges that we would never have imagined before. In fact, for most people who have been in the world of work before, they are also still looking for ways to be able to survive with all the challenges of work and the changes that come and go. Yep! the world of work is a very dynamic world.


However, to continue to survive and become more advanced, we need to learn resilience skills that will make us strong individuals. In this article, we will divulge 7 secrets to become tough in the world of work. According to entrepreneur website, some of these secrets will be very effective to apply, especially for those of us who want to have a strong mentality in the world of work.


1. Dare to Fight Fear.  

The first recipe for becoming tough is to fight fear. Fear is a natural feeling that all people on earth must have. That is why, fear exists to be faced and controlled, not to be allowed to be able to control ourselves. In other words, don’t let fear destroy everything.


Evidence that fear can stifle our careers in the world of work, for example, our first presentation with a client makes us very afraid. If we leave it, that fear will make us stiff before clients. The result? clients will feel doubt about what we have to say.


Try to fight all the fears that exist and we will be tough. No matter how many colleagues are jealous of our performance, we will not be afraid of them. In fact, we will look very tough in front of them.


2. Want to Learn from Failure. 

Failure not only needs to be accepted gracefully, but we also have to have a mentality that ” wants to learn from failure “. Not many people want to learn from their past failures. That is why there are still many people who fall into the same hole, even though they have experienced this failure before.


I wonder what is the cause? Of course, because they do not want to learn from bad experiences that have occurred. People who are formidable in the world of work will always appreciate their past failures. Failure not only brings us to another golden opportunity, but also trains us to be wiser than before.


3. Surround yourself with positive people. 

Life will not offer beautiful things every day, neither will the world of work. As we said earlier that the world of work is always filled with challenges we never imagined before.


What can we do when we are in the worst conditions like, demotivated or stressed? Try to go to people who always give a positive aura to us. That is why it is important for us to have colleagues who always support us, even in difficult times.


For example, a fellow reader contacted 10 potential customers today, but none of them were interested in buying your company’s products. As a result, fellow readers feel stressed and dizzy from being chased by deadlines. To stay tough and tough, try to contact some loyal customers by asking how they are doing and product feedback.


It’s certain that loyal customers will give positive feedback to us, and of course with a good tone. When we hear that, we will feel excited again and motivated to find other new customers.


4. Confide in a Trusted Colleague. 

Having a colleague who is trustworthy and doesn’t like gossip is a very important thing to have in the world of work. When we’re feeling down and need friends to tell stories, trusted coworkers are the people we really need.


At other times, they will also tell about their bad days. That’s where we can play an active role to become their supporters. That way, we will have kinship relationships that support each other for career success . So, do your fellow readers already have trusted coworkers? If so, keep on maintaining your relationship, because they are the people who will make us tough in the world of work.


5. Expanding Work Connections. 

Associating with great people will also make us tough individuals! When we try to expand work connections, we will meet many great and successful people. The benefits that we will get from expanding our connections are not only getting better work channels, but we can learn valuable experiences that successful people have.


When acquainted with new people, they might tell you about experiences of ups and downs felt in order to make their products popular and famous as they are now, or how they walked for many kilometers to apply for jobs from one company to another, especially when the website for applying no work yet.


6. Discuss and exchange ideas. 

This sixth secret will also be very helpful and train us to be strong individuals in the world of work. No matter how senior we are, there will still be people who are far more senior than us. They are people who have far more and more great experiences than us.


When problems at work will bring us down, immediately discuss and exchange ideas with our seniors. That way, they will give us an insight into how we should behave.


7. Don’t Forget to Rest. 

If the Career Advice colleagues have tried the six secrets above, but have not been successful. Keep calm, yes. The last secret that Career Advice colleagues can do is take a break and calm down for a moment. All problems will be easy to solve if we deal with them with a calm heart and clear mind.


Rest our mentality from everything that makes us frustrated. This does not mean we run away from all the problems, but we only go away for a moment to come back with stronger mental strength.

by Abdullah Sam
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