7 secrets to save on home renovation

Discover how it is possible to transform your home while spending little

Renovating the house with little money may seem like a very distant dream, however, some economical alternatives can turn your corner into a real home-sweet home.

Check out in this article an allied tool of the economy, 7 secrets that you have never seen before and one more bonus tip that will guarantee the renovation of your home without compromising the household budget.

Color Psychology

Known as chromotherapy, color psychology argues that each color has a different impact on our sensations. Therefore, the nuance applied to a particular room in the house can influence our mood and emotional state.

When renovating the house, it is important to know the meaning of the colors to choose the most suitable in each environment. What’s more, color psychology can be an allied tool for saving money on home remodeling.

When identifying the need for each environment, we can use an appropriate color for the desired effect and, thus, make the room more pleasant and comfortable. In this way, the feeling of well-being is prolonged and the demand for further reforms is mitigated.

Chromotherapy can be used as part of the decoration, accessories, painting or lighting. Check the meaning of some colors and the most suitable applications for each room. The same goes for its scales and nuances:

  • Blue:refers to tranquility, security and harmony. Ideal to be applied in the bedroom of anxious, restless or insomnia sufferers.
  • Purple:elevates self-knowledge and reflection on emotional issues. Suitable for environments where we are alone, such as the bathroom, for example.
  • Green:linked to birth, development and hope. Use in rooms and other social rooms where family and friends usually gather.
  • White:promotes a feeling of relaxation. Joker, can be applied in any environment of the house, mainly for its therapeutic effect.
  • Orange:stimulates energy and opens your appetite during meals. It can be applied in the kitchen or in leisure environments such as the children’s toy room.
  • Yellow:directly influences focus, concentration and creativity. Ideal for home offices, atelier, offices or room for young students.
  • Red:related to love and power. Highly stimulating, it should be used sparingly in intimate rooms like the couple’s bedroom.
  1. Make a plan and be faithful to it

Every project starts with planning and with the renovation of the house it could not be different. So, the first step is to recognize exactly what you want, what you need and what can be done.

Identify priorities, develop an action plan and stick to the schedule. Investing in the planning and organization of the work will avoid inconveniences such as extra expenses, waste of materials and delays in delivery.

Divide the reform into stages. Prioritize repairs, then comfort and aesthetics. Then, make a list of labor and materials that will potentially be needed and research the values ​​of the services and items on that list.

  1. Set a spending limit

From the planning it is possible to observe how much the work tends to cost. With this data collection in hand, you need to define how much you can or are willing to spend financially on home improvement.

The costs of a work cannot compromise the income allocated to fixed accounts. Evaluate your investment capacity to have more control over spending, and if necessary consider renovating one room at a time,

Building materials stores often offer cash discounts. Some companies also have affordable packages of services and professionals specializing in reform.

  1. Less lamps, more sunlight

Carlos Drummond de Andrade argues that a tidy house is like this: “An organized, clean place, with free space for circulation and a good entry of light”. Living up to the poet’s maxim, you can guarantee a new perspective for your home through natural lighting.

Want a practical example? Identify a room in the house that normally requires the use of artificial lights during the day and try to apply alternatives that allow greater incidence of sunlight.

This decision may require a small initial investment – such as new tempered glass doors and windows. However, the value can be quickly reduced through the energy savings generated with the moderate use of lamps and lamps.

  1. Keeping an eye on coatings

If the structure of your property is good and your intention is only to give a new face to the environment, this is a good opportunity for you to invest in coatings in paint or adhesive.

The option of adhesives eliminates even the dirt and the common noise of renovations, since its application is easy, hygienic and practical. Some suppliers of this material offer tutorials for the consumer to carry out their application.

The coverings are also suitable for rented houses. Among them, adhesive tablets, vinyl floors and tile paints are alternatives to completely redesign any room in the house.

  1. Reuse furniture and materials 

Abuse creativity and reuse furniture and materials that were dispensed in part of the work – yours or known, why not? For those who like to innovate, this is a good opportunity to try new patterns, textures and styles of decoration.

This practice, in addition to being sustainable, can mean great savings in the construction budget. Niches, crates and part of the modulated furniture can be transformed into new shelves, for example.

The bricks and leftover materials can be used for a new bench in the kitchen or in the leisure area. To redesign the outdoor area as a backyard or balcony, the tip is to use wooden pallets and build a beautiful vertical garden.

  1. Do it yourself 

DIY, acronym for “Do It Yourself”, is the English term used to define the well-known “do it yourself”, a practice that allows you to build, modify or repair dozens of things without directly hiring a professional.

When it comes to renovating the house, you can explore your skills and paint a wall, apply a coating, decorate furniture. There are endless possibilities and cost savings are guaranteed.

One suggestion is to search for guides and step-by-step instructions on internet channels. Through these tutorials, it is possible to learn even minor repairs like changing the old faucets in the sink or installing a new electric shower.

  1. Plus in decoration

A very economical alternative to transform the environment is to invest in decoration. Choose new colors, change the layout of the furniture or add new accessories for the rooms can bring the new air you want.

Take advantage of the trend of urban forests and bring some potted plants indoors. Switch photos between frames and pictures on the wall. Try a table in the center of the room or an armchair in the corner of the room.

If you are looking for a useful and functional accessory, bet on the cushions. In the living room, in the bedroom, in the office. They are a creative and economical alternative and even allow you to combine different textures, shapes and colors.

Bonus tip: the cheap can be expensive

Although the idea is to save money with extra and unnecessary expenses, it is essential to be careful when buying very cheap materials or hiring unskilled labor services.

When you buy materials of dubious quality for a price well below average, you may come across unpleasant surprises such as poor resistance and durability and then start over from scratch and invest even more money.

The same goes for labor. Also, have a good sense of what you can or are able to do yourself. In this case, the famous saying “cheap can be expensive” asserts its popularity.

Given these alternatives, tips and tools, we can conclude that it is with the intention of renovating the entire property or just renovating one or another room in the house, it is possible to carry out a work without compromising your domestic budget.

Again to paraphrase Drummond, remodel your house and “arrange it in a way that gives you time to live in it, and recognize your place in it.”


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