7 reasons why you should give Subnautica

PlayStation is giving away as of today a total of 9 games within its plausible Play At Home initiative , titles that all PS4 and PS5 users can enjoy at no cost even if they are not subscribed to PS Plus and, of course, Subnautica is one. of the most outstanding.

Subnautica is an underwater survival and exploration title developed by the independent studio Unknown Worlds that takes us to the deep waters of planet 4546B , an open world full of creatures of all kinds and that houses an intriguing story.

If you still don’t know very well what this game is about, here are 7 reasons why you should try it now that it is free on the PS Store.

1. An open world full of biomes and surprises everywhere.

As we mentioned earlier, Subnautica takes us to planet 4546B , a planet that has very little land area and that much of its extension is covered by a deep ocean.

When we get into the waters of this planet we will discover an infinity of biomes , ranging from calm paradisiacal reefs to a spectacular area full of a species of marine mushrooms that are a real delight for the eyes.

In addition, not everything in the game happens underwater, you will also have to visit some islands to discover the secrets that this planet hides. Every minute of exploration you will be rewarded with new knowledge, materials or something that will make you feel that you were able to discover something yourself , without instructions or guides.

In Subnautica you will have to scan the pieces of most of the equipment that you can build , so you will have to risk exploring and scanning everything you find at the bottom of the biomes, since your progress in the game will depend on this.

Of course, the game will also take you to gloomy and dark biomes , especially if you decide to travel at night, so you should also always watch your back, since you will not be able to see what you have around you.

2. An attractive story told in an original way.

Subnautica begins with our protagonist, Riley Robinson , landing forcibly after the shooting down of Alterra’s Aurora spaceship and he has no choice but to try to survive in one of the ship’s emergency capsules , using the resources he finds on the planet. .

Our first objective will be to look for signs of life from a companion , chasing the signals of the other capsules that fell on the planet and investigate what happened to the Aurora and what caused it to plummet on this planet.

Without making many spoilers, as you progress through the game you will realize that planet 4546B has its own story , which you must know in order to continue on your journey and try to return home in one piece.

3. Awesome creatures.

Each biome of Subnautica has different types of creatures that will vary the experience at all times, since they all have different behavior, you also have the possibility of scanning them to learn more about them and know how you should act before them.

There are a wide variety of fish that you can use as your main food source during your first hours of play, since you will need to eat and drink periodically for your character to stay alive.

However, the most striking thing about Subnautica is its hostile creatures . From tiny dusky and stalking sharks to the largest leviathans you’ve ever seen, each creature could surprise you and give you a good scare if you’re not vigilant.

Exploring the seas of the game and meeting a Reaper or Leviathan Reaper is undoubtedly one of the most adrenaline-pumping moments in the game, as this fearsome creature is capable of taking your life with a single bite, not to mention that it can also destroy your vehicle quickly if you give it a chance.

Not surprisingly, there are compilations on YouTube of streamers’ reactions to meeting this fearsome creature for the first time, which, not satisfied with its terrifying appearance, also makes terrifying sounds and, I tell you as a tip, if you can hear a reaper, it means who can already see you.

4. Object and base construction system.

Exploration is very important in Subnautica because we will have to collect all kinds of minerals to be able to build new equipment, objects and accessories to explore the entire planet more in depth.

From titanium , copper and lead , to kyanite and uranite stones , each mineral in Subnautica will be important depending on where you are in history, so you should focus on finding as many of them as possible to later build everything you need. necessary .

Minerals will allow you to build everything from vehicles to your own base on this alien planet , with the possibility of building authentic architectural wonders that will amaze all your colleagues who are also enjoying the game.

You can build a real research center in the entire center of the map , or in the area you prefer, to plan all your operations from there, store your vehicles and rest after a day of exhaustive exploration.

5. Variety of vehicles.

Vehicles are extremely important in Subnautica, because inside them we no longer have to worry about surfacing to breathe , so we can explore the depths more calmly and carefully.

Each vehicle has its own improvements that will allow it to go even deeper levels, have a higher speed or even have defense mechanisms so that you can dodge and repel the attacks of hostile creatures.

The Seamoth , the Prawn Suit and the Cyclops will accompany you on your adventure and will be totally indispensable for you to reach the end.

6. A spectacular soundtrack.

Beyond the playable, another of Subnautica’s high points is its soundtrack , made from scratch by composer Simon Chylinski .

The OST of the title acts as that perfect immersive component that it should be, giving us warm and relaxing melodies when we are calm in our base, but also giving us themes of tension and frenzy when we are being attacked inside the Cyclops.

In addition, the sound effects and the different noises of the creatures mix very well with the music composed by Chylinski, which gives the game a unique setting and adds some touches of survival horror to the experience, since we do not know what. It may scare us if we keep moving in the dark.

7. It’s free!

As we told you at the beginning of the article, Subnautica is currently free on the PS Store for all PS4 and PS5 players, so there are no excuses not to sink your teeth into this title that will literally immerse you in a unique experience.

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