7 Reasons to Read the Holy Quran


This challenges you to refute it. How?

He says that human beings cannot write a book like this, even if they gather all their resources together and get help from the spirits too. The Qur’an said that fourteen hundred years ago and no one has yet been able to refute it. Billions of books have been written – but none like the Qur’an.

2. Incorruptible

It is the only sacred religious script that has been in circulation for so long and still remains as pure as it was in the beginning. The Koran was kept intact. Nothing was added to it; Nothing has been changed about him; And nothing has been taken from it since it was completely revealed 1400 years ago.

3. Unsurpassed

The Qur’an is God’s final revelation to humanity. God revealed the Torah to Moses, the Psalms to David, the Gospel to Jesus, and finally the Qur’an to Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon him). May peace be with them all. No other book will come from God to overcome its final revelation.

4. Undisputed

The Qur’an stands the test of time and scrutiny. No one can dispute the truth of this book. He talks about the past story and makes it right. He talks about the future in prophecy and becomes certain. He mentions details of physical phenomena that were not known to people at the time; However the latest scientific discoveries confirm that the Qur’an was right longitudinally longitudinally. Every other book needs to be revised according to modern knowledge. The Qur’an itself is never contradicted by a modern discovery.

5. Your roadmap for life and the afterlife

The Qur’an is the best guide on how to structure your life. No other book has such a comprehensive system that involves all aspects of human life and effort. The Koran also points the way to ensuring eternal happiness in the afterlife. It is your itinerary showing how to get to paradise.

6. God’s gift of guidance

God did not leave you alone. You were made for a reason. God tells you why he made you, what he requires of you, and what he has in store for you. If you operate a machine contrary to its manufacturing specification, you will ruin that machine. And if you? Do you have an owner’s manual for you? The Qur’an is your role for success so that you don’t work. It is a healing mercy from God. It satisfies the soul, and cleans the heart. It removes doubts and brings peace.

7. Your calling card to communicate with God

Human beings are social creatures. We love to communicate with the other intelligent life. The Qur’an tells us how to communicate with the source of all intelligence and the source of all life – the One God. The Qur’an tells us who God is, what name we should address to God, and how to communicate with God.

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