7 questions to find the passion in life and have a more fun and satisfying life

Sometimes it just takes over. Life feels like a single long uphill climb. It is difficult to see any meaning in life and motivate oneself enough to try to create change. But answer these questions, and you will also get the answer to what it is that you are really passionate about doing. Once you know what your passion is, you will also find a solution to how to get out of the dark, hopeless hole you are now in.

1. What makes you smile?
Dare to do what makes you happy is a fantastic life-affirming way to find out why you exist. Think of something that you do, or have done before, and that gives you a smile on your face.

2. What could you do for free?
What would you like to look forward to doing all the time even if it means you did not get paid for it?

3. What evokes your creativity?
Think of things that always give you new, fun and exciting ideas. What is it? The answer is that what awakens your creativity is also what you should do more of in life.

4. What makes you dare to fail?
When you do things that are really passionate about, you also feel completely confident in your abilities. You are never worried about failure because you feel that you can not even fail when you do what you love to do. Do you remember when you last had that feeling and it almost made your chest explode?

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5. What are you easy to do?
Everything that you enjoy doing without really having to work hard is closely related to your passion. Find out what it is. It’s hard to hate something that you’re easy to do.

6. What do you like to talk about?
All people have a passion and a purpose, but not everyone is as easy to pinpoint exactly what it can be. Ask your friends and acquaintances – what do you usually talk about the most? What are you talking about that makes your eyes sparkle?

7. What would you regret not having tried?
This is perhaps the most important issue of all. When you are dying and looking back on your life, what is it then that you would regret never daring to do or try? And if you had the chance to live another year, what would you like to do that you always dreamed of?

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