What is meant by true happiness? True happiness is feeling happy, peaceful, peaceful and comfortable about a thing or a condition and no one can confuse this feeling of happiness. Even though many people want to ruin our happiness or many obstacles and problems come, our happiness cannot be damaged by anything. Conditions like these can be categorized as true happiness .


Abraham Lincoln once said that “Most people feel happy because of the decisions they make themselves”. From Lincoln’s statement, we can conclude that everyone who lives in this world has the right to make decisions in their lives. When an individual decides to live life according to what he decided, then he will feel true happiness.


It is different if we live to live the desires or decisions made by others, for sure we will not feel true happiness and do not feel to live life fully. It also indicates that everyone has their own goals, life choices, standards of happiness and dreams in life, which can lead them to true happiness.


If everyone has different indicators of true happiness, then are there any major habits that need to be applied to achieve true happiness?


Yep! of course there is. Here are 7 main habits suggested by Marc and Angel to achieve true happiness in life. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Live Everything We Believe in.

The first habit that we need to do to get true happiness is to live everything we believe in life. This is one of the human rights (HAM) that needs to be maintained in our lives. Everyone has the right to choose their beliefs, whether it’s a religion or an ideology. In addition, everyone has the right to choose the profession they want. Whether it’s being an accountant, a diplomat, or even a president.


No one has the right to confuse choices that we really believe in. Of all the choices we like, only ourselves truly understand the good and bad of those choices. Don’t take the risk to undergo something we don’t believe in. Be a part of everything that fellow readers believe in life.


2. Likes to reflect on the good things.

When something happy happens in our lives, then we will feel very happy and excited in living life. However, when something sad or disappointing happens to us, we often forget the positive things that have happened in our lives.


Generally, when we face a problem or things that are not desirable, we will try to fix it. But to fix it, we need to change our perspective to be positive first. The goal is that we can improve the things that are wrong to be better and right, without being influenced by negative things that disturb the mind . People who have true happiness will have stable emotions because they have never interfered with negative things into solving the problem that is being faced now.


3. Utilizing All Resources Owned.

Many people are beautiful, handsome, smart, successful and rich, but they don’t feel any happiness. Instead, they feel pressured by the life they lead and always feel uneasy about everything they have. Conversely, there are many people who are physically imperfect (disabled), but they always look happy. In fact, they have emotions that are more stable than those around him.


Why does this happen? This happens because those who are physically imperfect may always feel grateful and maximize the resources or abilities they have now. Without forcing circumstances to have abilities that they do not have, these people will feel happy and are content with everything they have. For example, a teenager who grows up with an imperfect condition of both hands, he still feels confident and uses his legs to do other things, even he learns to paint with both feet.


On the other hand, there is someone who has physical perfection, but he still feels lacking. So, he tried to take heightening drugs, plastic surgery, and so forth. Yet with this physical perfection, he can optimize all the resources he has to achieve success.


4. Always Take Time to Be With Family and Friends.

Are your readers tired of your current life? Don’t give up, colleagues. The world doesn’t always offer bitter things. There are still many people who care about us, even though we always get disappointment from others. Who are they? They are our closest family and friends.


No matter how bad the world is, they will always be loyal and always support us. Staying with them in joy and sorrow will make our lives more beautiful. Therefore, don’t forget to always allocate time so you can get together with your family and our best friends.


5. Not Dependent on Others. 

Have you ever experienced Career Advice colleagues who were overly hopeful of someone? When that person cannot meet the expectations we give them, how do we feel? Of course we will feel very disappointed, right?


To be someone who has true happiness, we need to be an independent person and not depend on others. When we can make wise decisions and live our own lives without the influence of others and without waiting for decisions made by others, this is the peak of independence for us. Indirectly, we are creating true happiness for ourselves.


6. Enjoy Every Little Happiness We Have.

Who says true happiness only belongs to certain people? In fact, everyone has the right and opportunity to feel happiness in life. The difference is, not everyone classifies a thing as happiness for them. So, no matter how much happiness comes in someone’s life, if they are not smart to be grateful and take care of him, still all of that is not considered as happiness.


For example, someone who managed to buy a luxury car. He still did not feel happy, because he wanted more than that. Maybe for him buying a luxury car is just a simple achievement. On the other hand, a scavenger who succeeded in buying packaged rice from his work in collecting garbage, he felt very happy because he could eat healthy food from the results of his own efforts. That is indeed a very simple thing, but it is very happy for the scavengers.


7. Have a happy ending perception, whenever and wherever.

Final perception is the most important thing of all events. No matter how sad the trials we are facing now, make sure that we always close them with positive perceptions. So, we always feel happy for whatever happens in our lives.

by Abdullah Sam
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