7 inexpensive games with an infinite lifespan

Not everyone has the same budget for video games every year. So we offer a selection of games at the content price that can occupy you for hundreds of hours. From rogue-lite to management and space exploration, there will be something for everyone!

7 inexpensive games with an infinite lifespan


This Rogue-Lite from Subset Games puts the player in the boots of the captain of a spaceship. The latter must manage his crew and resources to reach the other end of the galaxy before being caught by the rebel forces. This simulation combines decision making and tactical combat to create an addicting mix. Carried by an incredible minimalist soundtrack signed Ben Prunty, FTL gains in depth as the games follow one another. Difficult, but particularly rewarding, this engaging experience is an absolute reference for the rogue-lite which has its place in this selection.


Trading pixel art and 2D for a TPS view, this intense and nervous shooter / rogue-lite does a great job of changing perspective. Catapulting the player into a hostile world, Risk of Rain 2 sends them endless waves of increasingly tough monsters. To get rid of it, he will have to choose his increases intelligently and judiciously spend the points acquired in each round. It is up to him to determine when he wants to move on to the next area and can therefore farm in each area if he wants to. Be careful, because the challenge gets tough very quickly and skill and the management of recovery times quickly become essential. In short, Risk of Rain 2 is an excellent option for those in need of action.


Although it is no longer very young, Elite Dangerous is nonetheless a space exploration game of choice. This simulation impresses with its radical bias. We will not recommend it to everyone, because Elite Dangerous requires a significant investment of time and patience.The scale ratios are gigantic so it is not uncommon to spend several minutes in Hyperspeed. And if it is not exempt from a certain repetitiveness, one cannot deny that its immersion is exhilarating. Rarely has space felt so overwhelming. There are countless planets to contemplate, hundreds of quests to take on, and a number of space stations to go to to perfect your ship. No, Elite Dangerous is not for everyone, but those who are ready to embark on this space epic are not ready to come out.



It’s impossible not to recommend this fantastic deckbuilding game that has sparked interest in the genre in recent years on the video game scene. Offering multitudes of possible builds and fun strategies, this card game is extremely addictive and offers hair-raising game systems. In addition, on PC mods allow the creation of many new decks and therefore allow you to prolong the fun indefinitely. As a good rogue-lite, he puts choice at the center of the experience and sound decision-making marks the difference between a good and a bad Slay the Spire player . A must-see for anyone with a little bit of affection for the genre.


In line with the greatest rogue-lites, Curse of the Dead Gods offers a gripping experience and engaging combat. The Corruption system is at the heart of the experience and depending on its successes and failures, the player-controlled mustachioed have their stats and abilities changed negatively and sometimes positively. In addition, there are relics that help balance the corruption system and offer bonuses, rather traditional for a rogue-lite. The weapons are multiple and fit perfectly into the already very pleasant gameplay of the game. Over time, Curse of the Dead Gods only improves and turns out to be a rogue-lite of choice.


If it doesn’t look like much at first, this management game asks you to create a factory from scratch. So you will have to create efficient systems and flawless production lines. This heart of simple gameplay expands to the point of becoming particularly exhilarating. There is something deeply satisfying about seeing all the blocks placed by the player fit together perfectly. If optimizing systems and chain production inspires you from near or far, go for it. But be careful, you risk getting caught for hundreds of hours.


This survival and management game from Klei Entertainment is full of great ideas and will keep you busy for hours. By using a physics engine more advanced than it seems, Oxygen not Included asks you to deal with various solid, liquid or gaseous materials. The player must therefore understand the behavior of the latter, but also deal with his colonists. These have various characteristics and will be more effective at some tasks than others. Be careful, because an incompetent member can completely derail your organization and compromise your entire colony. Demanding and addicting, Oxygen not Included is added to the long list of excellent games developed by Klei.

We can easily add Dead Cells , Don’t Starve and others The Binding of Isaac , but their respective successes made us doubt the relevance of placing them in this list as they are known to the general public. Anyway, each of these titles fully deserves its place in your game library and can keep you busy without emptying your wallet.


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