7 Healthy Habits Your Boss Will Love About You

Who said that habits or routines to improve should be focused on being able to live happier and better? Here are what I consider the 7 Healthy Habits for your boss to adore you

And is that your boss will love it when …

  1. Understand that the world is not perfect and never will be. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you will live your life. There is no ideal world in the presence but in your head . You can make your plans for the future but you will not get there without living your present. Hide in it to achieve your achievements.
  2. Let your heart guide you. In any situation, the heart is the one that should guide you. He is in charge of making you a reasonable person. Don’t let momentum run your life. The heart will not lead you to happiness because we are responsible for reaching happiness. Understand that only you can be happy, and this will guide your heart.
  3. You affirm that money is not the important thing. Senecasaid:

The wealth in the power of a wise man is in a state of slavery, while if it is in the power of a fool, it is they that dominate.

Tell me where you stand. Your life will depend on it. Allow money to occupy your existential priorities and you will live enslaved by want and abundance, always trying to get more and better. Discover the attachment to material things and you will discover where the power of it lies. Happiness is still in oneself. Not on the money.

  1. Know that being positive is your only option. There is no other possibility. In life you will live with complex situations and undesirable moments that will make you bow your head and feel sorry for your existence. Only your strength to keep going will make you discover that the path to new possibilities is found in positive references . Limit or reduce your negative emotions. Give value and quality to your positive thoughts.
  2. Consider that life is such and how you want it. Although you may think of another alternative life, the one you have right now is the one you must live. It is there. Do not keep looking waiting to get what you want. Your life is what you have right now in front of your mirror. Understand it and you will put aside utopias and wishes that are yet to come. If you really want to achieve it you will do it but discover that without starting to walk in your present, you will never reach the future. Life is how you want it. Discover that it is not about achieving but about living and above all about being. Life is what you have, don’t try to change it. Wish it and you will enjoy it. If you want to change it, stop making excuses and go for it. Only you are responsible for your choice.
  3. Never stop smiling. Smiling not only makes you and the people around you happy, but also predisposes you to all situations. You will adopt a happy life when you can understand that what must come, will come and that you will receive any situation, no matter how bad, with a radiant smile. Why is it that Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, is globally recognized as having the happiest population on the planet. Simply because they have been brought up with the vision that what must come, will come. Our education in the West leaves no doubt, we must always be better than how we are when we still do not know what our life is like. Smile in all daily situations and you will not only enjoy but also make people happy.
  4. Do your job happy. Robin Sharma points out that being happy and laughing at work is the greatest stimulant in any collaboration, creativity and design. People like to do business with people who enjoy doing business. While Seneca bets that no obligation can be worthily exercised by a man who is too busy. Enjoy your work and you will have a happy life, be unhappy in your work and you will have no life outside of it.


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