7 female questions that amaze any man

Easier than flirting, flirting with a suitor is very common and can happen with few words and attitudes. Most women have the experience of going out with a nice guy, having a date or two and suddenly seeing the man disappear without any explanation.

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Regardless of having sex or not in the first encounters, there are cases where the suitor simply gives up because he feels uncomfortable or offended by the woman’s behavior. This can happen through bad words, attitudes, unnecessary confessions or inconvenient questions.

Of course, for women, the opposite is also very common and it is not difficult for a man to disappoint right away. The first impression when meeting someone better is worth a lot and, some mistakes can end the chances of taking a possible relationship forward. To avoid bad impressions, check out seven female questions to avoid :

1. How many women have you slept with?

Women are naturally curious, which means that some don’t know how to measure the limits when asking a possible suitor. In addition, the boy’s history ends up telling a lot to the woman, mainly because of the fear of ending up in the hands of a “ chicken man ” and taking a beautiful pair of horns in the future.

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However, this type of question only serves to make the partner uncomfortable and force him to lie. Most men fear the woman’s reaction after responding to this sincerely, which causes the number to be halved. Some men still deviate from the subject and end up not answering anything.

2. How many children do you want to have?

You met him yesterday, you imagined them both at the altar and you wasted no time in planning your future. As much as he seems to be the ideal person, do not rush to not create false expectations and end up scaring the suitor by the pressure. Remember that you will only be sure of something after you get to know the man who is getting involved.

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To ask about something involving children, the future and marriage is to shoot yourself in the foot in the beginning of a relationship. He’ll think you’re desperate for marriage, which is an invitation to escape before it’s too late.

3. How much do you earn per month?

Perhaps you are really interested in knowing his salary for a number of justifiable reasons. However, such a question will make him think that you are more interested in his pocket than in the company, which is bad for the image and can make him walk away without thinking twice.

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If you really want to get a sense of the applicant’s economic situation, ask lighter questions such as what he works on, what career he would like to pursue, whether he has professional plans for the future, etc.

4. Where were you last night?

Charging men and wanting to control their lives is almost a feminine gift, as it is common in many women. This behavior is repudiated by most men, simply because it hurts their freedom, generates fights and stress, in addition to uncomfortable situations due to the lack of trust between the couple.

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If you just met he already shows jealousy and suspicion, this will be a good reason for him to disappear immediately from your life. Control your impulses and leave to ask this kind of question after he is already hopelessly in love and unable to give up on you. However, remember that trust in a loving relationship is critical. (Learn how to pique interest in a man in 10 steps)

5. Why don’t you answer me?

If you have barely started getting involved with him and the suitor is already taking hours to respond, you can be sure that it is a bad sign. There are cases in which the man has a busy life and cannot really exchange messages quickly, however, in these cases, it is common for the suitor to pay more attention during his free time.

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If he takes too long to respond and you start charging, he’ll probably be annoyed and the charges won’t solve anything. When a man does not respond, it is best to cool his head, get distracted by other things and wait for him to make contact.

6. Who is that woman?

Also beware of jealousy at the beginning of an engagement, as a question like this can send two negative messages to your partner: the first is that you are dying in love with him and the second is that you are the possessive, crazy type, obsessed and controlling.

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If he thinks you are very much in love, he may lose interest simply because he does not have to strive for the achievement. If he thinks you are possessive, he will surely abandon you before this problem takes on greater proportions and puts an end to his freedom and peace.

7. Why don’t you drop this little game?

Your suitor probably has hobbies and passions and undoubtedly doesn’t want you to belittle what he likes. If you are at the beginning of an engagement and you already start to criticize his addiction to a game, for example, he will probably think that you are not the ideal partner he is looking for.

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If you don’t share the same hobbies, ideally, you should respect each other’s tastes and not criticize. Childish the things he likes is the main mistake and can make him feel offended and give up investing in you.

The Secret formula

You need to control yourself at work, when you hear something you don’t like and when you want to charge or criticize someone. In order to better deal with problems on a daily basis, a little awareness is essential, here are some tips:

  • Be aware of the situation and the consequences of what you do.
  • Exit an environment immediately when you feel irritated.
  • Take a deep breath before saying anything on impulse.
  • Think twice about what to say and what questions to ask.
  • Always put yourself in the other’s shoes, don’t say what you don’t want to hear.


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