7 Fears That Prevent You From Being Rich And How To Overcome Them

When we are average people and we come from poor or middle class families, it is natural to view wealth as abnormal.

Worse still, it is natural to feel fear when thinking about having a lot of money, especially if we were born and raised in Latin American countries.

However, I want to tell you about some irrational fears that we can overcome in our mind so that they stop limiting our growth.

Fear of being poor again

Curiously, there are people who have not started to build their wealth when they already fear losing it.

And the fear of losing is one of the strongest things that affect us as human beings, it is something instinctive that we have in our subconscious and it modifies our way of making decisions.

But especially when a person begins to do well financially, begins to climb the first stages of financial independence, of true financial freedom, these fears of:

¿ How about I come to be in bankruptcy ?, ¿ What about that happening again be difficulties at some point have absolutely no money ?

And what this does is hurt our own self-confidence .

In other words, instead of being able to develop one’s own criteria, a skill, an ability to create abundance … What we have is internal doubts and personal insecurities .

In addition, it also turns abundance into nothing more than a desperate race for “making money without meaning”, because the mere fear of losing it, makes us make decisions to only earn money for the sake of it, not to run out of anything.

The way to overcome this fear is simply to know that abundance or the ability to acquire abundance is not something that is achieved overnight .

And that to really acquire great levels of financial success, sometimes you have to make mistakes and other times you have to lose due to risks taken and experiences learned.

And more than focusing on risk, on the probability of me losing money, of going back to the beginning; is to really focus on my ability to generate it , on knowing that it is up to me to earn more, handle it well and each decision I make is the one that will guide me towards my goals and what I want to achieve, or it will get me out of the way and It’s going to take me where I don’t want to

Because we really create our circumstances ourselves.

Sometimes there are factors over which we have no control and those are okay to just put them aside, to know that we have nothing to do there.

But knowing that I really have control over many things and those are the ones that I should focus on to improve.

Fear of Debt

Many poor and middle-class people consider an ideal life to be one without debt of any kind.

When you analyze the largest companies in the world, multimillion dollar companies, multinationals: They all have debts .

And you would ask yourself ” But why if they have so much money, so much cash flow ?”

Just like when you analyze many billionaires … Many of them, the vast majority, have debts.

And this is where the difference between good debt and bad debt comes in .

Bad debt is buying a depreciating car on credit, which is going to generate a lot of expenses for maintenance, repair, gasoline, and ultimately, which is not going to be productive.

Unlike when using a car for a production company that helps to generate money.

Or a debt of an iPhone with 24 installments, where you are going to pay interest amounts without real need.

A good debt, on the other hand, consists of using the money of the banks to generate more income than the debt costs me .

The way to solve this fear is knowing that the rich know when a loan is a mechanism of leverage to grow, and not a chain of force or a heavy vest that will make them sink instead of help them float.

Fear Of Change In General

As human beings we always prefer the traditional, the familiar, the known.

We get used to always walking the same routes, to doing things in the same way, to acquiring routines and repetitive things that certainly lead us to monotony …

And getting out of this monotony or that “comfort zone” implies an internal resistance or a fear of the unknown, what is going to happen.

The way to overcome this fear is simply to face it , knowing that in this world in which we live, many things can change overnight.

Just remember the effects of the pandemic, which shook us all in one way or another and showed us how life can change in a matter of days or seconds.

Fear to fail

When we are going to try something new we want everything to go well, for everything to go according to plan, for the results to be achieved as we project them.

Sometimes we even believe that by making half pessimistic plans or taking into account some room for errors, with this we should practically wait for all things to turn out as we planned … And this is hardly reality.

There will always be the unforeseen , things that we do not take into account, there will be external factors over which we do not have control.

And in fact failure is more likely to occur if we are entrepreneurs and if we seek to do or try new things.

The way to overcome this fear is to know that, in fact, if each person made a list of their failures in life, the most successful people would have the largest lists of all.

Because the more they fail, the more they learn and the more success they can achieve .

Even those who have gone bankrupt and have recovered their fortune quickly or started from scratch in something else …

Well, it is practically known that it is due to that failure that they acquired the skills to start from scratch and bounce immediately.

Therefore, it is not so much to fear what other people will say, who am I going to disappoint, because everyone told me not to do it and then they will fall on me saying “I told you so” …

None of that, but having your own clear convictions and knowing that failure is just a natural part of the life of a successful person.

Fear of being scammed

That is a perfectly normal fear that not only rich people are going to have, or people who are starting their way to wealth have, but poor people are scammed every day as well.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who want to step over the top and get any penny simply at the expense of others losing, which is totally contrary to the True Abundance creation philosophy.

It is almost impossible to say that by acquiring skills, researching, educating yourself, knowing how to handle money well you will always avoid being scammed or that you will never be scammed.

It is almost impossible, eventually one does not know the intelligence of the scammers how far they can go and that you really fall for it, but this should not prevent you from starting to create a path of abundance for yourself, that you can travel.

Because if at some point it happens to you (and I hope it really doesn’t – it has happened to me a couple of times), then you will realize when you analyze things at a global level that this is something minimal, it is something little.

Obviously there are really extreme cases, but the fear itself is more of a concern and an internal anxiety that often makes no sense and that I should rather inform myself of how to handle things, which are the most common scams according to what that I do, the way I receive my income, the way I structure my expenses and so on.

But from there to there, everything else is out of my control and what is NOT out of my control is to create more sources of income, generate more abundance and really take care of my money in the way that it is in my hands to take care of it.

Fear Of Criticism

It is that really as human beings we care a lot about what other people think of us … especially our friends, our parents, our relatives, the people we really consider important.

And if you weren’t born into a rich man’s house, you didn’t have much money since you were a child, it probably happened to you that you criticized someone with money.

Either because there are other people suffering from hunger, or in your case, even in your own home they are experiencing needs.

As it happened to me at some point, when I was little I would see other people with money and say ” I don’t have anything, they should give it to me ” or something like that.

But eventually, when we set ourselves the goal of achieving good wealth, good abundance, we know that the criticisms are going to be there.

And we know it first-hand because we ourselves have criticized those people who in one way or another may be successful.

We are not talking about corrupt politicians, scammers, thieves: They deserve all the criticism in the world .

We are talking about the people who created their net worth in some good way, who really did it with good effort and acquiring certain skills in managing their money.

And when they want to enjoy it, others come to criticize.

We know that then, to overcome this fear of criticism, simply if we have a lot of money we can be generous too, we can contribute positively to other people, we can help those who are in need.

We are not going to be able to help anyone being poor ourselves , we are going to be one more burden for other people and even for the State.

And it is only by creating abundance that I can really contribute positively to this world, especially if I do so by generating abundance based on producing value and delivering value to others.

Fear of getting sick from so much work

Or that you do not have time for the family, or that you will be saturated with things all the time because you are working for money.

You really have to know that yes, there are ways to generate a lot of money that imply that you are glued to a screen every day, working 12 to 16 hours, or even traveling non-stop and not having time for absolutely nothing.

But there are also other ways to generate income that do not involve you spending so much time and effort.

When you analyze a person who earns the minimum wage, and another person who earns 10 minimum wages; You don’t see this person spending 10 times the time to generate that 10 times higher income.

You do not see that a millionaire or multimillionaire person is saturated with work and that it shows on their face that they have been working so long that they have not even been able to sleep.

No. They are different ways of working .

It is working and getting paid, not for the number of hours worked, but for the results you get, for the knowledge, for the value you can provide.

So whether you work 1 hour, and you save $ 20,000 or $ 30,000 to a company, with that you can easily earn $ 2,000 and your hour was worth the same as a person’s salary for the entire month.

It depends on how you handle things and what industry you decide to enter, what business you decide to create, what project you carry out.

And that is not in anyone’s hands but yours .

You are responsible for whether money and abundance are really going to be a source of stress, or a source of well-being.


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