7 challenges for a better life

7 challenges for a better life. Hmm, I really dislike this type of headline but I’m going to live with it this time. These challenges are more about development because challenges lead to development. Doing something different creates development and that is exactly what these 7 challenges in today’s podcast section are about.

I know I will be asked if it is possible to find the list somewhere, so I will write this down as well.

7 challenges for a better life

1. When you find yourself thinking things over, challenge yourself to take a step forward instead.

So do not stay in the eel whether I should do this or not. Do it. Take the step.

2. When you have two things to choose from, challenge yourself to choose the one that feels scariest.

Yep, what’s scary is what leads to development. Things happen to you when you do things that you are really afraid of.

3. When you do something new, challenge yourself to do it with enthusiasm and dedication.

It’s not always easy to be completely pissed off when something new is going on because the ghosts of the heart like to take over. The alarm bells are ringing. When you are nevertheless enthusiastic and hang out then what you do becomes more interesting and you will learn more.

4. When a mistake occurs, challenge yourself to learn something from it instead of wasting time judging yourself.

This is what I talked about in yesterday’s episode. Mistakes, failures, carry with them a lot of lessons. Let yourself learn something instead of judging yourself.

5. When you find yourself trying to control everything then challenge yourself to let go and enjoy the moment.

Mhm! When you control things then it is difficult to see the fun and be a part of what is happening. If you let go, it will become brighter, you could say. You are involved and can bring with you new lessons than just the fact that you are good at organizing, for example, because you already knew that.

6. When someone is nasty to you, challenge yourself to be nice back.

Gah! This one is hard but it’s so much worth doing. The nasty person probably has something in their luggage that makes the behavior awful. If you are nice, maybe a minibus of that luggage can fall out of the backpack.

7. When you catch yourself thinking that that grass is greener on the other side. Then challenge yourself to water your own grass.

Being jealous takes time away from your own development. Use your time to learn something or do what is required. Just thinking others are better will not make your life better.

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