7 best free video chat apps

Due to the health crisis that has been caused by the appearance of Covid-19, the entire world almost in its entirety was forced to stay at home without the option to go out other than to perform basic tasks. This has not only prevented them from going to work, but also from seeing their loved ones. And of course, those who have kept their jobs have had to dedicate themselves to teleworking from home, with which they have had the need to communicate with colleagues and bosses. This is why free video chat apps have been so important, and they continue to be.

Luckily for us, on the Internet we can find a great variety of applications to carry out these video calls, which has brought us closer in some way to those who were far away . There are many options that we have available, that is why so that you do not try several failures, we have prepared a list of the best ones.


  • 1 Free video chat with WhatsApp
  • 2Zoom, al app de videochat gratis que ha triunfado
  • 3 The reliable old woman, Skype
  • 4 Discord, one of the lesser-known free video chat apps
  • 5 Google Meet
  • 6 Facebook Messenger as a free video chat option
  • 7 House party, free video chat with your friends

Free video chat with WhatsApp

Of course, the first option in terms of free video chat apps was going to be the most used messaging application, WhatsApp . Over the years it has received updates and a multitude of improvements that have kept it at the top of the most used apps, after Facebook.

Its use is really easy and very fast, but it has two problems that at the moment have not been solved. On the one hand, you can only make video calls from the mobile application and not from the web version. And this is not the only thing, in addition, calls are limited to a total of only 4 participants, somewhat limited if it is necessary to communicate something important to several co-workers.


WhatsApp Messenger

Developer: WhatsApp LLC

Price: Free

Zoom, the free video chat app that has succeeded

Due to the pandemic, the Zoom free video chat app became one of the most used. It certainly got a good boost that took them to the top, gaining millions of users in a matter of weeks. The app tripled its downloads, and there was even a day when it gained 343,000 new users around the world.

Both companies and school institutions used this app to continue with its functions. Due to this intensive and massive use, news appeared in which the security of the platform was questioned, ensuring that there were gaps in the encryption. But from Zoom they demonstrated the total security they have, so you can use it without fear.

This application can be downloaded on both computers and mobile phones, and its maximum number of participants is 100 people, perfect to cover all kinds of needs.


ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Developer: zoom.us

Price: Free

The old trusty, Skype

Another free video chat application that you can use is Skype , which is not new to anyone, since we have been using it for years on both computers and mobile phones.

Of course, at that time it was used more for leisure, and due to the pandemic, the professional sector made the leap to Skype, giving it a good push until it became famous. To be able to use it, you just have to download it and register with your email, and the limitation of participants is 50 people, more than enough.


Skype: Free IM & Video Calls

Developer: Skype

Price: Free

Discord, one of the lesser known free video chat apps

A free video chat application that was not very well known at first is Discord . This is available for Android terminals, and you will also be able to download and use it on your computer.

Of course, the fact that it is less known than others does not mean that it is complicated to use, but quite the opposite. Thanks to the benefits it offers to users, it has managed to enter this list of recommendations. Of course, there is a sector that surely already knows and uses it, we are talking about gamers. With the app you can make individual and group video calls, with a maximum of 50 people. Among the functions that stand out the most in this free Android video chat application is that of sharing the screen with the other participants.


Discord – Talk, chat and hang out

Developer: Discord Inc.

Price: Free

Google Meet

You already have this free video chat app, and you probably didn’t know it. And it is enough to have an account in Google, so that you already have an account created in Hangouts. It is an application of the great G that offers you the possibility of making video chats and video calls both from your computer and from your mobile phone.

Regarding the number of participants it allows, it is more limited than others that we have shown you in this list, since its limit is at 10 users. But if you choose the business one, you can have up to 25 people.



Developer: Google LLC

Price: Free

Facebook Messenger as a free video chat option

With Facebook Messenger the same thing happens as with Hangouts, you just have to have a profile created on this social network so that you can make free video chats. Of course, as you know, the messages and chats in this app require you to download an additional one, Facebook Messenger.

You can install this on your mobile phone and even use it in its web version. Its use is very simple, when you want to make a video call, enter the chat of the person or group and click on the camcorder icon. As for the number of people that can be in the same video call, the limit is at 50 users, only that of these, only six will be able to use the camera, the others will participate only by voice.


Messenger: free messages and video calls

Developer: Facebook

Price: Free

House party, free video chat with your friends

We put an end to this list of free video chat apps that you can enjoy on Android with House Party, one of the best options at your disposal to be able to talk with your friends and family. This app stands out for having a function that is not found in the others that we have shown you.

We talk about it having a gameplay feature that is really tempting. But there is a limit, which allows the participation of only 8 users. Of course, you have the app available in the Google Play Store for free, and you can download it on both mobile phones and computers. To use it, you will only need to register with your email, put a password, username and that’s it.


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