7 best free Steam games to play

In our rating, there was a place for both novelties and time-tested games that have not lost their relevance to this day.best free Steam games to play.

7 best free Steam games to play

Dota 2

If you prefer a fantastic atmosphere to shooters in a realistic setting, then Dota 2 is your choice. One of the most iconic games in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre has become a battleground not only for professional esports players, but also for many fans to have a good time playing. Completely free.

The multimillion-dollar audience ensures Dota 2 leadership not only among MOBA games, but also among online games in general, and the constant release of patches and additions, combined with an updated roster of players, will not give you a single chance to get bored. Or maybe they will make you an e-sportsman if you are seriously interested in the game.


Team Fortress 2

Another veteran of our collection, which remains relevant to this day thanks to its more than deserved status of the most fun multiplayer shooter. Not the least role in this is played by the characteristic graphics, which set the appropriate atmosphere for the battles in the online spaces of  Team Fortress 2 .

A variety of weapons, the ability to create a character with a unique look and special abilities and other characteristic features inherent in the genre will not let even the most dedicated fans of the game get bored. For this I must say thanks to the developers who pamper fans with periodic updates and updates, thanks to which the shooter remains in trend even ten years after its release.



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EVE Online

The game, which has turned from a simple online entertainment into a real phenomenon of the gaming industry, is in great demand among the audience today. All thanks to the endless cosmic world of this MMO, in which you can spend an infinite amount of time and not recognize even a hundredth of this game universe.

Absolutely free  EVE Online allows you to become part of a huge world in which each of the heroes plays an important role, but at the same time cannot live without the rest of the users. PvE and PvP battles, exploration, resource extraction, industry and a realistic economy – in the space world, everyone will find something that is closest to him in spirit.


War thunder

If you prefer more realistic battles to intergalactic battles, then War Thunder will be the best choice for this  – a game in which battles in three elements take place in parallel and allow you to plunge into both the events of the beginning of the 20th century and the collisions taking place today. This multiplayer online game has many advantages.

Firstly, on the battlefields of the game, aircraft, navy and ground forces participate simultaneously. Secondly, the game features real-life examples of combat aircraft, helicopters, ships and armored vehicles on tracked and wheeled tracks, the crews of which can be developed. Thirdly, cross-platform brings together players on the same battlefield on Windows PC, PlayStation, MacOS, Linux, Xbox. So no one will be left disappointed.



A game that will capture you in the thick of things from the very first second and will not let you go until you yourself want to take a break. All the same space fantasy world in which many enemies await you. All of them need to be defeated, while completing various tasks and developing your own character.

In Warframe, you can fight the challenges that drop out to you alone, or you can assemble a team of friends and conquer the virtual world with joint efforts. Whichever way you choose, the game will remain completely free and as eventful as possible.


Russian Fishing 4

The complete opposite of the games listed above, in which the action does not stop for a moment and requires the player to be constantly on the move. If you want, as they say, to lower your head in front of the screen, then the Russian fishing simulator is the best choice for a meditative pastime. It seems to be a game, but the feeling of being in nature with a fishing rod.

The developers of Russian Fishing 4 promise nearly a hundred species of fish, more than a dozen reservoirs, different types of fishing and the ability to sit with a fishing rod even on the shore, even on board a boat in the middle of the water surface. And all this without the need to wake up at dawn and go to the place of fishing and even in bad weather.


To summarize, we can say that Steam is full of noteworthy games. And not all of them, as one might think, require payment. There are also very interesting free games for every taste, among which there are options for both active and relaxed rest in front of the monitor. And if you get a taste – who knows, maybe even buy yourself a Steam Desk console so that you never part with your favorite games anywhere. And if you have a weak PC, it doesn’t matter. Check out our collection of co-op games for less powerful computers , for example .


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