7 benefits that reduce absenteeism

Identifying and mainly reducing the number of employee absences is one of the great challenges facing companies in the current market.

The absence of a professional can cause the organization to delay delivery times and consequently lose money due to unsatisfactory results.

To change this reality, many companies have been betting on benefits that reduce absenteeism . There are several options from the easiest to the most complex, but that can reduce the number of absences.

Data from the CDC Foundation revealed that companies lose an additional $ 225 billion annually due to absenteeism .

For this reason, the bet on benefits that reduce absenteeism can contribute to a greater impact on employee engagement and motivation. Know now the main benefits that reduce absenteeism.

Main benefits to avoid absenteeism

Keeping employees’ well-being high influences their productivity completely . The trend is that with a happier team, absences will decrease.

Thus reducing stress and illnesses caused by overwork, such as back pain and tendonitis.

Therefore, knowing the benefits that reduce absenteeism can contribute to the company having healthier and more willing employees. Find out which are the main ones below.

  • Home-office ;
  • Transport and fuel assistance;
  • Health plan ;
  • Wellness programs ;
  • On-demand salary ;
  • Flexibility in working hours ;
  • Organizational climate survey .

Below we will detail the main advantages of each one of them.



A study released by CareerBuilder revealed that 26% of employees assume work delays at least once a month. 1 6% admit to being late one or more times during the week .

31% put traffic as the main cause of delays . Therefore, one of the benefits that reduce absenteeism in this regard is the home-office model . In addition to facilitating the displacement of employees, they can increase job satisfaction.

Since 90% of employees said they would evaluate a job offer differently that would allow this flexibility to work from another location, according to Ibope Conecta and Microsoft .


Transport and fuel assistance

Fuel or transportation assistance, such as chartered buses , for example, can be an incentive for employees not to be late.

In this sense, the professional tends to feel more valued by the company because it has options to ensure its well-being. This way, he will be more engaged with the goals of the organization and will try to return that trust in him.

Not to mention that with several transportation options, the employee has at his disposal options that are better for his travel and that avoids delays.


Health insurance

The health plan is the benefit most valued by 74.6% of Brazilians , according to a survey by Catho . And nothing better than using this data to bet on health insurance as one of the main benefits that reduce absenteeism.

In addition to the health plan being a stimulus for attracting and retaining talent , it can offer possibilities for employees to prevent illnesses. Whether through preventive exams or even for effective treatments.

As a result, a healthier team remains less ill, avoiding delays, absences and absences from work.


Wellness programs

Nothing better within a benefit plan that reduces absenteeism than actions that promote the well-being of employees.

In this sense, it is possible to consider lectures that encourage healthy eating, physical exercise, labor gymnastics, etc.

In this way, it is possible to reduce the chances of dismissal and enhance the productivity of employees, promoting quality of life within the work environment.


On-demand salary

The financial well-being should also be considered in the benefit plan that reduce absenteeism.

We can highlight, in this sense, the salary advances and the salary on demand, where the employee can withdraw part of his salary, according to the period in which he works, that is, at any time.

Therefore, Xerpay is the platform that offers this benefit to companies and also reduces absenteeism, increasingly improving the financial well-being of employees.

This prevents, for example, employees from missing out on personal concerns, mainly due to this financial flexibility in their relationship with the company.

According to the Global Human Capital Trends 2018 report – The rise of the social enterprise , 61% of companies believe that wellness actions improve productivity and results.


Flexibility in working hours

The flexibility in working hours also appears as one of the good benefits that reduce absenteeism. This is because in this work model the chances of raising the level of employee satisfaction are high.

This is because they are more likely to combine personal and professional life. Thus, avoiding delays and absences as a result of issues and problems at home.

The 2018-2019 Aon Benefits Survey showed that between 2017 and 2019 there was a 192% growth in the number of companies offering flexible hours to their employees.

In other words, this is a trend that gains strength among the benefits that reduce absenteeism and retain talent.


Organizational weather research

56% of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, revealed a survey by Instituto Locomotiva and the LTM (Loyalty & Trade Management) group.

And this dissatisfaction in many cases is caused by the bad organizational climate , resulting from internal conflicts and toxic bosses. Therefore, the tendency is for absences and delays to be greater.

Because, every employee wants to have a good and satisfactory environment to carry out their activities and if this does not happen they will be constantly looking for new job opportunities.

Exercising his function more out of obligation than because he was actually wearing the organization’s shirt. Therefore, it is always very important that companies apply surveys of organizational climate, one of the benefits that reduce absenteeism.

This way, it becomes easier to identify the main causes that have been maintaining this bad climate and applying actions to remedy them.

No more absences and delays at your company

Having a good program of benefits that reduce absenteeism directly impacts the company’s productivity and results.

Organizations that manage to develop concrete actions in this regard keep professional satisfaction and well-being on the rise. Thus, there is a better performance in the execution of tasks and easier retention of talents.


We know in this article some benefits that reduce absenteeism and the positive consequences that each of them can bring to avoid employee absences and delays.

It is up to the company to measure its investment possibilities and bet on the best benefits that reduce absenteeism, according to its reality.


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