7 apps that will help you study anatomy on the iPhone

If your smartphone already helps you with different tasks in your daily life, why not also help you study? Students from the most diverse areas of health can now have guides, complete books and other anatomy materials on their iPhones. Practicality and the possibility of taking your study material wherever you go and studying anywhere are some of the benefits! Then check out 7 anatomy apps!

1. Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D

For everyone who wants to study anatomy on their smartphone, this app offers the necessary resources. With the Viewer tool , for example, the user can consult a 3D model of the human body. There are images of 145 muscles with name, action, origin and nerves.

The Actions feature displays muscles separated into 37 groups, according to their body actions. The app offers animations of each action and a visual list of each muscle.

The program also brings together seven 3D models for the user to control and identify the structures. There are also nine quizzes to train your knowledge, 30 pages of information and five informational videos.

  • Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D(paid): iOS

2. Human Anatomy Atlas

The Human Anatomy Atlas proposes to offer the most complete human anatomy atlas for students and teachers. For this reason, it gathers more than 10,000 anatomical models with descriptions in seven languages, including English and Spanish. The content is not yet available in Portuguese.

Information taken directly from anatomy books accompanies the models showing how the human body works. So, you have practically a virtual laboratory experience.

The app includes male and female body anatomy. The user can perform complete dissection, study muscle actions, analyzing microanatomy models, among other resources.

  • Human Anatomy Atlas(paid): iOS

3. Essential Skeleton 4

Essential Skeleton 4 gathers complete information on the essential anatomy of the human skeleton. To do so, it uses innovative 3D technology to analyze models of the complete skeleton and bones individually with medical precision.

With simple navigation and intuitive interface, it allows users to select areas of the skeleton and create comment pins. It is also possible to check correct pronunciations of Latin nomenclatures, create markers, among other resources. There are also dynamic quizzes to test your knowledge.

  • Essential Skeleton 4(free): iOS

4. Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy brings together more than 17,000 interactive structures to study anatomy. Focused on remote education, it offers, for example, a pulsating and dissectable human heart in 3D. There are also 22 models of microscopic anatomy.

You can use the app to learn about muscle movement in real time or bone surface mapping and landmarks. Need to know everything about the blood or nervous system? The application provides the complete outline as well.

The program also provides hundreds of clinical videos on different areas of health.

  • Complete Anatomy(paid, but offers free trial download): iOS

5. X-Anatomy Pro

X-Anatomy is an atlas of transaxial inter-sectional medical images of human anatomy. The content is illustrated by hundreds of real CT images.

Designed for healthcare professionals and students, the app provides a complete color-coding index of anatomical structures. The user also has detailed notes on muscles, vessels and anatomical structures.

It is also possible to check information on lymph node stations for neck cancer (AJR), breast cancer (AJCC) and lung cancer (IASLC). The program also includes classifications of the hepatic segment (Couinaud).

  • X-Anatomy Pro(paid): iOS

6. Brain & Nervous System Pro III

Brain & Nervous System Pro III features features such as realistic images, selective layers and dynamic test function. Developed to be a viable academic tool, it brings together functional animations.

There are animations of cerebrospinal fluid flow, neurotransmission, patellar reflex arc and neuronal synapse. The application also simulates the anatomy of the brain in disease situations. Among the diseases reproduced are astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma and multiple sclerosis.

For a better understanding of the brain structure, the app allows you to browse anatomy with a 360 degree rotation in any direction. Explore 728 audio tags with pronunciations and test your knowledge in two types of quiz.

  • Brain & Nervous System Pro III, (paid): iOS

7. Muscles & Kinesiology

Muscles & Kinesiology has incredible 3D models of human anatomy. With them, it is possible to analyze more than 600 muscles and 200 bones, as well as ligaments and nerves.

In all, there are 2,200 points of origin and insertion that detail the muscular attachments. It is also possible to follow muscle actions, such as adduction, pronation, flexion, among others, in interactive 3D animated models.

The application also provides videos with physiotherapists, doctors and researchers. The user has dozens of models of common musculoskeletal injuries, detailed definitions for all structures and a quiz with more than 400 questions.


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