6 ways to attract the love you want and deserve

In 2006 a book was published which became a bestseller quickly: “The Secret” , authored by Rhonda Birne. The book and the “documentary” of the same name have become a worldwide sensation. Having sold more than 19 million copies and translated into more than 40 languages, the book “It is based on the law of attraction and states that positive thinking can create life-changing results, such as increased happiness, health and wealth ”. How would this law of attraction work, according to this book?

The “Law of Attraction”

This term “Law of Attraction” is not new and neither is the unanimous idea that positive thinking can solve all personal problems. Since 1879 the term “Law of Attraction” has been used, with differences in approach. Critics, usually scientists and doctors, draw attention to the fact that believing that only positive thinking is enough to solve all problems, eventually leading patients suffering from serious illnesses to abandon their treatments, which can be tragic. Another criticism is that some authors of this type of self-help book, blame all the bad things that happen to a person (cancer, for example), on the person himself, saying that the person has attracted the disease (or other serious problems) because of your negative thinking.

Positive thinking alone is not enough

Self-help books are published in droves, read by millions and millions of people, loved by many and criticized by others. After all, is only positive thinking enough to attract happiness, love and wealth to us? If we apply the Law of Attraction, as presented in the current book, “The Secret”, will we really have “life change,… (with) increased happiness, health and wealth”? ( “The Secret” ).

Positive thinking alone will not really solve people’s problems or attract the love that everyone wants and deserves. Thinking correctly , however, is essential for taking actions that can lead people to act to get what they want most.

How can thinking and acting right help you attract love?

  1. Think correctly

To think correctly is not to spend two hours a day repeating the mantra that love will magically appear in your life, without you doing anything more than thinking and repeating it to yourself thousands of times.

To think correctly is not to be pessimistic, maintaining a correct attitude towards life, knowing that you are neither better nor worse than anyone else. Believe that luck does not exist. Believing that you can be as happy as anyone else, even if you have physical limitations. Believing that the world is big enough and that there are people in it who can make you very happy and loved.

  1. Develop the ability to make friends

Making friends is something you learn. You can study books, like the famous Dale Carnegie, “How to Make Friends and Influence People” . There is a lot on the internet about this book, summaries, videos, etc. This book was a game changer for me, as I was very shy and Dale Carnegie’s teachings helped me a lot to understand better about human relationships. Making friends also has to do with the Golden Rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. It also has to do with “empathy”, which is that you are understanding and understand other people’s point of view, putting yourself in their place.

  1. Be patient with your relatives and friends

Patient people usually have many friends and also have the goodwill of other people towards them. Impatient people and “stalls”, on the contrary, tend to have few true friends, in addition to being seen as “short-fuse bombs”, always about to explode. Be patient with everyone, even with “boring” people. Develop that virtue as much as you can, and you will see miracles happen in your life.

  1. Get out of the den, expose yourself, participate in healthy activities

“Whoever is not seen is not remembered,” says the saying. You have to expose yourself, both virtual and physically. Participate as much as you can in parties, attend a Church, go to the cinema, talk a lot with virtual friends … in short: give the air of your grace! If you stay locked in your oyster, it will be difficult for you to be seen, and much more, then, you will be loved (or loved) !.

  1. Speak, dress and act consistent with who you are

Try not to hide behind masks, don’t be sneaky, don’t be a liar, be willing to accept commitments. Dress in a “normal” way, not with 70 piercings, which will only make you accepted and loved by a tribe, and not by most people. I have no prejudice against piercings, but in this article we are talking about how you be loved (or loved) by all (or almost all). Learn to speak (and write) in a “normal” way, which is the correct way, in fact, to communicate: with little slang and no bad words.

  1. When you promise, keep it. Be whole

One of the most unpleasant things is that you have to deal with people who promise and don’t deliver, people who want to take advantage of others, people who only think about themselves and don’t care about the well-being of others.

Be different, be reliable, be true, be honest! By acting with integrity, you will soon realize that you will begin to attract good people to you and will notice that people will come to trust you, will come to like you, will even love you. And among those people that you will attract, there will probably also be that special person that you have been waiting for so long!


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