6 Tycoon Simulators for Everyone

How to build your dream Business or city without leaving home.When all the princesses are rescued, the dragons are defeated, and capturing the global map and palace intrigues no longer deliver the old fun, what’s left for the bored player? It’s time to create and grow influence through the economy. The tycoon genre allows you to have a good time doing peaceful activities, replacing battles and conquests with development and management. Our selection is perfect for anyone who wants to take a break from military affairs.

Global City

In Global City you can build a metropolis to your liking, thanks to a wide choice of different materials and resources. The latter can be mined and processed in mills and factories. All this is useful for the construction and improvement of buildings according to modern designs. And you can sell the surplus on the stock exchange.

Residents of Global City always have tasks for you that will not let you get bored and contribute to the development of the city. In addition, in the game you can make friends, create a community and organize various competitions.

Global City is perfect for all fans of simple and interesting city building games. It doesn’t require serious management skills and doesn’t make you to keep dozens of variables in mind at once. The game is focused on a more relaxed and enjoyable pastime.

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Park Town

In Park Town, an entire zoo will be returned to player control. This cute match3 game features a wide variety of animals with their own story and lots of decorative items to decorate the park. Complementing all of this is the ability to play with friends and join alliances.

Zoologist Kevin will help create an animal park. Under his strict guidance, players will find new pets, build enclosures for them, and decorate places as they please. Residents of the fairytale town will also contribute to the development of the park.

You will definitely not be bored in Park Town: competitions with valuable rewards are constantly held in the game.

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Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is a city building simulator in a medieval setting, where the player will become the ruler of a kingdom. This «tycoon» is suitable for players with high ambitions, who are ready to extract resources, design and construct buildings, and cultivate fields for the prosperity of their possessions. Prioritize correctly, remember the needs of your subjects, and a small village will turn into an entire state.

Each building in Townsmen has a specific role to play. Vineyards and a juice production will provide the inhabitants with drinks, while a butcher and a bakery will provide food. The city can be decorated with parks, well-groomed residential areas, taverns and arenas.

A true king should also take care of the state of the citizens. Residents should be full and happy, because sad and hungry citizens pay much less tax. It is also necessary to watch the change of seasons in order to produce high-demand goods. And do not forget about diseases and disasters, timely solving the problems of the population.

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt will suit players ready to manage large settlements and able to understand economics and town planning.

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Ancient Rome 2

Do you want to try your hand at the role of an ancient Roman ruler? Ancient Rome 2 will allow you to build not only a small villa but also an extensive empire. As in other similar simulators, players will have to construct a variety of buildings and areas, develop production lines and build roads.

Starting with the cultivation of wheat, the future great ruler will move on to making bread, and from extracting clay to create kitchen utensils. Finished products earn money to expand the city, improve the lives of citizens. With the increase of possessions, the profits from taxes and exports increase, and with the profits the empire and the standard of living increase.

The game has both a sandbox mode and a 30-level campaign, so Ancient Rome 2 will drag on for more than an evening.

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A Game of Dwarves

Take on the role of a dwarf prince and reclaim the stolen lands of your tribesmen. In A Game of Dwarves you will explore every corner of the vast continent, establish your colony and expand it to a kingdom.

Your dwarf subjects mine resources, construct and upgrade buildings, progress through levels, and unlock new abilities. With the growth of the settlement, the variety of buildings also increases: from residential buildings to factories and manufactures.

Game of Dwarves locations are randomly generated. Each new level is a unique map, so you will have to adapt to the characteristics of the world you are in at the moment. There are thirteen levels in the story campaign. And for those who want to develop their town without completing tasks, a sandbox mode is provided.

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Grand Hotel Mania

Grand Hotel Mania is a hotel manager that under the guidance of the player will transform into a flourishing work of art. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one hotel, you can create an entire network around the world.

The simulator introduces players to Ted and Monica. They will help create a dream hotel: extra hands will not be superfluous when it is necessary to serve guests and fulfill all their wishes. And no hotel can do without delicious cuisine; along the way, you’ll need to master the restaurant business.

Grand Hotel Mania will allow you to visit different countries inside the game to open locally flavored hotels in each of them. Developers are constantly adding something new to the project, extending the life of the game and keeping users interested.

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