6 tricks to take advantage of the Samsung Game Launcher

The game through mobile has become a common practice among millions of users. Phenomena such as Fortnite or PUBG Mobile are good proof of this and manufacturers are increasingly centralizing efforts to improve this playable experience through their devices.

One of them is Samsung, who bets on its Game Launcher to improve the experience when playing games . We are going to give you some tips and advice to get the most out of Game Launcher, since on many occasions we do not take full advantage of its possibilities.

Add apps individually

When we download a game, Samsung automatically adds it to Game Booster. However, we can add games manually and even applications . To do this, we open Game Booster and go to the list of games in the Library. Here we click on the three-point menu and we are going to ‘add applications’.

The Game Launcher options are designed for games, but we can add applications to enjoy these benefits within them

What is the use of adding applications to Game Booster? To enjoy the gaming benefits that Samsung offers within them . For example, you can add WhatsApp and enjoy Game Booster pop-ups to watch a YouTube video, record the screen directly from the app, have Samsung learn about the usage patterns you have with these apps, etc.

Make the library open by default

When we open Game Launcher, we access a wide catalog of games that is downloaded from the Samsung application store. However, we may want Game Launcher to function as an optimizer and launcher for our games, not as a store, so we can configure our library to open by default .

To configure this, we have to open the Library settings (not the Game Launcher itself). They are, when opening the Library, in ‘Library Settings’, just below the options that we have configured before. Here we will see the option ‘Show Library when opening’, and configure ‘open in full screen’.


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Prioritize performance or energy savings

By default Game Launcher prioritizes performance in games , allocating resources so that it runs with the highest possible FPS rate in a stable way. However, there may be situations in which we have low battery and do not want to give up some games, or that we have a high-end processor and want a more balanced profile.

To configure this, we must go to the Game Launcher settings and click on ‘Game Performance’. This will open the Game Booster options , Samsung’s optimized games. In this menu we find several settings, the most interesting, ‘game performance’. Here we will see the profiles’ Prioritize energy saving ‘,’ Balanced ‘,’ Performance.

Create albums with game screenshots

If you play any installment and take a screenshot, it will be added to your gallery as one more screenshot . However, with Game Launcher we can get screenshots added to game albums .

With the game open, click on the Game Launcher icon and take the screenshot. This will be added to an album with the name of the game , so that we can manage all the captures that we have made in the game within the same section. Remember that, in addition to being added to the Samsung gallery, within the files of your terminal you will find the folder, so it will be easy to find if we connect the mobile to the PC.

Block notifications and brightness during the game

With Game Launcher we can configure the elements that are blocked while we are playing a game. To do this, we open the game we want and run Game Launcher. We will see an option called ‘Block during the game’. We have to click on the letters of the option . By giving it, we can configure five main points.

  • Notifications
  • Full screen gestures
  • Automatic brightness
  • Bixby
  • Edge content

Configure the pop-up panel apps

The pop-up panel allows you to open applications to run while using a game . For example, you can take a Fortnite while watching other Gameplays, or answer a WhatsApp while you are out on PUBG Mobile. When you open Game Launcher in a game, you will see these apps at the top of the screen.

These apps have their own menu , so we can configure which ones we want to appear and in what order. Remember that you can only choose four, so choose carefully which ones you want to have on hand when you are playing.


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